WHOA Newsletter - January 12, 2009

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Stupid, stupid, stupid

Police say masked man waited in line to rob bank

A man may have tipped his intentions when he stood in line at an Ohio bank wearing a ski mask before staging a holdup. Police in Stow near Akron say 24-year-old Feliks Goldshtein of Highland Heights was arrested minutes later on Thursday following a brief car chase.

Police say the teller asked the man to take off the mask before being served. At that point the man displayed what turned out to be a toy gun and told the teller to give him all the money. He made off with an undisclosed amount.

Police Captain Rick Myers says it's unusual for a masked robber to wait in line at a bank.

Goldshtein was held at the Summit County Jail Friday on charges of aggravated robbery and failure to comply with a police order. Municipal Court records don't identify an attorney for Goldshtein.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Cyberstalking arrest in New Iberia case - 01/11/09
A Lafayette woman was arrested Wednesday for cyberstalking after she reportedly sent threatening e-mails to a New Iberia woman dating her estranged husband, according to police records.

Stalking a real threat, real problem - 01/10/09
Stalking is real. It can happen to anyone. It is dangerous and it is a crime.
Every year, more than 1 million women and nearly 400,000 men in the United States are victims of stalking. It may begin in a very simple way, but can escalate to an extremely dangerous situation.

CyberPatrol Announces Free Scanner, ChatGuard Enhancement - 01/09/09
At CES on Friday, CyberPatrol announced Threat Detector, a new free online assessment tool that will help parents check for any problems with their children's surfing habits. CyberPatrol also announced that the IM ChatGuard feature of its flagship CyberPatrol Parental Controls product has been enhanced to specifically guard against cyberbullying.

Thieving hackers' eBay con - 01/09/09
THIEVES have been hacking into eBay accounts to buy items using other people’s credit card details, it emerged yesterday.
And because the crooks brazenly turn up and collect the goods in person the seller is not covered by the PayPal fraud guarantee.

Hackers Deface NATO, US Army Web Sites (PC World) - 01/09/09
Hackers have taken down two high-profile targets as they continue their ongoing Web attacks in support of Palestine, defacing Web sites run by the U.S. Army and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

Girls suspended for teacher jibes - 01/09/09
Dozens of girls were suspended from a C of E school for setting up a defamatory Facebook site about a teacher.

Student is charged with threatening violent act - 01/09/09
A Lamar University doctoral student has been indicted for allegedly sending an e-mail threat to disrupt the school's commencement ceremony last month, federal prosecutors announced Thursday.

Experts warn users to read website terms carefully before clicking ‘Accept’ - 01/09/09
It’s become a routine of signing up for e-mail, online dating services or social networking websites: casually clicking ‘‘Accept’’ below several pages of dense legalese that none of us ever read.

Web site critical of Lorain County home builder wins court battle - 01/09/09
Web sites are a great way to spread the word about a business.
As for spreading the bad word about one? That can have mixed results.
A Web site dedicated to criticizing a Lorain County home builder won a court battle last month to stay on the Internet. Just as significantly, the owner maintained his ability to run the Web site anonymously.

Web Designers Admit to Trashing Client's Web Site - 01/08/09
Executives from a Seattle-area consulting company are facing prison time after pleading guilty to charges that they wiped a client's Web site off the Internet following a contract dispute.

The Five Most Dangerous Security Myths - 01/08/09
Still think that today's computer viruses and other malware come from some maladjusted teen out to vandalize your PC to make a name for himself? Think again. The persistent myth is a holdover from days long gone, and it's important to dispel it if you want to know what you're up against - and how to protect yourself.

Man Pleads Guilty to Cyberstalking from Fort - 01/08/09
As Shawn D. Memarian remembered it Wednesday, his relationship with a woman he met online in 2006 “ended in a sour way.”
Classic understatement.

Meeting minutes say Troiano admitted to viewing porn on town laptop - 01/08/09
Closed-door meeting minutes released by selectmen Tuesday night show that former Town Manager Anthony Troiano resigned after a hostile work environment inquiry and an admission that he viewed porn on a town laptop.

Mafia bosses prove a hit on Facebook - 01/08/09
Mafia investigators have accused Facebook of giving support to convicted Italian mobsters by allowing them to maintain profiles from their cells.

Thailand blocks thousands of websites for 'insulting' king - 01/07/09
The Thai government has blocked 2,300 websites deemed insulting to the country's monarchy and is planning to block 400 more.

Social Networks Link Terrorists - 01/07/09
A new breed of terrorists are using online forums to recruit people who align themselves with the mission of Al Qaeda, creating global networks of would-be terrorists who pose a growing threat, a senior cyberterrorist researcher warned this week.

Sex, drugs and surfing: Teens reveal a lot online - 01/06/09
Many teenagers cleaned up their MySpace profiles, deleting mentions of sex and booze and boosting privacy settings, if they got a single cautionary email from a busybody named “Dr. Meg.”

Cyber-bullying a nightmare - 01/06/09
The dictionary describes a “predator” as one who victimizes, plunders, or destroys.
Predators are an unfortunate part of today’s society. Driven by a multitude of motives, these dangerous individuals leave a long trail of grief for their victims and their families.


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