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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

2013 Cyberstalking Statistics Released by Working to Halt Online Abuse

February 25, 2013 - Working to Halt Online Abuse (WHO@ at released its 2013 cyberstalking statistics, as well as cumulative statistics for the years 2000-2013. The statistics are gathered from cases victims filed with WHO@ during 2013, but only those who filled out the demographic information, so the number shown is lower than the actual number of victims who came to WHO@ for help. 2013 statistics are based on 256 cases, of which 60% were female and 40% were male, a huge difference from 2012 when 80% of the victims were female and 20% were male. “With the perceived anonymity online, we are seeing more and more men coming to us for help,” notes WHO@ President Jayne A. Hitchcock. “ We also have seen a decrease in male harassers, only 40% in 2013 over 49% in 2012 and an increase in harassers whose gender was unknown. In 2012 that was 20%, but last year that increased to 30%.” Other noted statistics: Over half had a previous relationship with their harasser. Of those: 47% were exes 15% were online acquaintances 15% were work-related 14% were family members 8% were friends/former friends 1% were neighbors As in previous years, email was the primary way that the harassment began at 30%, closely followed by Facebook, also at 30%, web sites came in at 14% and texting at 8% Over three quarters of the cases escalated online, with 25% of the victims getting threats of physical violence. When the cases did escalate, Facebook was number one at 29%, followed by telephone/cell phone calls at 25%, text messages at 24%, Twitter and Google+ at 17% each, email 16%, and dating and web sites at 15% each. “We found that most victims called their local police or FBI or lawyer (51%) when they should have reported the harassment/stalking to the Internet Service Providers, web site hosts or cell phone app owners instead,” claims Hitchcock. “We ended up resolving almost 70% of the cases from 2013 by contacting the online services involved, with only 28% going to law enforcement or a lawyer.” The statistics are available on the WHO@ web site. WHO@ is the oldest online safety organization, formed in February of 1997 by Hitchcock, who was a cyberstalking victim at that time. They added the Kids/Teen Division ( in 2005 and Hitchcock speaks to students from kindergarten (yes, that young) to college/university levels. “The Internet and smartphones are not going away,” Hitchcock claims. “Students, educators and parents need to know how to keep themselves safer online from bullies, predators, stalkers, trolls and harassers.” Hitchcock also trains law enforcement and speaks at conferences and libraries throughout the USA and her newest book, True Crime Online: Shocking Stories of Stalking, Scamming, Murder & Mayhem ( has stories of online situations gone horribly wrong. For more information please contact WHO@ President Jayne A. Hitchcock at

Monday, February 24, 2014

True Crime Online Newsletter - February 24, 2014

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .IOC spokesman laughed at Jimmy Kimmel's Sochi wolf hoax

An International Olympic Committee spokesman said he laughed at Jimmy Kimmel's gag video of a wolf walking down a Sochi Olympics hotel hallway.

The late-night host created the hoax video -- which depicted a wolf walking down a hallway resembling those at the U.S. dorms of the Olympic Village in Sochi -- and it was taken by some as real when it was posted to U.S. luge star Kate Hansen's Twitter account prior to her appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," the Los Angeles Times reported Friday.

Hansen, who appeared on Kimmel's show via satellite while still in Sochi, said not everyone was amused by the wolf hoax.

"Honestly, there was a little bit more backlash than I thought there would be, but it was all worth it in the end," she said.

"I started hearing people talk around the building and then security started freaking out 'cause technically it's a breach within athlete safety," Hansen said. "It kind of went a little crazy over here."

Mark Adams, a spokesman for the IOC, said he doesn't believe the prank did any real harm.

"It made me kind of laugh as an individual, not as an IOC spokesman," Adams said. "I don't think there's any harm done. I don't think it's anything serious."

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DPD Chief James Craig responds to death threat investigation - 02/24/14
The FBI is investigating a death threat against Detroit Police Chief James Craig. The threat was made over the Internet by a man believed to be a drug dealer or a gang member. Sunday, Craig spoke out saying, "we will find you."

Local Girl Opens Up About Cyberbullying and Cutting - 02/24/14
Long sleeves, long hours spent alone. Those are just some of the warning signs a local mother wants other parents to look out for. They're indications she says something serious could be wrong. "Kill yourself, swallow pills stuff like that." Messages difficult for an adult to dismiss. Madie Atwell repeatedly saw those words and others like them on the popular app, Ask fm.

