True Crime Online Newsletter - July 13, 2015

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Broadway audience member tries to charge phone on stage
An audience member apparently caught up in the illusion of live theater at a Broadway show stunned onlookers by trying to charge his phone on stage. Cast members and theatergoers at the July 2 showing of adult puppet play Hand to God said the man climbed on stage before the start of the show and attempted to charge his phone in an electrical outlet. Witnesses said the man's attempt failed, as the outlet was a non-functioning part of the show's set, and workers quickly arrived to unplug the phone and make an announcement about not using the set for charging. "Well, where can I charge it?" the man was quoted as saying by the blog Broadway Adjacent.

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I'm Being Stalked ...On Snapchat! - 07/12/15
Snapchat has made Evan Spiegel the world's youngest billionaire -- but it's also part of the reason he's calling in LAPD to nab a seriously creepy alleged cyberstalker. In a not-at-all-funny case of live by the sword, die by the sword ... police say Spiegel received harassing messages through Snapchat, Twitter and email from a man identifying himself as Ramon Martinez.

Should Twitter trolls be named and shamed ? - 07/12/15
Over the last 10 years it has become a major part of mine and my colleagues’ legal practices to deal with the effects of online harassment and abuse. The attitude Twitter is taking now shows an increase in its understanding of its responsibilities, and it will become more difficult for those who have been successful at online harassment.

Court gunman's 3 relatives guilty of cyberstalking - 07/11/15
A federal jury on Friday found that the death of a woman shot by her former father-in-law at a Delaware courthouse in 2013 was the result of cyberstalking by the gunman's widow and two children, convicting the three defendants on all counts in a nationally unprecedented verdict.

I was sexually harassed on LinkedIn and it made me question the site's credibility - 07/11/15
LinkedIn is a fantastic resource for job seekers and professionals looking to connect, but as I found recently, it can also be a haven for some pretty creepy behavior. Last year I wrote a popular post on LinkedIn about an upsetting experience I had on my morning commute and how I didn't let it ruin my day.

How to Fight Trolls Online - 07/10/15
It's a normal day on the internet. Twitter is tweeting and faving, Facebook is liking and sharing, and Reddit is humming with all things good and bad online. It was a day like this in 2010 that cartoonist Ben Garrison had the gall to create something political about the Fed and post it online.

9 things all dedicated social media creepers know to be true - 07/10/15
You constantly have to stop yourself from admitting too much. What you want to say: Oh heya, haven’t seen you in literal years. How’s the new baby? The new gaff? You split up from Adam didn’t you? Thought you were going to Portugal this week?
What you really say:Oh hey, long time no see. How’s life?

Queensland woman reveals online predator humiliated her to the point of attempting suicide - 07/10/15
A Queensland woman has revealed she attempted suicide after years of manipulation and abuse from an online predator that targeted her when she was just 15 years old. In 2009, Ms Johnston was in year 10 at Dalby State High in South East Queensland when a handsome university student named Jayke Williams requested her friendship on Facebook.

Army regulation defines proper online conduct - 07/09/15
“How do we ensure Army values-based conduct to prevent and respond to harm inflicted through the use of electronic communication?” Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno asked for an answer to that question earlier this year in the wake of revelations at the February 2015 SHARP Summit in Washington, D.C. At the SHARP summit, soldiers spoke about online sexual harassment via social media. They had also discussed retribution delivered online against soldiers who had spoken up about both sexual harassment and sexual assault.

Pickpockets caught on selfie camera at Pope Francis' Ecuador mass - 07/09/15
A man using a selfie stick to film himself during Pope Francis' visit to Ecuador captured a team of pickpockets who targeted him on video. Diego Mino, who posted his video to YouTube, was shooting video with a camera attached to a selfie stick Tuesday while walking through the crowd gathered to hear the pontiff give mass in Quito's Bicentennial Park when a man wearing a leather jacket and two female accomplices started following him.

Smart-bullying: Taking hate to the World Wide Web - 07/09/15
We’ve all been bullied at least once in our lives, on some level by some person. Heck, I’d say getting hit by a wildcard draw-4 cards or a skip at UNO (the horrible feeling and frustration definitely counts) is bullying if I never managed to pay back the favour (sweet revenge). But it gets worse. Maybe someone physically pushed you, hurt you, or locked you inside a bathroom for a laugh? Go beyond physical boundaries and bullying still exists, when someone says something hurtful to you, or even offensive or vulgar or sexual. Bullying can happen on all levels, and it can get real ugly. Life isn’t just UNO, you know?

Revenge porn is just one part of a changing picture of harassment - 07/08/15
Google’s recent decision to remove content at the request of victims of revenge porn is a huge win for victims. Governments are also reacting to the growing problem of revenge porn – the NSW government this week announced a parliamentary inquiry into existing laws and whether there was any need for reform.

Internet privacy rule under debate - 07/08/15
A new rule under consideration of The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is causing a stir. Some believe it could increase internet harassment. The new rule would require some website owners to publicly disclose their address by limiting the use of proxy registration. Supporters believe it would cut back on piracy and other forms of fraud. Owners of domains use proxy registrations to conceal their information from being listed in a data base.


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