WHO@ Newsletter - May 9, 2011

I couldn't make this up if I tried...What a bunch of croc
Ill. man who kept alligator to woo women charged

A suburban Chicago man thought he had the perfect chick magnet in his pet alligator. Authorities only saw a dangerous animal.

A charge of possession of a dangerous animal has been filed against 43-year-old Dewayne Yarbrough of Ford Heights, who claims he kept the four-foot alligator to impress women.

Yarbrough told Cook County sheriff's investigators he kept the alligator in a small tank and fed it only 10 live mice a month to keep it from growing too large. He said he bought the gator five years ago in Indiana for $200.

Animal control investigators did not say how they learned of the alligator, which they found in Yarbrough's kitchen.

The alligator was taken Thursday to the Animal Welfare League and will be given to the Chicago Herpetological Society.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

'Injunction celebs’ chaos on Twitter - 05/09/11
A TWEETER caused chaos last night by claiming to "out" stars behind super-injunctions. The social network site crashed as thousands tried to view the names of celebs supposedly hiding affairs with gagging orders. Famous footballers, actors and TV hosts have stopped newspapers running stories about their private lives.

Mayfair art dealer Mark Weiss in disgrace after admitting poison pen campaign against rival Philip Mould - 05/09/11
He has spent much of his life tracking down lost treasures by old masters and styles himself as the sleuth of the art dealing world. But when Philip Mould, a Mayfair gallery owner and Antiques Roadshow regular, came under attack from a poison pen writer, his formidable skills of detection seemed to have failed him. For two years he fought to save his reputation, and his marriage, as false allegations of infidelity and financial problems were planted in newspapers and on the internet by an unidentified enemy.

Midland sex text security guard jailed for four months - 05/09/11
A MIDLAND security guard who sparked a nationwide police hunt after bombarding women and girls with sexually explicit text messages has been jailed for four months. District Judge Layton told Michele Mancini: “Your phone messages were grossly offensive and caused your victims, some of whom were very young, a great deal of distress and in some instances fear.”

Social media creates predators and prey - 05/08/11
From creepy stalkers to crime fighters, both sides of crime are using social media to their respective advantage. Andrea Cowley, a behavioral science major from Sandy, has repeatedly been on the receiving end of cyber-stalking. “I’m seriously considering getting rid of my Facebook because of some kid,” Cowley said. “I’ve blocked him, ignored him and told him to leave me alone. He just creates new accounts and harasses me from a new profile.”

Cyberbullying takes hurt to a new level - 05/08/11
It used to be that a teenager who was pushed into a locker or taunted for somehow being different could escape to the haven of home after school. Not any longer. Bullying has expanded beyond the playground and into the personal space of students. Even in their bedrooms, kids often can't escape the threats of bullies, thanks to cruel texts, phony Facebook profiles, even online gaming.

Twitter fakes put big names at risk - 05/08/11
AFTER the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, BPGlobalPR opined on Twitter: ''Catastrophe is a strong word. Let's all agree to call it a whoopsie daisy.''And following the death of Michael Jackson, the British media went into a spin after the former foreign secretary David Miliband tweeted, ''never has one soared so high and yet dived so low. RIP Michael''.

Town warns workers on Web rules - 05/08/11
The town of Sherborn maintains a simple presence on the Internet with a fairly straightforward website. There are department listings, a calendar, an e-mail portal, and an online bill-paying portal but no Twitter or Facebook links and no blogging.

Village Clan's £2.2million Child Porn Empire - 05/07/11
AN evil clan used a giant computer to control their global child-porn empire from a tiny village with just 75 residents. The sickos used the monstrous machine to send 5.5MILLION depraved images to perverts across the world - raking in £2.2million.

Fake Facebook victim in sex e-mail barrage - 05/07/11
A COMPUTER expert has been ordered to carry out unpaid work after using his father-in-law’s details to set up a Facebook account without his knowledge. Timothy Guise, of Victoria Street, Barbourne, Worcester, was sentenced to 200 hours unpaid work and told to pay £320 in compensation to Peter Derbyshire, having admitted harassment without violence at an earlier hearing at Worcester Magistrates Court.

Mother's Plea As Web Suicide Guru is Caged - 05/06/11
A SUICIDE Brit's family hit out yesterday after a web sicko who goaded him into hanging himself was jailed for just ten months. Warped William Melchert-Dinkel, 48, stalked "suicide chatrooms" posing as a sympathetic woman nurse.

Spanish students cause havoc with mass party - 05/06/11
A massive party organised by students using social networking sites brought university classes to a standstill on Thursday in the eastern Spanish city of Valencia. The law and economics faculties at the city's university had to close their doors as drunken students began to run amok after more than a thousand people had gathered for an outdoor bring-a-bottle party at the campus.

Man who faked porn of ex-girlfriend denied court diversion - 05/06/11
A Brooklyn, N.Y., man accused of tarnishing his ex-girlfriend’s name by distributing fraudulent pornographic images of the Greenwich private school teacher on the Internet was denied entry into a court diversionary program for the second time Thursday during a hearing in state Superior Court. As Matthew John Bartnik, 29, of 326 81st St., stood in court, Judge William Wenzel told him it was time to deal with the consequences of his actions. "Unfortunately, there are times when each of us have to be held accountable for our actions, which is not always pleasant," Wenzel said. "Some actions are too significant and too harmful to others to be eligible for a program."

11-Year-Old's iPod Leads to Cyberstalking - 05/05/11
Police in Haverford Township are searching for the person they say began cyberstalking an 11-year-old girl last month. Authorities say that in April, the child was chatting on her iPod Touch with someone she believed was a 12-year-old boy ­ that is, until that person began making threats.

Leidecker wants e-mails thrown out in Gablinske case - 05/04/11
John Leidecker, the state teachers’ union official accused of circulating fake e-mails last fall in the name of former state Rep. Douglas Gablinske, is seeking to have those e-mails thrown out of court.

First case of online "spoofing" filed with the Bexar County DA - 05/04/11
Facebook and YouTube are designed to be fun and a good way to connect with people , but one woman learned it can really hurt your reputation too. It's the first case of "spoofing" filed at the Bexar County District Attorney's Office. The woman discovered an angry ex-boyfriend assumed her identity, and then created a Facebook page under her name.

Man arrested for stalking Serena Williams - 05/04/11
A MAN who said he was in love with tennis star Serena Williams has been arrested near her Florida home for allegedly stalking her. Patenema Ouedraogo, 40, was arrested around 2am in Palm Beach Gardens and charged with stalking and cyber-stalking.

Remorseful man who sent email threat to Rep. Snyder gets probation - 05/03/11
Before being sentenced to five years of probation on Tuesday, Manuel Pintado apologized in court for sending a threatening email to Republican state Rep. William Snyder in January, which resulted in the Massachusetts man's arrest on charges that could have put him in prison for 20 years.

Sewickley man pleads guilty to reduced federal charge - 05/03/11
A Sewickley man pleaded guilty on Tuesday to a federal charge of lying to federal officials after being charged last year with cyberstalking. Mark Juliano, 51, will probably face probation after pleading guilty to the lesser charge, in which prosecutors in U.S. District Court in Pittsburgh said he gave false information when he tried to obtain a passport in 2010.


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