'Top Model' judge Charlotte Dawson kills self after cyber-bullying - 02/23/14
A famous TV personality in Australia, Charlotte Dawson, was found dead in her apartment in Sydney on Saturday morning. Her death is still under investigation but according to some reports, Dawson was dealing with depression and her death was prompted by cyberbullying. Initial reports suggest that the "Top Model" judge committed suicide by a combination of prescription medication and alcohol.

Facebook Bullying Case Disturbs School Officials - 02/21/14
The selfies are posted to Facebook -- photos of fresh-faced teens who are said to have chlamydia, to have had abortions and to have shot up drugs. The posts describe their body parts as "chewed up bubblegum," "dirty" and "ratchet." "She has had sex with over 100 men," says a post with a photo of an innocent-looking girl wearing glasses and a baseball cap.

Military police investigation into anti-gay online harassment nets two arrests - 02/21/13
Military police have arrested two soldiers and continue to investigate allegations of homophobic and racist harassment of Forces members on a Facebook page. The Department of National Defence said in early January 2014 military police began an investigation into potentially defamatory posts on the “Cpl Bloggins” Facebook page. Two Canadian Armed Forces members were arrested at CFB Petawawa on Jan. 22 but no charges have been laid.

App creates cyber bullying concerns in Johnson County school district - 02/20/14
A new social media messaging app is creating a cyber bullying nightmare in high schools across the nation after students in Mobile, Ala., were arrested for making terroristic threats on the app YikYak. Now, the app has gained popularity in a Johnson County school district. Just last week, it caused problems at Shawnee Mission High School where students were posting hateful messages about each other.

The exclusive bar that wants to stay exclusive: Japanese drinking den sues website over review which 'damaged its claim to be secret' - 02/20/14
While most bars and eateries love a good review to drive business, there are always exceptions to the rule. A Japanese bar is shunning modern-day marketing techniques, preferring a more unorthodox approach. The Osaka bar has taken offence to a food-lovers website and is pursuing legal action, arguing publicity actually hurts its strategy of being discreet and exclusive, according to reports in the Ashi Shimbun and the Nikkei Business Daily.

UW athletes face issues of cyberbullying - 02/20/14
With the rise of social media, a public figure’s personal critics are never more than 140 characters away. Student-athletes are among those who feel the sting of ill-advised or critical social posts, which has raised the question as to whether universities should take steps to regulate the sites. At universities that place an emphasis on their athletics program, it may not come as much of a surprise that personal social media attacks are a frequent occurrence for a number of prominent student-athletes.

American wants Kiwi's cyber bullying to stop - 02/20/14
An American Harry Potter historian tormented by five years of cyber stalking and death threats from a New Zealand woman says enough is enough. Melissa Anelli – author of Harry, A History and owner of Potter fan website The Leaky Cauldron – has called for the New Zealand authorities to put a stop to Jessica Parker's near constant attacks.

Man arrested over 'vile' email threats to RTE star Sharon - 02/19/14
GARDAI have arrested a man after RTE's Sharon Ni Bheolain was subjected to a series of "sickening" emails with sexual content. The mum-of-one received a number of emails which were described as "vile". Ms Ni Bheolain (43) was the victim in a campaign of harassment and intimidation including photoshopped images as well as threats of a sexual nature as part of the abuse.

Social media at core of harassment case - 02/19/14
It’s a place where most users post images of their favorite wedding dresses, a recipe that they want to try or inspirational quotes ­ often shared between mothers and daughters. But police say a North Shore woman used a Pinterest account to violate a restraining order and harass her estranged daughter last year.

"They Called Me Ugly"- Cyberbullies Use Apps To Remain Anonymous - 02/18/14
Smart phone applications continue to grow in popularity among teens and young adults, but some new applications are becoming vehicles for anonymous cyber bullying and it's almost impossible to track down the bullies. Courtney is a K-State freshman who is always checking Facebook on her smartphone, but during her first 3 years in high school, she said her classmates made her a victim.

Teens turn to anonymous-messaging apps; will cyber bullying increase? - 02/18/14
When the message appeared on Ryan Dominick's smartphone, the 14-year-old paused to muster some courage. In it was a link sent by an unknown user that could contain anything from a flirtatious come-on to an embarrassing put-down. It turned out to be a picture of Ryan photoshopped to make him look overweight, complete with multiple chins and engorged cheeks. Luckily, the athletic and confident freshman found the picture hilarious.

