Things that stick in my craw. . .

Companies who don't honor their warranty. I bought a Cub Cadet shredder/chipper in September. Chris was cleaning up the yard and an acorn went the wrong way and the impeller shattered, damaging the engine. This was in November before it started snowing. So we finally got around to taking it to Home Depot for warranty work (it has a 3 year warranty) last week. Cub Cadet calls today and says because a "foreign object" hit the impeller, it wasn't covered and would cost $600 to repair. Mind you, new it cost me $499. Hello? I told the warranty person it was an acorn (maybe two or three). She said acorns were foreign objects. Chris got upset and pulled out the manual and right on the front it says to put the settings on low to pick up ACORNS. So he called her back and she said it was a foreign object and refused to budge. We'll never buy a Cub Cadet product ever again.


People who pass me on the right on the highway (or on the shoulder on a two lane road). If I'm in the middle lane on a three lane highway and the speed limit is 65 and I'm going between 70-74 and you feel I'm not going fast enough and there is no one on either side of me, do NOT pass me on the right. It's not only annoying as hell, but it's dangerous, because I may decide to pull over because you're riding my bumper.

People who have three items and are behind me in the 14 items or less lane when I have five items and have the gall to ask me to let them go in front of me. NO. If I had 14 items, *maybe* I'd let you squeeze in front of me. But when you and I have almost the same amount of items, just cool your jets and wait your turn (while I hope beyond hope a price check is in the cards for me, just to piss off this wanker).

So-called dogooders who freak out at me because I left my dog in the car for 10 minutes while I ran into the store to to get a few things. This is not in the middle of a hot summer day or a really frigid one, but a regular day when it was in the mid to late 30s. My dog is a Siberian Husky that I rescued. They are bred to be sled dogs in Alaska (and elsewhere where it's very cold) and being curled up on the front seat of my car is like heaven compared to how some of those sled dogs live. If you're so concerned about "abused" animals, then volunteer at your local animal shelter.

Creditors who demand full payment on a balance two weeks before Christmas. This happened to me. I explained I'd been out of work since the summer (except for one job that I'm *still* waiting for a check for) and that I was barely making my mortgage and car payments. This doctor wanted $1970 *right now.* He didn't give a crap about my situation. And he obviously doesn't watch the news about how the economy has been going down the tubes, people are out of work, etc. I told him I couldn't afford it and could pay him $25 a month until I got caught up when I began working again. No way, Jose. He had his wife (who is his accountant) call and offer me a "generous" 30% off so that I'd "only" have to pay $1379 dollars. This was the week before Christmas. I talked it over with Chris and we scraped together enough for $1,000 - meaning no Christmas for the two of us. I called her and told her it was all I could afford and she said as long as the payment was received by December 29th, that would work. So I sent the money out. And seriously, we didn't give each other a darned thing because we couldn't afford it. No tree, no big Christmas dinner, nada. Then our gas oven stopped working the day before Christmas and that cost us $250 to get fixed. So Merry Fu--ing Christmas to you, Doctor. Hope you had a lovely one. And I hope karma bites you in the butt soon.

People who go to my organization's web site, WHOA, and have no trouble going through several pages on the site to find the comment form or newsletter submission form to ask for help, but seem to have trouble seeing the HUGE RED words "NEED HELP?" on the main page which takes them to the questionnaire to fill out so that they'll get the help they need.

Or the people who go to our site and email me demanding me to telephone them. We don't do phone calls. If we did, a phone number would be listed on the web site for this purpose. Why don't we do phone calls? For legal reasons - if a victim comes to us for help and all communication is via email and the victim then needs to go to court, they can prove what we did to help them. A phone call is hearsay and not admissable. Then there are the morons who actually find a number on our site, but it *very* specifically states that the number is for media requests ONLY and NOT for victims. But I still get voicemail messages from victims begging me to call them. Why can't people follow instructions?


That's all for this time. . .


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