WHO@ Newsletter - May 16, 2011

I couldn't make this up if I tried...This is a neat story
Car stolen from NJ in 1975 recovered in Calif.

A classic muscle car stolen from New Jersey's largest city nearly 36 years ago has been recovered on the other side of the country.

A Santa Maria, Calif., man bought the 1969 Chevy Camaro SS from a seller on eBay in February. But Keith Williams tells KSBY-TV he contacted the California Highway Patrol after certain features of the car didn't match the model.

Police discovered the vehicle was stolen from Newark, N.J., on July 8, 1975.

The original owner, Janice Maffucci, told the TV station the car was stolen from the post office where her father worked. She can't believe the vehicle was recovered.

Maffucci says she plans to sell the car.

Police are tracing the registration in hopes of finding the thief.

Hacker, 19, who ruined stranger's web business 'for a game' is spared jail ... so he can continue law degree - 05/16/11
A computer hacker who ruined a man's internet firm 'for a game' and was caught with thousands of stolen bank account details has been spared jail - so he can carry on studying for a degree in law.

Google 'PageRank' Bully Pleads Guilty to Harassment, Fraud - 05/13/11
The online merchant who notoriously bullied his customers--in hopes that they would be inspired to leave him bad online reviews and subsequently up his Google PageRank--pled guilty to several counts against him on Thursday.

Facebook hired PR firm to smear Google - 05/12/11
Facebook has admitted hiring a top public relations firm to spread anti-Google stories to the US press.

Legal Blog ‘Above The Law’ Sued for $50 Million Over Rape Story - 05/11/11
Popular legal industry gossip blog Above The Law and its parent company, Breaking Media, are being sued by Chicago attorney Meanith Huon, reports Forbes Mixed Media, for an erroneous blog post about rape that allegedly destroyed Huon’s reputation.

4 bragged online about Texas robbery - 05/11/11
Authorities say four people were indicted in a Houston bank robbery after bragging about it on Facebook. Federal prosecutors say two former tellers at the International Bank of Commerce recruited a boyfriend and a brother to steal more than $62,000 on March 23.

You Never Know Who Is Watching on Facebook - 05/11/11
Facebook wants to be clear: Those apps that promise to let you know who is looking at your profile do not really work. To answer the questions many of his Stafford County constituents had about their online privacy, U.S. Congressman Rob Wittman, (R.-Va.), invited a representative from Facebook to brief residents on the social media site's security.

Ex-teacher accused in smear campaign - 05/11/11
A former elementary school teacher was arrested Monday night, accused of conducting an elaborate smear campaign against a female acquaintance's husband. Lance Barry Campbell, 39, was in Bexar County Jail on charges of online harassment, attempt to posses child pornography, harassment and tampering with evidence by destroying it. A judge set bail at $550,000.

Issaquah Girl Pleads Not Guilty To Cyberstalking Classmate On Facebook - 05/10/11
A 12-year-old Issaquah girl charged with cyberstalking and computer trespass pleaded not guilty to both charges Tuesday in Seattle. The girl is accused of hacking into Leslie Cote's Facebook account, posting sexually explicit photos and sending out messages soliticing for sex.

Don't be a Target of Online Harassment - 05/10/11
Local students and parents learned how to keep themselves safe from online bullies at the Princeton Library. West Virginia State Police Cpl. Michael Summers says since summer is coming, kids will spend more time on their computers. This means there's more of a chance that they'll get into cyber mischief.

Surrey man pleads not guilty to stalking and shooting Illinois woman - 05/10/11
A Surrey man accused of killing his former girlfriend in Illinois after researching the state law on the death penalty, pleaded not guilty in a U.S. courtroom Monday. Surrey's Dmitry Smirnov, 20, turned himself in to police not long after Jitka Vesel was repeatedly shot in a parking lot in Oak Brook, a suburb outside of Chicago in western Illinois.

Student who made sex-ranking list is arrested - 05/10/11
A west suburban boy was arrested Monday for allegedly devising and circulating a list ranking 50 female Oak Park-River Forest High School girls by their sexual characteristics and alleged sexual behaviors.


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