Teen arrested for cyber-bullying - 02/18/14
A teenager was arrested for uttering death threats via text message to a student at his school in Pierrefonds, Feb. 12. Montreal Police constable Daniel Maheu from Station 3 said they were called to the school on Sources Blvd. at 3:15 p.m.

Girl 'is stoned to death by Syrian fundamentalists for having a FACEBOOK account' - 02/18/14
A Syrian girl has been stoned to death for opening a Facebook account, it has been claimed. The girl, named in media reports as Fatoum Al-Jassem, was sentenced to death by a Sharia court in Al-Reqqa after it ruled having a Facebook account was immoral behaviour. She was taken to the court by Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants after she was caught using the social networking site, it has been reported.

Hebert's attorneys withdraw; trial continued - 02/18/14
The man who allegedly runs the Busted in Acadiana website and Facebook page will have to wait even longer before going on trial. A judge continued Christopher Hebert's trial on stalking and cyberstalking charges this morning. Court officials announced during a hearing this morning that Hebert's attorney, Stephen Spring and J. Christopher Alexander, withdrew from the case.

Monday, February 17, 2014

True Crime Online Newsletter - February 17, 2014

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Philadelphia police dog gets more than 1,200 Twitter followers
A Philadelphia police officer said he doesn't mind that his partner has hundreds more Twitter followers than he does, despite being a dog.

Officer Alvin Outlaw, 38, who said his official Twitter follower count was 53 as of Sunday night, said he is happy Thor the 2-year-old German shepherd, one of the department's 22 dogs, has more than 1,200 followers for his Twitter account because it raises awareness of the K9 department and humanizes the police department, the Philadelphia Daily News reported Monday.

"I think it's something that the Philadelphia Police Department needs: to make people out of the police officers," he said. "I think it's nice that Thor has an opportunity to remind us of our humanity."

"You just can't stand that you're the Garfunkel of this relationship!" Thor's account tweeted at Outlaw.

The account is run by Sgt. Eric Gripp, the department's head of social-media.

"Being Cyrano de Bergerac to a dog has always been a dream of mine," he quipped. "But I'm running out of dog puns. It's sad, sometimes I troll the Internet for new ones.

"But it's been a lot of fun and I think Al has been the perfect ambassador for it," Gripp said.

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Groupon mislabels Alexander Hamilton as a U.S. president - 02/17/14
Chicago website Groupon may be useful for saving money, but don't rely on it for a history lesson -- unless you think Alexander Hamilton was a U.S. president. Groupon issued a news release announcing a President's Day weekend discount of $10 off $40 purchases in honor of the man on the $10 bill, Alexander Hamilton, who the website falsely declared "one of our greatest presidents," USA Today reported Monday.

Princeville officer charged with cyberstalking, fired from post - 02/17/14
A Princeville Police Department (PPD) officer was charged with cyberstalking for allegedly harassing a Nash County county woman. According to reports, Sergeant Terry Greene, 40, of Tarboro, has been charged with a single count of cyberstalking.

Man’s identity stolen by online stalker - 02/17/14
A MELBOURNE couple has told how their lives have been hijacked by an online predator who grooms women before posting naked photographs of them on the internet. Business owner John, who did not want to reveal his surname, had his identity stolen by the same man who stalked and harassed netball star Romelda Aiken. Aiken’s revelation that she had been targeted led to many other victims coming forward with information about the man, a stalker who uses the pseudonym ``Jayke Williams’’ and claims to be a physiotherapy student.

Elise Christie speaks of being a victim of cyber-bullying - 02/15/14
Great Britain speed skater Elise Christie has admitted that she has endured cyber-bullying after being stripped of a silver medal in the Sochi Winter Olympics short track 500m event.

'Selfie' church burglar implicated in vehicle guitar theft - 02/14/14
Authorities in California said an accused church burglar who left behind a cellphone with a "selfie" picture faces charges for another alleged theft. Chula Vista police said Adam Howe, 26, was arrested this week after he was identified from a photo found on a cellphone left at the scene of a Monday night burglary at the Hilltop Tabernacle Church in Chula Vista, U-T San Diego reported Friday.

Jayah Ram Jackson, 15 jumps to her death after cyber bullying. Petition to have her commit suicide existed. - 02/14/14
Jayah Ram Jackson, a gifted and talented student at NYC prestigious NEST+m school yesterday jumped to her death from her grandmother’s Upper West Side apartment complex building after relentless cyber bullying. The girl’s death came after she had indicated on Facebook the degree of loneliness and depression she suffered. So prevalent was the girl’s despondency she had even openly spoken about the possibility of ending her own life and alluding to cyber bullies who were relentlessly taunting her.

