True Crime Online Newsletter- August 31, 2015

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Shotgun shells designed to take out 'drone threats'
An Idaho ammunition company is marketing "Drone Munition" shotgun cartridges designed to blast unwanted drones out of the sky. Ammunition company Snake River started shipping specially-made 12-gauge shotgun ammunition this month under the name Drone Munition. "Prepare for the drone apocalypse," the website for the "personal defense loads" reads. "With the ability to carry on board cameras, drones have been and are being used for spying on unsuspecting neighbors and others without their permission," the company said. "With little regulation surrounding drone use, there is much confusion about what a person may do to defend against drone threats." The company has faced some criticism from those who point out the illegality of shooting drones out of the sky under federal regulations. Snake River president Casey Betzold said the rounds are meant for self defense. "The self-defense portion of firearm use is what covers a real threatening drone situation," Betzold told Make magazine, "and we expect regulations to come down focused specifically on drones in the near future."

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Australia offers tourists app-controlled 'GIGA Selfies' - 08/31/15
Tourism Australia is seeking to attract selfie-loving Japanese visitors with "GIGA Selfies," cameras that take far-off photos of tourists via a smartphone app. The "GIGA Selfie" events, announced via a video posted to YouTube, call on visitors to stand in designated spots to control far-off cameras that take short video clips that begin as close-up shots and quickly zoom out to show the surrounding scenery.

Sheriff Tyrone Lewis gets restraining order against group involved in smear campaign - 08/31/15
A judge ruled in favor of Sheriff Tyrone Lewis’ request for a restraining order against a group of people for cyberstalking, bullying, defamation, and several other allegations. Lewis’ attorney Dennis Sweet pointed out that smear campaigns such as the one he says was leveled against his client are much easier in the digital age, and cost Lewis irreparable harm to his campaign.

How this young woman's Tinder profile led to her being threatened with rape and 'slut-shamed' by strangers on social media - all because she quoted a song by rapper Drake - 08/30/15
A Sydney woman has been harassed online and been threatened with rape after a man shared her Tinder profile on Facebook, resulting in a campaign to end sexual violence. Olivia Melville, 23, quoted hip-hop artist Drake in her bio on Tinder, the popular casual dating app, when a stranger named Chris Hall took a screen-shot and shared it on his personal Facebook page.

Cyber Thugs: Don’t Be a Victim of Online Stalking and Harassment - 08/28/15
Cyber bullying, or “online bullying” has been making headlines for more than a decade. Typically, the term has been used to describe youths bullying other youths. A much overlooked, underreported issue is adult cyber bullying, which is an unfortunate reality because some adults are never able to grow up. Often, cyber bullying intrinsically involves cyber stalking -- the disturbing practice of monitoring every move and update on a person or organization’s online channels. These attacks can come from an individual, may originate from members of an online group, or can come from a real world group engaged in an online harassment campaign.

Rattlesnake selfie attempt lands man in hospital - 08/28/15
A California man has been released from the hospital after an impromptu photo shoot with a rattlesnake ended with a predictable disaster. Alex Gomez of Lake Elsinore was hospitalized Monday after he picked up a rattlesnake discovered in his back yard and took photos with the snake hanging around his neck.

Man accused of stalking to appear in court - 08/28/15
A bond hearing is scheduled in 3rd Judicial District Court in Farmerville on Friday for a Monroe man accused of attempted home invasion, cyberstalking and stalking. Donovan White, 36, was arrested Wednesday on warrants following an investigation into his attempted home invasion into his ex-girlfriend’s house near Farmerville.

Woman quits dating website OkCupid after 'creepy' 500-word message from stranger - 08/28/15
A woman who received a creepy 500-word message has quit the online[] dating website he used to contact her. Maggie Serota, from New York, deactivated her OkCupid account after receiving the unwanted attention from a stranger in Sweden. The freelance writer said the man had seen her Twitter profile – which has more than 8,000 followers – and then Googled her extensively and found her dating profile from tweets she had written about OkCupid.

Gonzales man sought in cyberstalking, assault - 08/27/15
The Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office is seeking Keith Carlin, a Gonzales man wanted on allegations of cyber stalking and accused of assaulting the victim. According to a news release from Sheriff Jeff Wiley, deputies began the investigation Wednesday after receiving information that Carlin, 30, was sending harassing and threatening messages via text messaging.

Lessons From a Tragic Kidnapping in Germany - 08/27/15
At 7:30 p.m. on Aug. 13, a girl named Anneli-Marie left her home in Meissen, a picturesque town that straddles the Elbe River just outside of Dresden, Germany. The 17-year-old, who reports refer to only as Anneli-Marie R. because of German privacy laws, was the daughter of a wealthy German industrialist. As she left her home, she took her bike to give her beloved dog some evening exercise, as she often did.

How civil is social media? - 08/27/15
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube or Whatsapp is where we virtually live today. Yes, we can now reach out to our personal and professional circle at the click of a button, but it has also intruded our homes. Two sisters, Ananchal Singhi and Dr Sumedha, one studying to be a chartered accountant and the other, a practicing dentist, share their views

‘You are like a celebrity to me’: When women cyberstalk women - 08/25/15
WHEN Melissa Anelli emailed a woman who was causing troubled on her Harry Potter fansite, she couldn’t imagine the hell she was about to set loose. “I will hunt you down like the dirty, fat cow you are and slit you from ear-to-ear,” came the furious reply. It was the start of a five-year campaign of harassment by New Zealand woman Jessica Parker, who sent Melissa a barrage of death threats, fawning apologies and admissions of love and sexual attraction.

Plus-sized models target of online harassment through altered images - 08/25/15
A new form of online[] harassment is targeting women, stealing their images online and digitally altering their pictures to make them look thinner. The group behind the so-called hate project[], “Project Harpoon,” is taking aim at completely unsuspecting women by editing their photos and reposting them on social media with captions on Facebook like, “Wow, from a depressed chub to an elegant fox."

Auckland man banned from internet for 'sinister' online harassment - 08/25/15
An Auckland man undertook a six-year harassment campaign against a woman he met online, culminating in him posting doctored pornographic images of her online. Robert Harris, 31, was sentenced to six months' home detention, 100 hours' community work, and a ban on internet usage for six months in the North Shore District Court on Tuesday afternoon. Harris, who is unemployed, tried to emphasise through his lawyer Jan Leaming that he did not want to be known as a "stalker", but he understood that he needed help.


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