True Crime Online Newsletter - December 30, 2013

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Man spots kangaroo while hunting in Oklahoma
An Oklahoma hunter said he captured video footage of a kangaroo hopping near him while he was out hunting in an open field.

Andrew Rice said in a Monday posting on his Facebook page he was out hunting for geese near Adair, Okla., when a kangaroo hopped past him, KJRH-TV, Tulsa, Okla., reported Thursday.

"Alright so I'm pretty sure this is the most crazy thing that has ever happened to me while I was hunting," Rice wrote in the message accompanying his video of the incident.

The video, posted Monday, had more than 16,000 views on YouTube by late afternoon Thursday. Rice said the video posting has led to more than 400 friend requests.

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Elderly man breaks wife's hip during argument about dating website - 12/30/13
A 76-year-old Florida man was arrested on charges of battery and aggravated battery on a person over 65 years old after he allegedly pushed his wife and broke her hip during an argument about his use of a dating website. Sheriff's deputies arrested and booked Edward Aronson after a nurse at Bethesda Hospital West called the police when she allegedly heard him on the phone talking about pushing his wife.

Number of prisoners caught with active Facebook accounts almost doubles in a year: Criminals use social media to 'taunt victims and attempt to intimidate witnesses', charity warns - 12/29/13
The number of prisoners caught with active Facebook accounts has almost double in the last year, new figures have revealed. A leading charity has warned offenders accessing social media can be 'hugely distressing' for their victims after it was revealed the number of active Facebook accounts detected had increased by almost 50 per cent. Victim Support has said some criminals have even used the internet to 'taunt victims and attempt to intimidate witnesses'.

Kid Unwraps Nintendo 3DS for Holidays, Finds Porn - 12/29/13,2817,2428790,00.asp
Buyer beware: If you're picking up a fairly popular device as a holiday gift, especially if you're buying it for your kids, it might be worth your while to ensure that said device hasn't been previously owned, operated, or filled with pornography. You read that right.

Sophie Monk's cyber stalking terror: I sleep with the light on - 12/28/13
SINGER, model and actor ­Sophie Monk has become the first Australian celebrity to have an alleged cyber stalker charged with harassing her on social media. James McCabe allegedly bombarded the 34-year-old with up to 150 sexually explicit and threatening posts on Twitter every day. Mr McCabe allegedly used his Twitter account to produce streams of sometimes indecipherable rants over five years in which he said he pursued Satan and told Monk to "pray pray pray".

Mother names cyber bully girl, 12, who torments her daughter - 12/27/13
AN Australian mum has named and shamed a 12-year-old cyber bully who has been tormenting her daughter. Anne-Marie Schmidt posted a screen shot on her Facebook page of the girl's Instagram post, which incites other grade sixes to call her daughter Mackenzie a "b*tch".

S.C. politicians in social media gun duel - 12/27/13
South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley's Facebook post about a handgun she got for Christmas prompted political rivals to fire back with a post featuring a shotgun. Haley -- a first-term Republican who is running for re-election in 2014 -- posted the picture Thursday of a 9 mm Beretta PX4 Storm pistol she said her husband, Michael, gave her.

Mother 'tries to sell baby on internet for £150,000': She says it was a joke - but now both of her children are in care - 12/27/13
A young mother tried to sell her four-month-old boy on the internet for £150,000, it emerged last night. The 20-year-old advertised the ‘beautiful’ baby for sale on the Gumtree classifieds website on Boxing Day. Police and social services were alerted after scores of people saw the ad and dialled 999.

New Zealand auction site's post-Christmas items: Ham, lingerie - 12/26/13
Trade Me, New Zealand's largest auction website, said unwanted Christmas items put up for purchase on the site include ham and large lingerie. Paul Ford, a spokesman for the Wellington website, said Boxing Day deals on the website include a still-wrapped "free range Harmony ham," which its seller stipulates must be picked up from Auckland by the buyer, the Dominion Post, Wellington, reported Thursday.

Travelers get unexpected airfare bargains, Delta to honor fares - 12/26/13
Travelers got unexpected presents Thursday from Delta Air Lines when they booked airfares as cheap as $25 for round-trip coast-to-coast flights. The super-cut rate fares appeared on the Delta Website about 10 a.m. EST and lucky customers were able to book some flights for under $5, plus taxes and fees. The real gift came later when Delta said it would honor the fares, the Wall Street Journal said.

McDonald's takes down controversial employee resource site - 12/26/13
Fast food chain McDonald's, based in Illinois, has taken down the employee resource website that advised workers not to eat fast food. The McResource Line website, which was meant to offer helpful financial tips and other advice to McDonald's employees, was down Wednesday and replaced with a message from the company, CNN reported Thursday.

How to Deal With Cyberbullying in the Workplace - 12/25/13
Cyberbullying and hostile workplaces diminish a person’s overall quality of life and their ability to deliver exceptional customer service experiences. More than half of the world’s population spends one-third of their adult lives working, according to the World Health Organization. Employees already have to accept long hours and stressful commutes as work culture standards.

Growing number of parents turn to police to report cyberbullying - 12/24/13
As more people become aware of the harmful consequences of cyber bullying, parents are more likely to report cyber bullying incidents directly to their local police than local school officials. That's the finding of a new national survey of 642 American parents conducted by the Fraud Prevention and Investigations business unit of Thomson Reuters.


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