Twitter account exposing teen sexual behaviour probed by police - 02/14/14
Toronto police are investigating a Twitter account that purported to expose the sexual behaviour of high school students ­ a fate that some of its 1,500 teenage followers believe the victims "deserve." The account was recently suspended after concerned teens flagged it to the Toronto District School Board, the city's Catholic school board and the police.

Administrator for CASHS cyberbullying Twitter site has been caught - 02/14/14
The administrator of the CASHS Confessions Twitter page has been caught, Chambersburg Area School District officials confirmed Friday. The student responsible for the account that has become a popular haven for cyberbullying at Chambersburg Area Senior High School was located late Wednesday afternoon, according to school district spokeswoman Tammy Stouffer.

Derogatory cyber bullying page on Instagram draws hundreds a day, police investigating - 02/13/14
Hot Spring county parents are outraged after a group uses a social media app to cyber bully dozens of high school students. Followers for the Instagram page are growing by the hundreds and now local authorities are getting involved. Pamela Brewer's teenage daughter was devastated when she showed up on this local Instagram page with a name that is derogatory to women. She's since been taken off the page but the list of victims keeps growing.

Cyberbullying doesn’t end with children - 02/13/14
While most people associate cyberbullying with teens, many don’t realize that adults are participating in this form of harassment on a daily basis. Recently, the Herald Leader was made aware that more than 60 Portage la Prairie residents have been posted about on the gossip website “Technology is a great thing, but when it’s used wrongly, I think that part of technology hurts society because people don’t deal with people anymore,” said Sarah*, a 22-year-old Portager who is posted about on the Portage page of

Parent Warns About The Damage Twitter Cyber Bullying Causes - 02/13/14
Williamson County parents are learning how to keep better tabs on their child's online activity. It comes after local students were suspected of posting sexually explicit messages online targeting their classmates and school staff. One could call it keyboard courage. The anonymous gossip and confession Twitter accounts detailed alleged sexual experiences, sometimes targeting their classmates and even staff.

Cyber bullying takes a new form - 02/13/14
There's been a lot of talk in recent years about the amount of online bullying in children, but now there's a new twist. More than one in three young people have experienced cyber threats online and over 25% if adolescents and teens have been bullied repeatedly through their cell phones or the Internet.

Gallery Owner Accused of Cyberstalking Members of L.A.’s Art Scene - 02/13/14
Jason White was a convicted felon from North Dakota who managed to infiltrate the Los Angeles Art world, until he snapped. On Wednesday, FBI special agents arrested the 43-year-old for allegedly stalking, threatening and attempting to extort art world professionals in a series of schemes that stretched from California to the United Kingdom. He was expected to make his first court appearance in Los Angeles Wednesday afternoon, facing federal cyberstalking charges.

Wigan mum claims police and schools must treat cyber bullying more seriously after son's online nightmare - 02/12/14
A Wigan mother says police and schools must treat cyber bullying more seriously. She claims police and her son's school failed to deal with her son’s cyber bullying and only became interested when physical harm had been inflicted on the young boy. Charlotte Rodgerson, 40, witnessed the problems bullying can cause first hand after her 12-year-old son was ‘mocked’ on the social media site Facebook.

Student sues Estacada over cyberbullying - 02/12/14
The Estacada School District has not yet been served with a 32-page lawsuit stemmimg from cyberbullying in their locker rooms. One person remembers when a girl quit going to Estacada High School two years ago after she was videotaped in changing in the locker room. The lawsuit claims the video was posted on social media sites.

N.S. girl fights back against cyberbullies - 02/12/14
A day after a landmark case put Nova Scotia’s new Cyber-Safety Act to the test, a mother and daughter are sharing their story. Grace McCluskey, 12, says she is being targeted on Instagram and while her school and some of her fellow students have rallied to help, she still feels hopeless. “Someone made an account ‘hey Grace is a loser.’ They’re posting photos of me, saying…go kill yourself,” says the Grade 7 student.

Crook charged with criminal harassment over defamatory emails - 02/12/14
A Mississauga man charged with criminal harassment after scurrilous emails and letters were sent to friends and family of Barrie man was released on bail Tuesday. William Hamilton Crook, 29, was charged with three counts of criminal harassment and one count of public mischief Jan. 19.

