WHO@ Newsletter - May 2, 2011

I couldn't make this up if I tried...I was wondering where those crop circles came from

Man steals lawnmower from Conn. school

Authorities say a man who was drunk and looking for a place to sleep broke into a trailer behind a Connecticut high school, then instead stole keys to a lawnmower and went for a joyride during which he mowed his parents' lawn.

Police in East Lyme say 22-year-old Nikolaus Trombley was caught on tape early Wednesday stealing the lawnmower from East Lyme High School.

Police say Trombley told them he was looking for the keys to the school when he found the keys to the lawnmower. He rode it three miles to his parents' house, mowed the lawn and started to head back to the school but abandoned the mower on the way.

He's charged with third-degree larceny and burglary.

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Tween girls charged for cyber-stalking on Facebook - 05/02/11
Two preteen girls from King County, Washington, accused of hacking into a classmate’s Facebook page and posting sexually explicit photos and messages, have been charged with cyber-stalking and first-degree computer trespassing.

Trooper Talk: Sexting can land teenagers in jail - 05/01/11
Q: Can teens really go to jail for “sexting”? A: Yes they can. But first let me explain what “Sexting” is and the many problems that arise from it. Sexting is a current hot topic in area high schools, as school administrators are forced to deal with its fallout on a daily basis.

Facebook used in 90 percent of divorce cases - 05/01/11
A St. Petersburg attorney says Facebook and social media are used in 90 percent of her divorce cases. "You get a little bit of everything that happens on Facebook," said Carin Constantine.

New internet law to be tested by Skype sex claims - 04/30/11
The charge laid against two young men involved in the Australian Defence Force Academy Skype scandal is a relatively new offence created to deal with crimes committed on the internet and social media sites. Daniel McDonald, 19, and Dylan De Blaquiere, 18, were yesterday charged with using a carriage service to menace, harass or cause offence.

Bristol Man Jailed On UConn Bomb Threat Charges - 04/29/11
A University of Connecticut student charged with making bomb threats that closed the West Hartford campus and with manufacturing a bomb from household items remained jailed on $750,000 bail Friday. A judge lowered Komail Hasan's original $1 million bail but would not go lower than $750,000.

Teacher's Aide in Trouble, Facebook Harrassment - 04/28/11
A Facebook page has cost a teacher's aide her job. Lily Dinh Chau is also facing a charge of online harassment. Authorities say the 26-year-old created a Facebook page using the identity of a coworker at Westfield High School: teacher Adriana Cedillo.

Aspen woman arrested for alleged e-mail threats to church pastor - 04/28/11
Aspen resident Jan Hamilton was arrested Wednesday on 13 felony counts connected to a string of allegedly threatening e-mails she sent to a church pastor and some of his congregation members. She was released later in the day after posting $40,000 bond.

Facebook Adds New Meaning to Parental Oversight - 04/27/11
I remember the day I joined Facebook. Another day I remember is the day my mom joined Facebook. When I received the email alert that my mom had requested to be friends with me, I did not hesitate to “Confirm” that request.

Electronic stalking earns man prison term - 04/27/11
Montco Court Briefs - An Upper Moreland man this week received a state prison sentence for electronically stalking a former girlfriend even when he was behind bars. Matthew H. Hairston-Johnson, 24, of the 3800 block of Blair Mill Road, was sentenced to a combined two to four years in state prison that will be followed by a three-year probation sentence after he completes his parole.

Woman Sues American Apparel For Leaking Nude Photos Online - 04/27/11
A woman who accused American Apparel CEO Dov Charney of keeping her as a teenage sex slave is now suing him and his clothing retailer for defamation. In the complaint, filed Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court, the former American Apparel saleswoman and two other women say Charney posted nude pictures of them on the Internet.

Married woman lavishes $10k on internet boyfriend... only to find fireman 'lover' was an elaborate hoax by another woman - 04/27/11
A married woman who spent $10,000 on a fake boyfriend she was allegedly duped into having an online relationship with has won a battle to take the case to court. Paula Bonhomme was seduced with messages and emails from the imaginary fireman she met on TV series 'Deadwood' chat rooms in 2005.


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