True Crime Online Newsletter - August 24, 2015

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Bear burglar tries to enter Idaho condo through cat door
An Idaho man snapped pictures of a bear attempting to get into his home through a cat door but only managing to fit its head through the opening. Doug Harder of Sandpoint said bears have become a frequent nuisance at his condo this year and he first snapped photos of the animals when a mother and two cubs climbed onto his second floor deck to eat birdseed in late May. He said bear sightings continued in the area and a yearling broke into his condo while he was on vacation last week by opening the sliding glass door, which he had left cracked open with a piece of wood blocking the doorjamb. Harder said the intruder did very little damage to his property, but the animal defecated on the carpet and raided the domicile for food including flour, brownie mix, Toblerone and Pepsi. The homeowner said he went to investigate a racket at his door Thursday and was shocked to see a bear attempting to squeeze through his cat door. He said the animal was far too large to fit more than its head through the door. "It came to the cat door Thursday night, trying again and again to get through, which is when I took the photo," Harder told CNN. "My cat is in the photo on Friday, showing the width of the sliding glass door the bear squeezed through. It came back yesterday trying to get through the cat door again."

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Gamergate Is A Headless Troll And It's Bigger Than Ever - 08/24/15
If you ask the man behind the online handle “Drybones5 about the current state of the controversial #Gamergate movement he helped create, he’ll tell you, “it’s over. It was over in December.” But that might just be the sour grapes talking­the reality is Gamergate, an online movement best known for its crude, degrading take-down of women in the video game industry, is bigger than ever and it’s been spreading rapidly since its birth in August of 2014.

Facebook policies allow trolls to target women, says group fighting sexist online abuse - 08/24/15
What exactly does Facebook mean by “community standards” when it chooses to take down – or not take down – a page reported by a user? An informal collective of women from Kerala, accusing Facebook of “mysteriously” allowing misogynistic abuse, has now launched an online campaign to find out. The group, called “Against Cyber Attacks on Women”, banded together after several women with leftist and feminist views became targets of online sexual harassment and had their Facebook profiles unfairly suspended in the past few months. Supported by a host of other women’s rights and digital rights organisations, the collective now wants Facebook to rethink its policies on tackling abuse and maintaining user privacy.

Pa. man jailed for allegedly threatening to post nude photo of girlfriend - 08/24/15
A potential case of alleged revenge porn was nipped in the bud in Northampton County, Pa., where a 47-year-old man was jailed for allegedly threatening to post a nude photo of his girlfriend on the Internet, among other threats. Our sister website,, identifies the suspect as Douglas Walter Miller of Palmer Township, who now faces charges after an extramarital relationship begun in July turned stormy.

Jilted Hartlepool man claimed on facebook that his ex was an escort girl - 08/24/15
A jilted lover posted lewd images of women on the internet and claimed his former partner was a prostitute. Ian Davidson used two pixelated images from an escort girl website and superimposed his former partner’s face on them, Hartlepool Magistrates’ Court heard.

US Embassy official in London charged with 'sextortion' - 08/24/15
Michael C Ford of the US Embassy in London has been accused of 'sextortion' attempts that include hacking, phishing and cyber-stalking involving about 250 women. Ford was an employee at the US Embassy in the UK during the whole scheme. According to the US Justice Department, the ex-state department employee apparently stole sexually explicit videos, pictures, passwords and other personal information of the victims as part of a sextortion scheme for over two years. Most of the attacks were initiated via a US Embassy computer.

The Online Mob Masquerades as a Social Justice Movement - 08/21/15
In late July, an unofficial public service announcement about a serially abusive man in Brooklyn began circulating on social media. The man’s ex-girlfriend had posted to Facebook a shockingly personal, 2,000-word account of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse she claimed she endured during their nine-month relationship. She shared apparent photo documentation of the abuse­graphic bruises and scratch marks­and outed her abusive ex as a DJ and music producer, exposing not just his full name but also the name of his record label, production company, and band.

So You Found Your Name (Or Your Executive's) In The Ashley Madison Data Dump. Now What Do You Do? - 08/20/15
The other shoe has dropped. Impact Team TISI +% the hackers who threatened to release data on cheating site Ashley Madison’s users last month, made good those threats, dumping a 9.7 gigabyte file including sensitive customer data to the deep web, accessible only via Tor. Since then, a handful of sites have sprung up to make it even easier to see whether or not an email address had an account associated with the cheating site. Media outlets are having a field day reporting on the names found, including a conservative family values advocate and various government officials.