'Exceptionally stupid' man who wrecked stabbing trial by snapping courtroom photo with his phone and posting it on FACEBOOK is jailed - 02/12/14
An ‘exceptionally stupid’ man has been jailed after he took a photograph in court during a stabbing trial and posted it on Facebook with prejudicial comments. Keiran Graham, 24, from Gloucester, admitted contempt of court and apologised to the judge, Alistair McGrigor - but claimed he did not realise he had committed a criminal offence. The judge pointed out there were notices explaining this was the case across the court, and Graham was sentenced to four months in prison.

Scam alert, new twist on old email threat - 02/12/14
The Better Business Bureau is warning people about two old scams that are resurfacing to cause new problems. The first will affect your email. A phony message appears to be from the New York Police Department. It reads as follows.
The person charged as follows (name may be yours or someone you know).
Time: 5:01 a.m.
Date of offense- January 10, 2014
Speed over 30 zone
There will also be an option to "click here to fill out form" at the bottom of the email, it may also include a phony message depicting they have your fingerprint.

Nova Scotia court issues first cyberbullying prevention order - 02/11/14
A Nova Scotia Supreme Court judge has imposed a cyberbullying prevention order on a man who was accused of using Facebook to post threatening and defamatory statements about the chief of a First Nation. The order is the first imposed by a court under the province’s Cyber-safety Act and involves allegations made by Andrea Paul, chief of the Pictou Landing First Nation.She alleges Christopher George Prosper posted abusive and obscene comments about her and her family on Facebook last year.

Monday, February 10, 2014

True Crime Online Newsletter - February 10, 2014

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Alabama high schooler told to apologize for 'selfie' with cadaver

A high school senior in Alabama has been told to apologize to the University of Alabama at Birmingham for taking a self portrait, or "selfie," with a cadaver.

The Clements High School student, whose name was not reported, was on a field trip at UAB on Monday when she posed with the dead body, reported.

She then posted the photo to Instagram.

"We were very disappointed and shocked that it happened and embarrassed by it," said Limestone County Schools Superintendent Dr. Tom Sisk. "It reiterates a need for us to focus more on digital citizenship. Kids make a snapshot decision in an instant without realizing the effects."

When the high school was notified of the photo, officials discussed the matter with officials at UAB, Sisk said.

"We agreed the appropriate response would be a verbal and a written apology," Sisk said.

The student will issue an apology at the university to the staff involved and deliver a letter of apology, he said.

UAB released a statement Tuesday: "Tours of our facilities to introduce students -- primarily high school seniors -- to the teaching and research we do, play an important role in educating future scientists and doctors. Our policies require discretion and respect in our human anatomy facilities. No phones are allowed, no photos are to be taken, and faces of cadavers are covered. A student was made explicitly aware of these policies and breached them. This kind of disrespect is unacceptable and very disappointing. We will review our processes to ensure this does not happen again."

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'This is torture,' says mother of girl exposed to hurtful, vulgar cyberbullying comments - 02/10/14
It started with the kinds of spats that Tara Bentley said she knows a lot of kids have. Worry crept in, she said, when the spats involving her daughter Cora, then a sixth-grader, progressed to verbal threats. And when vulgar comments started coming in emails and showing up on Facebook pages, Bentley said she knew not only Cora, but her whole family, was a victim of cyberbullying.

Mother says cyber bullying Twitter account targeted her daughter - 02/10/14
"I came home from work and my 16 year old daughter who is a junior in school was upstairs just crying," said Lynda Tesney. "And she said, look what somebody said about me." "And then we noticed that there was a bunch of tweets about a bunch of different children saying some really ugly, explicit stuff about them," Tesney explained.

Cracking down on cellphone use in the classroom to deter cyberbullying in Tri-State area schools - 02/10/14
Chambersburg (Pa.) Area Senior High School last week toughened its punishment for violating the school’s cellphone policy in an effort to crack down on cyberbullying at the school of more than 2,000 students in Franklin County.

A third of Israelis suffer online bullying - 02/10/14
Around the world and in Israel, Tuesday marks Safer Internet Day ­ but for many Israelis, the Internet is anything but safe. According to statistics gathered by the Israel Internet Association (ISOC), nearly one third of Israelis ­ 32% ­ said that they had been victims of online bullying in 2013.

Internet pranksters get even with anti-gay, racist restaurant owner - 02/09/14
Internet pranksters have flooded Yelp with reviews lauding an Enid, Okla., diner as the best gay bar in town. The campaign is designed to taunt the diner’s right-wing owner Gary James, an anti-gay, white supremacist who refuses to serve gays and other minorities.

