True Crime Online Newsletter - July 6, 2015

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Woman took proposal photos at the Eiffel Tower, now searching Internet for mystery couple
Jen Hurd Bohn was in Paris earlier this month and happened to capture a couple's proposal while visiting the Eiffel Tower. She snapped a few photos, but had no way of contacting them, so she put the images on her Facebook and called on the Internet to find the mystery couple. "Saw this guy propose to this girl on the Eiffel Tower Sunday," Bohn wrote on the post. "I wanted to send them the pics but was stuck in line. Help me find them!" As of Tuesday afternoon, the post had almost 200,000 shares and even actress Candace Cameron Bure tried helping find the couple by sharing the post on her Facebook page. The Full House actress wrote, "Share this so these two can get these pics of their engagement!" Local, national and international media outlets have also shared the post on social media in hopes of finding the newly engaged couple.

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Man kicked by camel while attempting selfie with nursing calf - 07/06/15
A viral video purportedly shot somewhere in the Persian Gulf region shows the dangers of attempting a nursing camel selfie in easy kicking range of a mother camel. The video shows the man attempt to pose under the mother camel's legs with the nursing youngster before being kicked out of the camera frame by the annoyed mother.

This Is What Happened When a Popular Blogger Took Off Her Makeup and Revealed Her Acne - 07/05/15
You look disgusting. That's the title of beauty blogger Em Ford's latest YouTube video, a three-minute feature that's about far more than lipstick and mascara. Ford, a 20-something from London who suffers from adult acne, has been posting photos of herself without makeup for the past three months. In the video, she washes off her makeup to highlight the disturbing online harassment she faces. She includes a smattering of the horrible comments she receives on social media daily, like "ugly," "revolting," and "I can't even look at her."

New Study Sheds Light On Bystander Intervention In Cyberbullying - 07/05/15
We have yet to scratch the surface in the emerging field of Cyberpsychology, but one headache that always seems to appear in the media is Cyberbullying. Online bullying is quickly soaring and a significant number of cases are now resulting in tragedy, PsyPost reports.

35-yr-old first convict in a cyber-stalking case in state - 07/04/15
A 35-year-old man will serve three months in jail for sending obscene pictures and videos via email to a woman he met on a social networking site ­ the state’s first conviction in a cyber-stalking case. On Friday, additional chief metropolitan magistrate MR Natu convicted Yogesh Prabhu under section 509 (word, gesture or act intended to insult the modesty of a woman) of the IPC and section 66 (E) (punishment for violation of privacy) of the Information Technology Act, 2008. “Prabhu has been sentenced to three months’ simple imprisonment and fined Rs10,000 for the offence under the IT Act and Rs5,000 for intending to insult the modesty of a woman,” said Dhananjay Kulkarni, deputy commissioner of police, crime branch.

Elderly targeted by online scams - 07/04/15
Sandra’s Facebook friend told her that she had won $50,000 in a random drawing. “She wanted me to send money so I could get my $50,000 in cash,” Sandra, who asked that her real name be withheld, said. “She talked me into it.” Sandra initially sent $4,000 to facilitate the delivery of her money. She never received anything in return, even after making repeated efforts. Sandra, who lives in Putnam County, ended up losing about $30,000. “I am digging out of that hole right now,” she said, in an interview in Charleston last week set up by investigators working for U.S. Attorney Booth Goodwin.

Ex-judge accused of making fake sex ads for ex-girlfriends - 07/03/15
A former Galveston County judge has been arrested and charged with two counts of online harassment after police say he created fake online ads saying two ex-girlfriends were available for sex-for-hire. Galveston County sheriff’s office spokesman Col. Ray Tuttoilmondo says former County Court-at-Law Judge Christopher Dupuy was arrested Thursday and is being held on $600,000 bail. The Houston Chronicle reports 43-year-old Dupuy has requested a court-appointed attorney.

Man charged with harassing woman over text, Internet - 07/03/15
A Fairbanks man who allegedly used text messaging and Craigslist to threaten and harass a woman has been charged with misdemeanor second-degree harassment. The victim texted back asking Drotzur to leave her alone. Drotzur sent a second text reading, in part, “I’m going to ruin your life like you did mine.” Jeremy Lee Drotzur, 29, of Fairbanks, sent the victim a text message on May 14 stating “I want to rape you,” according to charging documents.

'Obsessed' police officer who harassed his former lover with 42,000 messages is thrown out of the force - 07/03/15
A shamed police officer who harassed his former lover with 42,000 messages has been dismissed from the police force for bringing it into disrepute. Pc Allan Smith, 54, subjected his on-off partner to a torrent of abuse over several years through thousands of frightening text, Facebook and WhatsApp messages to control her.