Athletes take on Internet trolls - 08/20/15
Norwegian skiing star Therese Johaug isn’t sure if it’s envy or a lust for some sort of revenge that prompts some people to constantly make negative, insulting and usually anonymous comments about others online. She’s now joining a national campaign to take on the so-called “trolls” and bullies of the Internet.

Man gets jail in Facebook harassment case - 08/20/15
A man who authorities said tormented a Naperville woman with lurid online messages in a case of unrequited love has been sentenced to jail for that crime. Fouzan A. Quaiser pleaded guilty in Will County Circuit Court in Joliet to an amended, misdemeanor charge of electronic harassment/obscene proposal, according to court records. He had originally been charged with a total of four felony counts of cyberstalking and harassment, records showed.

Ohio State Trooper Uses Craigslist And His Position To Create A ‘Sex Stop,’ More Details Emerge - 08/20/15
Ohio state troopers, like other state troopers in America, are sometimes looked upon in a different manner than local law enforcement. Sometimes worse, sometimes better, but they often have bigger jobs to take on and certainly more of them. However, no state trooper or public official is above the law. In a day and age where citizens have growing concerns, or what some may call paranoia or conspiracy theories, about police, a story about Craigslist, a state trooper, and a sex stop certainly won’t quell those concerns. WLWT5 in Cincinnati reported that Ohio state trooper Bryan Lee used a combination of his position, Craigslist, and Facebook to stalk and sexually harass female motorists.

Wake Forest man charged with sending illicit texts, cyberstalking - 08/20/15
A 44-year-old Wake Forest man faces multiple charges after authorities say he sent inappropriate pictures and made harassing phone calls to several people. Jason Nero, of 1124 Willow Grass Lane, is charged with two counts each of felony disseminate obscenities, misdemeanor cyberstalking and making harassing phone calls.

Why outlawing anonymity will not halt online abuse - 08/19/15
Over the past few years a growing number of social networks and online communities -- the likes of Facebook and YouTube among them -- have introduced, or in some cases have tried to introduce, a real name policy. The notion behind outlawing anonymity is that online harassment will cease. This, it turns out, is a myth, sociologist Katherine Cross tells The Conference in Malmo.

Castle trustee quits over 'online harassment' - 08/19/15
A KEY figure in the £12m restoration of Cardigan Castle has quit as a trustee, saying he has suffered “months of online harassment” from a local opposition group. Glen Johnson (pictured), who has been instrumental in the redevelopment of the castle after he became interested in the iconic building as a schoolboy volunteer over 30 years ago, said he had resigned as a trustee of the Cadwgan Trust due to the “virtual persecution currently being dealt out by a small number of individuals who have taken exception to the castle and its trustees because the project is not precisely as they would like it”.

Man jailed for allegedly stalking his ex-wife - 08/18/15
Internet dating, a hidden camera and a poem led to an arrest in Green Country. Stalking accusations are causing concern in Rogers County, and a man is now behind bars for the second time this month. Jeffrey Harris is sitting in jail after he was accused for stalking his ex-wife. Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton says Harris simply will not leave the woman alone. Tuesday, he was arrested for stalking her.

Woman accused of sending threatening texts, emails after affair - 08/17/15
A West Richland woman faces a Sept. 28 trial on allegations she sent at least 200 vulgar and harassing text messages to the man with whom she was having an affair and to his wife. Sheila M. Crouch, 39, allegedly used free websites and applications to get 31 different phone numbers and email accounts, in addition to creating a blog using the wife’s name and telling her to “wake up” with details and photographs about the affair.

Sex or online embarrassment was N.J. woman's choice, indictment says - 08/17/15
A Paulsboro man has been indicted by a Salem County grand jury on charges he posted compromising photos of a woman on social media, following through on a threat he had made if she didn't have sex with him, according to court documents. Ashtin Rone, 29, was indicted on a third-degree charge of reproduction or disclosure of images of sexual contact, fourth-degree criminal coercion and fourth-degree cyber harassment.


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