Police advice for those suffering bullying on Facebook: 'Close your account' - 02/08/14
Police have been forced to apologise after sparking outrage over cyber bullying...on Twitter. A tweet appeared on GMP’s Salford Central feed on the social networking site yesterday saying: “POLICE NOTICE. “If you are being ‘Harassed’ on Facebook please follow these instructions: “1. Close your facebook account.” The post was retweeted more than 2,000 times including by the MP Stella Creasy and the comedian Al Murray.

Porn star becomes the face of group suing for $1.5billion - and you may recognize her because she claims her pictures have been used in 'hundreds of fake profiles' - 02/08/14
A porn star has joined the multibillion-dollar lawsuit against accusing the website of defrauding its heart-seeking users. 'Melissa Midwest' Harrington, 31, has now taken over from part-time Florida model Yuliana Avalos to become the face of the lawsuit. The class-action trademark-infringement suit accuses the internet dating giant of posting tens of thousands of fake dating profiles.

Romanian admits to online car scheme - 02/07/14
A Romanian man has admitted his role in a scheme where buyers were duped into paying money for automobiles they had seen for sale online but never received. Federal prosecutors said Friday that 34-year-old Alexander Stanciu (STAN'-choo) of Bucharest, Romania, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit bank fraud and wire fraud.
B&B owners who took on TripAdvisor over faceless reviewers left 'crushed' as judge says he has no power to make web giant reveal the names of critics - 02/07/14
The owners of a Scottish B&B last night accused TripAdvisor of operating ‘above the law’ after the couple lost a bitter legal wrangle over bad reviews posted on the global travel guide. Martin and Jacqui Clark went to court in an attempt to force the £3billion organisation to disclose details of the writers of two negative online posts so they can sue the authors.

Former Milton Keynes worker ordered to end cyber stalking campaign against former colleagues - or she faces jail - 02/07/14
A rogue web designer who became a Facebook troll and conducted an obsessive ‘cyber-stalking’ campaign against former colleagues has been ordered to desist - or go to jail. Disgruntled IT expert Irena Ponomareva began a five-year online hate campaign, calling one female former workmate a ‘pimp’ and sniping about another woman’s sex life, after she lost her job a web designer with Milton Keynes based SunGard Systems Ltd in 2008.

When bullying becomes harassment - 02/07/14
As social media becomes more prevalent today, so do the harassing messages exchanged and it’s not just young people anymore. Mason City Police say they’ve seen an increase in the number of online harassment claims over the past few years. They say although the number of charges actually filed by victims is low, issuing harsher penalties can force folks to take the issue more seriously.

Wake teacher assistant charged with cyber-bullying - 02/07/14
A Wake County elementary school teacher assistant is accused of cyber-bullying her ex-boyfriend and his family. Catherine Louise Sartain, 36, of the 7000 block of Blue Water Court in Holly Springs, was charged Jan. 30 with two counts of cyber-bullying and five counts of cyber-stalking.

Mother faces paying £20,000 damages over Facebook 'libel' - 02/07/14
A mother faces paying more than £20,000 in damages to a school governor in a landmark libel case over comments allegedly posted on her private Facebook page. Fitness instructor Sharon Smith is accused of making remarks about Joanne Walder to her friends on the social networking website. Ms Walder said the comments were untrue and unfounded, and launched legal action in the High Court.

Leominster restaurant owners join others accusing man of harassment - 02/06/14
More restaurant owners are filing harassment orders against the Leominster man who posed as the owner of the Ugly Omlet online last year and posted racist and vulgar remarks online. On Monday, Erica and Jared Grinkis, who own the GazBar sports grill restaurant on Central Street, received a harassment-prevention order against Aaron Arsenault on grounds he allegedly posted vulgar insults and fake complaints about the restaurant online in retaliation for refusing to buy advertising space from him.

Woman jailed for trolling HERSELF: 24-year-old bombarded her own Facebook page with fake abuse in a bid to incriminate her estranged family - 02/06/14
A woman has become the first person in Britain to be jailed for trolling herself – after bombarding her own Facebook page with abuse. Michelle Chapman, 24, launched her bizarre online campaign after falling out with her father and new stepmother, a court heard. She created bogus Facebook accounts for the couple and other family members and sent herself hundreds of vile sexual taunts.

