You'd think. . .

that some organizations would want to keep me as a member.

I called two organizations, one a political one and the other the NRA to let them know Chris had died and to see if they could put my name on the membership. Both said they couldn't do it. The political one said it was for "legal" reasons, even though Chris was a sustaining member and I argued that we filed joint tax returns, so what did it matter? I was disgusted and told them I would be switching political parties. I haven't decided if I'm a Libertarian or an Independent now. I'm thinking of starting a new party called the NoParty party. Wanna join?

The NRA really surprised me. Chris was a Life Member and had only $125 left to pay it in full. They said the membership was non-refundable and not transferable. I said they should make an exception in the case of an unexpected death (especially since Chris shot himself). Chris and I both took the NRA gun safety course together, were actively involved in safe gun legislation and other things.

I hate it when people say that guns should be outlawed. Guns don't kill people - people kill people. A person has to pull the trigger - a gun will not go off by itself and purposely kill someone. I have a gun for protection (more now than ever since I am living alone). I know how to use it - safely. I know when I should use it - only as a last resort. I am not an idiot and I am not a gun-waving zealot. I am a responsible adult. It's the gun-waving idiots who give conscientious gun owners like me a bad name.

Oh. Pfft.


Yesterday, I went to Great Bay Motorcycles to speak to the owner about what to do with Chris' Triumph Bonneville. The bike isn't even six months old yet and has less than 500 miles on it and a lot of upgrades. I had Chris' best friend, Dick, meet me there for moral support. It was hard and I did cry a bit, but the owner was so nice and promised to take care of the bike and put it on consignment and only take a 15% commission on it. Bless him.


Dick and I went out for coffee afterwards and talked about Chris and other things. Poor Dick is going through a nasty divorce. I feel so bad for him. His marriage is over and he lost his best friend. Come to think of it, I'm almost in the same boat. Chris was definitely my best friend. He made me laugh, especially when he would imitate characters from "Madagascar" (the movie).

I miss his "Mr. Bunny," making fun of me doing my yoga in the morning, teasing me constantly. It's quiet here sometimes. Thank god for Bandit and Guin. They keep me smiling and are good company.


I am really looking forward to my trip to Minneapolis this weekend. I need to get back to work and to get away for a bit. It will be good for me.


Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday on your special day, Friday - Nov. 09

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