Apple Email Scam Going Around

Beware of new Apple scam! I got this in my email this morning and it looked legit until I hovered my mouse over the link. Instead going to, it went to a site won't publish the rest of the link). If you get anything like this from Apple, Microsoft, Twitter, even Facebook, do NOT click on the "Click here to update" or similar link. Go directly to your account by typing in the web site link, then check it there. I can bet there is nothing wrong with your account. Please share. "Your Apple ID has been disabled for security reasons ! Dear Member, This is an automatic message by the system to let you know that you have to confirm your account information within 24 hours. Your account has been frozen temporarily in order to protect it. The account will continue to be frozen until it is approved And Validate Your Account Information. Once you have updated your account records, your information will be confirmed and your account will start to work as normal once again. Click Here to Update Wondering why my account has been frozen? Someone adds or changes a contact email address for an Apple ID account. If you didn't do this, don't worry. Your email address cannot be used as a contact address for an Apple ID without your verification. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. Sincerely, Apple Support The survey will be available for a Iimited time. We hope you can provide us feedback to improve our support programs and offerings. We are here to help. At Apple Support, you can learn more about your product, download the latest software updates, and share tips and solutions with other users. You can also find out the best way to contact us, Contact Apple Support. TM and copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved / Privacy Policy / Apple Support / Unsubscribe from future surveys"


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