Cyberstalking charges in Vanc. VA shooting - 02/05/14
The woman who allegedly shot a Vancouver Veterans Affairs worker twice in the chest Tuesday was discharged from the hospital and taken to jail on charges including attempted murder and cyberstalking

Police investigating online harassment of Pasadena woman - 02/05/14
In early January, a woman reported to Pasadena police that she had been the victim of online harassment when she found herself listed on a personal add website. The woman told police that during a 10-hour period, she discovered that her name and personal information on Craigslist.

'Highly dangerous' neknomination drinking game craze claims its first two lives in Ireland as one man drowns and another found dead in Dublin house - 02/04/14
Two young men died in Ireland over the weekend, both suspected victims of the 'NekNominate' drinking craze. Ross Cummins, 22, was found unconscious in a house in Dublin in the early hours of Saturday morning and died later in hospital amid reports he was drinking spirits at the time of his death. Hours later, the body of Jonny Byrne, 19, was discovered floating in the river at Milford Bridge in County Carlow after apparently jumping in as part of a nomination.

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

The First Online Serial Killer - Excerpt from True Crime Online

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Monday, February 03, 2014

True Crime Online Newsletter - February 3, 2014

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Sign bans fishing in Sochi Olympics toilets
A Canadian snowboarder in Sochi, Russia, tweeted a picture of a warning sign at an Olympic venue banning standing on and fishing in the toilets.
Snowboarder Sebastien Toutant, who arrived in Sochi last week, tweeted a picture from inside the bathroom at the Olympic Biathlon Center of a warning sign depicting a person demonstrating banned behavior including standing on the toilet, fishing in the toilet and vomiting in the toilet, the New England Sports Network reported.
"Well that's interesting... Sochi rules in the bathrooms!! #haha #olympics," Toutant tweeted.

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Maine teenager suffers 'moderate' burns when her iPhone catches fire - 02/03/14
A Maine teenager suffered “moderate” burns after her iPhone caught fire in her pocket early Friday morning while she was in class at the Middle School of the Kennebunks.

Jamaican netballer victim of cyber-stalking in Australia ­ 02/03/14
Reports out of Australia are that Jamaican netball star Romelda Aiken has been the victim of a “racist” and “aggressive” cyber attack. According to the Central Queensland News (CQNews), Queensland Firebirds captain Laura Geitz says the entire team has thrown its support behind teammate Aiken after her public admission that she has been the victim of cyber racism, bullying and aggressive threats.

Cyber criminals have taken to targetting Kenyan women online. The lack of effective legislation and technical expertise has only made their work easier. - 02/03/14
For a seasoned politician like Kenya’s Rachael Shebesh, few things hold her back from rallying for women’s rights. But when it comes to furthering her platform on social media ­ it is the one thing that this Nairobi County women’s representative avoids. Like all women hooked on technology here, this hardliner politician has not been spared the muck of cyber bullying.

Parents, students call "Panhandle Confessions" Twitter page cyber bullying - 02/03/14
A new trend on Twitter has Panhandle parents, and many high school students, concerned about cyber bullying. Right now a Twitter account, @txpanhandle2, has over a thousand followers and some parents and students are saying those followers are bullies. "It's like bullying on a massive scale. It's the whole panhandle area," mother of two Highland Park High School students, Jennifer Campbell said.

Websites blamed for failing to halt cyber-bullying - 02/01/14
Experts in child protection and internet safety have called for social networks to be regulated by law after an investigation by The Times revealed that cyber bullying was implicated in at least nine teenage deaths investigated last year.

Cyber bullying 'confession' accounts target Oklahoma students, schools - 01/31/14
Confession accounts are the latest trend in online cyber bullying hitting Oklahoma schools, and the victims want them shut down, KOCO reports. Accounts such as OK High School Confessions, 405 Confessions and OK Confessions 405, students are using Twitter to say ...

Alleged cyber-stalking stepfather accused of taking secret videos - 01/31/14 51-year-old Keizer man arrested Jan. 17 for allegedly cyber-stalking his stepdaughter, an Oregon State University student, now faces charges in Marion County after being found in possession of secret video footage of females undressing. Bryan Duane Tilley’s bail was set at $585,000 at his arraignment hearing Jan. 27 in Marion County Circuit Court in Salem, where he faces three felony counts of first-degree burglary and 14 misdemeanor counts of invasion of privacy.

British paedophile jailed for trying to get parents to rape their own children online in America... but he was caught by a US undercover officer - 01/31/14
A British man who tried to persuade parents to sexually abuse and rape their children online has been jailed for five years. Mark Luscombe, 29, of Verwood, Dorset, was caught following an undercover operation by US and UK police officers. In October last year, Luscombe, using the user name 'Badmomlover' on a website, contacted a man he believed to be the father of a nine-year-old girl.

