Catching up, Minneapolis, Brigitte and more

I've spent the past couple of weeks making phone calls to cancel Chris' credit cards, car and motorcycle insurance, health insurance, AAA, memberships. . .the list goes on and on.

I am really mad at United Airlines. My stepmother had called them the day after Chris died to cancel my trip to Kansas on November 8th, which I could not do for very obvious reasons. She asked them if they needed a copy of the death certificate to refund my money and they said no.

So I checked my United Mileage Plus account online and found that the ticket had indeed been canceled, but the ticket cost had NOT been refunded. So I called United. The guy I got was in India at one of the call centers and although very nice, basically told me I would have to drive to Boston (the airport I was supposed to fly out of), go to the United ticket counter, show them the death certificate and then get my refund. I was in tears and thank God my friend Vivi was here. She took over and was on the phone for three frelling hours calling various numbers to get someone to help. I could not believe it. At one point, she was told I would have to pay a $100 cancellation fee. Hello? My husband has died. It was not my fault I had to cancel. Show some compassion, people.

She finally got a fax number to fax the death certificate to and I did that. I checked my credit card this past Monday and no refund yet. So I called to ask when it was supposed to go through and was told it would take two billing cycles. What the hell?

All I can say is United Airlines sucks and I refuse to fly them again unless it's a last resort. And I used to fly them as often as I could. What shitty customer service. Yes, the president of UAL is going to definitely get a nasty letter from me.


One person who is involved with the ship model business was all hot to trot to "liquidate" what was in the workshop at Chris' dad's house. I kindly emailed this guy and asked him to wait until our lawyers worked out the details of dad's will. His reply to me? Instead of a "Just let me know what happens," he sends this long email basically laying claim to just about everything in the workshop and claiming that he "jointly" owned many items with Chris' dad. Then he had the gall to say that I shouldn't expect to make "heaps of money" on selling the "well-used" machinery. Hello? My husband hadn't been dead a week. Don't play on my grief and try to get a "steal" on what's in there.

I was pissed and replied to him that I didn't expect to make heaps of money, but that the lawyers had to work things out and if he could send me a list of items he felt he owned, that would be helpful.

I think someone said something to him about being such an ass and he sent me an email asking to get in touch when I hear from the lawyers. Like hell I will. I refuse to sell this man anything from that workshop. Which, BTW, does come to me. I just need to wait for my lawyer to get the paperwork before I can do an inventory of what's down there (I have friends who have volunteered to help me do that). If anyone is interested in woodworking machinery, tools, ship model parts, etc, drop me a line.


I went to see my doctor last week and told him the Ativan helps me sleep but is too strong for the daytime. He gave me Xanax and I wish I'd had this the past two weeks. It keeps me calm without knocking me out. I don't cry as often, but I have those moments when I burst into tears. I know it's normal. The anger is still there, but not as much. I miss Chris and his goofiness. Thank God I have the dogs or I'd go crazy in this house alone.

My sister and her husband took the bedroom set off my hands. I don't want to see it ever again. The house insurance is going to pay for the mattresses, bedding and anything else that had to be removed. I found a new bed and put a deposit on it. My friend Joanne repainted the bedroom a soft rose color and it looks good. Everyone asks me if I'm afraid to sleep in there. Nope. The dogs go in there all the time and aren't afraid, so I'm not. I also sold the leather couch and chair from the living room. The couch was something Chris had wanted and I really didn't like it. It was uncomfortable to sit on and is better suited for a formal living room. I want a comfy couch, so that will be next on my list. Joanne will also be repainting the bathroom and kitchen (light blue and light green respectively). Change is good and is keeping me busy.


Took Chris' mom to the local animal shelter yesterday to find a companion for her. She wanted a small dog to keep her busy. We found Brigitte. She's six years old, fixed, all her shots, housetrained and came from Alabama. She'd just arrived at the shelter on Thanksgiving day. She is so cute and loving and wants to be held - just what Mom needs.

Here they are:

I took the photos with my new Motorola Razr V3i cell phone. When I'd canceled Chris' account, the salesguy talked me into this. I'm glad I did it. It's giving me something new to learn, takes better photos and video and has a bigger screen, plus it came with a bunch of free extras.

I'm getting back to work next week. I pick up my Mom on Friday to stay here with the dogs while I fly to freezing cold Minneapolis to speak at the TIES Conference at the Hyatt Hotel. I did this conference last year, so I know the people who run it, which is good for me. And it will be good to get away, even if it's just a few days. I'm speaking three days this year and they're having dinners, receptions, and more. I'll be busy and it should be fun.


Can't think of anything else. Lazy Sunday today. Maybe I'll take the dogs for a ride to Barnes & Noble to pick up a book or two and a Starbucks coffee.


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