The invaluable service of TrollBusters - 07/03/15
Michelle Ferrier loved being a columnist with the Daytona Beach News-Journal in Florida. She established a real connection with her audience, she says, built around a fly-on-the-wall view into her African-American family life. Then, two years into the gig in 2005, Ferrier started receiving a series of letters. “Have you played the race card, Michelle, this week,” the first, handwritten letter said, and “All you people do is cry, bitch, wine [sic], bitch.” Ferrier tried to shrug it off, but the hate mail grew increasingly threatening.

Expert says "hit list" was written by Delaware court gunman - 07/03/15
A supposed "hit list" and two homemade death certificates found after a shooting at a Delaware courthouse in 2013 were written by the gunman whose widow and children are being tried on federal conspiracy and cyberstalking charges, a defense handwriting expert testified Thursday. Andrew Sulner told jurors that the documents were written by Thomas Matusiewicz, who killed his ex-daughter-in-law, Christine Belford, and a friend who accompanied her to the courthouse for a child support hearing. Matusiewicz then exchanged gunfire with police before killing himself.

Hate speech: how should bosses tackle staff who make harmful online comments? - 07/02/15
A high-powered Wall Street boss was ordered this week to pay out $18 million (£11.5m) to a former intern for “slut shaming” her on a website he owned. The headine-grabbing lawsuit has highlighted the cost – both human and financial – of online bullying, hate speech and abuse in the workplace.In the case, 43-year-old Benjamin Wey – CEO of finance firm New York Global Group – stood accused of writing on his website The Blot Magazine that ex-employee Hanna Bouveng was “a prostitute”, who “hangs out with cocaine dealers” and is “a terrible person”.

2nd arrest for Horry County teacher in connection with harassment charge - 07/02/15
A Horry County teacher has been arrested for the second time in connection with a harassment charge. The Sun News reports jail records show 36-year-old Adam Varnadore, of Conway, was charged with second-degree harassment Monday. Varnadore works at Whittemore Park Middle School.

Walking the Social Media Tightrope - 07/01/15
In today’s digital workplace, few issues cause more confusion than social media. Numerous laws are relevant to social media, ranging from Title VII to the Fair Credit Reporting Act to state-specific laws barring requests for applicants’ personal passwords. However, employers can navigate the social media minefield by identifying and addressing the risks. When used properly, social media searches can provide a way for employers to learn helpful information they may not otherwise get during a typical hiring process. For example, resume inconsistencies, hobbies and civic involvement may be apparent from online searches.

Tourist's Brooklyn Bridge climb selfie sparks security questions - 07/01/15
A tourist's GoPro selfie from atop New York's Brooklyn Bridge is raising concerns about security on the landmark ahead of the July 4 holiday. The picture posted to Instagram by Tennessee man David Karnauch shows him using a selfie stick to snap a photo with his GoPro camera after climbing the Brooklyn Bridge.

Cyber bullying bill passes - 07/01/15
Telling someone to ‘Go jump in the lake' is illegal after today – because as an incitement to suicide it is outlawed under The Harmful Digital Communications Bill. Last night the bill passed its third and final reading 116 votes to five, with ACT's David Seymour and four Green MPs, Gareth Hughes, Russel Norman, Julie Anne Genter and Steffan Browning, the only ones to vote against it.

CEO Accused Of Sexually Harassing Employee, Forcing Her To Sleep With Him, Writing On The Internet That She’s A Prostitute Ordered To Cough Up $18 Million - 06/30/15
Remember Benjamin Wey? CEO of New York Global Group, who was accused by employee Hanna Bouveng of:
• Pressuring Bouveng to dress provocatively on the job
• Waging “a relentless campaign to have sex with her”
• Ultimately having sex with her for approximately 120 seconds (“He has sex with her and it’s over in two minutes. She was horrified and debased”)
• Firing her in 2014 after she complained and saying the termination was because her “love of nightclubs were becoming an issue”
• Writing on a website he owns called The Blot Magazine “that she’s a prostitute, that she hangs out with cocaine dealers…[that] she’s a terrible person”
• Emailing Bouveng’s father to say he’d found another man in her bed (that man being her boyfriend)
Wey’s lawyer conceded that his client made some “mistakes” in his treatment of Bouveng, and now he’s going to pay for $18 million of them.

Teen who 'swatted' Disneyland had too much time on hands - 06/30/15
A Coquitlam, B.C., teenager who admitted to a North America-wide "swatting" spree says he terrorized targets ­ including Disneyland ­ because he was bored. The Crown is asking for a 16-month custodial sentence for the teenager, who can't be identified because he is a young offender. The youth stood up to speak in court Monday. "I had a lot of time on my hands," he said. "I don't do anything productive, and that leaves me time to do criminal activity." Swatting typically refers to an internet hoax where hackers fake an emergency call and emergency personnel, like a police SWAT team, are deployed.


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