Hazard Police say cyber bullying on the rise in eastern Kentucky - 01/30/14
With the rise of social media, there has also been an increase in cyber bullying and eastern Kentucky is not immune. We all know high school can be tough, especially when someone seems to have it out for you. At Hazard High School in Perry County, Instructional Discipline Leader Denise Combs said their approach to all forms of bullying leaves little room for problems to appear.

Sex and Violence: Teens' Risky Online Behavior Increases Cyber-bullying - 01/30/14
Most parents worry about their kids’ online behavior, especially as news of Facebook suicide campaigns, sexting and other alarming digital phenomena dominate the headlines.

Historic cyberbullying case begins - 01/3014
Andrea Paul claims Christopher Prosper just wouldn’t leave her alone. After receiving what she considered harassing messages, the chief of the Pictou Landing First Nation blocked the man from her Facebook account. He allegedly responded by posting racial slurs on Facebook about Paul and her children, attributing statements to her dead mother and accusing her of waiting for the community’s elders to die so she could give their houses to her own family.

Teens exposing themselves to danger online - 01/30/14
Ahead of Safer Internet Day on February 11, a report reveals that risky online behaviour is putting teenagers in danger of bullying and exploitation. Over a fifth of 14 and 15-year-olds reported spending over four hours on social media every day, more than any other age group. And they are sharing too much personal information online.

Texas Parents Sue Six Bullies And Their Parents For Cyberbullying Page - 01/28/14
Reymundo Esquivel and Shellie Tingle-Esquivel say their 16-year-old daughter's Klein High School classmates titled a disturbing Instagram page '2014 Klein Hoes' and included pictures of topless underage females and bottomless underage males. The parents are suing the kids for libel and the kids' parents for negligence.

Cameron Slater victim of 'cyber bullying' - 01/29/14
The attacks were made following a post on his Whale Oil blog on Saturday morning, in which he described Judd Hall, who died in a road crash on the West Coast of the South Island, as "feral". Mr Slater says he's had a constant tirade of death threats in the last 24 hours. "It's got to the point where I've actually had to move my family," Mr Slater told Radio New Zealand.

Bail set at $500K for accused cyberbully - 01/28/14
An 18-year-old Oceanside man who authorities said sent threatening electronic messages following a double homicide at Libby Lake Park pleaded not guilty Tuesday to a charge that he messaged a death threat to an El Camino High School student in December. Samuel Ruiz was arrested last week at MiraCosta College, where he was taking a class, after Oceanside police detectives said they linked him to the death threat as well as threatening messages sent to several students at the high school shortly after a deadly ambush at the Oceanside park in March.

A New Level of Cyber Bullying - 01/28/14
Since the beginning of time there has been bullying, but now, it has made its way out of the schools and onto social media sites. Recently, a West Branch School District student became the subject of a Facebook page aimed at banning together people who hate the 14 year old girl. She says the creator and her use to be friends, but grew apart and started having issues. The fighting back and forth seemed to stop and then, this page was made.

Man with loaded gun charged with stalking Athens woman - 01/28/14
An armed man was arrested early Tuesday when he was caught stalking a former girlfriend at her Athens apartment complex, Athens-Clarke County police said. Steven Martin Williams, 25, had a loaded pistol with a chambered bullet in the waistband of his pants when officers found him at about 3:30 a.m., police said. Officers responded to the woman’s home on a complaint that Martin was harassing her with phone calls, text messages and over the Internet, according to police. The officers listened to voicemail messages that police described as vulgar and threatening.

Changes in technology bring bullies home - 01/27/14
Many people grew up with images of ­ or were forced to encounter ­ bullies taking lunch money at school or stuffing less fortunate children into lockers. But as technology has changed, so have bullies. Using computers and smartphones, today’s bullies are harassing and threatening other teens online via text messaging and social networking sites, a phenomenon called cyberbullying that has been linked to a growing number of teen suicides in recent years.

7 Grafton Teens Arrested on Felony Charges for Allegedly Cyber-Bullying - 01/25/14
The Grafton Police Department arrested seven local teenagers Saturday on witness-intimidation charges for allegedly harassing the 15-year-old victim of a violent crime. According to a Facebook statement by the Grafton Police Department, officers James Crosby and Alvin Hulbert spoke with the mother of a 15-year-old who allegedly had been the victim of a violent crime.