With apologies to Blake Shelton. . .

We went to Best Buy yesterday and bought AC/DC's black album CD and the newest Blake Shelton CD. Chris had taken the Jeep out of storage, so we were tooling around Portsmouth listening to the AC/DC CD and having a blast. We stopped off at our favorite candy store, Yummies and got way too much candy, then headed home.

We fed the dogs and decided that since the last month we've been doing snowplowing, snowblowing and shoveling just about every weekend and there was no snow predicted for this weekend, we'd treat ourselves to a night out. We had a $50 gift certificate to our favorite restaurant, Lobster Cove, so we were psyched.

We fed Bandit and Phoebe, took them out to do their business, then left for the restaurant. I put the Best Buy bag on the couch. I had twin lobster dinner (just $18.99 with all the fixings) and Chris got prime rib. The food there is always delish! We then headed over to the American Legion (I'm a member of the Ladies Auxiliary) at their brand spanking new location to meet our friends Bob and Robin. They brought Robin's sister and brother in law and we had a great time. We couldn't remember the last time we'd gone out like that.

About 10 pm, we got home. The Best Buy bag was gone from the couch. Bandit was snoring in his bed, Phoebe was innocently looking at us from hers. All around her were bits and pieces of the Blake Shelton CD case. And the chewed on CD. Chris was really mad, but because we don't know if she was abused in the past, we just said "No!" and "Bad girl!" in angry tones. I think she got the message.

I cleaned up the bits and pieces and started giggling. Chris didn't see the humor, but I did. I guess Phoebe's just not a Blake Shelton fan.

And it actually didn't cost us anything, because I'd used a gift card we got from Christmas to buy it.

So, apologies to Blake Shelton for my dog's taste in music.

Now for another funny thing. I bought two gallons of ice cream at the grocery store, one of Hood's orange sherbert, the other Hood black raspberry. Put them in the freezer. Chris had a hankering for ice cream the other night, looked to see what I'd bought, then burst out laughing. He said he didn't know Mrs. Mayor and her assistant worked at Hood. Confused, I went to the kitchen and he pointed at the two gallon containers.

On the top of the sherbert was the info on when the ice cream had been made and who had packaged it. The name printed on it was Robin. The other gallon had the name Joanne printed on it. I burst out laughing.

Robin, one of my good friends, is teasingly nicknamed the Mayor of York because she works at the local post office and knows everyone in town. Anytime we go out for lunch, it seems like everyone says hi to her. Joanne, our other good friend, just knows everyone here, so we nicknamed her the assistant Mayor.

Talk about a small world and one of those "Twilight Zone" moments, eh? Here are the photos. Enjoy!


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