True Crime Online Newsletter - December 29, 2014

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Man accidentally sells box spring containing cat
An Oregon man said he is searching for his girlfriend's cat after he mistakenly sold a box spring that the feline was using as a hiding place. Roy Dufek of Rockcreek said in a Reddit post he was selling two bed sets for his girlfriend while she was at work last week and he did not realize until later that his girlfriend's cat, Camo, had apparently been hiding inside a box spring he strapped to the top of a buyer's car. Dufek, who was in the process of moving when he sold the items, said the man who purchased the bed set allowed him to search his house, but there was no sign of Camo. The man said he had heard unusual noises while affixing the box spring to the top of his car. Dufek said his posts on Reddit and Craigslist have resulted in an outpouring of support and offers of assistance, but so far there have been no confirmed Camo sightings. "People have told us stories of their cat that was gone a few months, or a month, and found the way home. So that gives us hope," Dufek told The Oregonian. "The only issue is we don't live at that apartment anymore."

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Revenge porn to be treated as domestic abuse under new rules for prosecutors from today - 12/29/14
Ex-partners who post 'revenge porn' online could be treated as domestic abusers under new rules for prosecutors which come into force from today. Campaigners warn thousands of people have fallen victim to having explicit photographs published on the internet by former partners and spouses.

Man returns stolen tablet when he couldn't make it work - 12/29/14
A man who admitted stealing a tablet computer from a charity store and returning it eight days later because he couldn't get it to work was fined. Christopher Hooson, 33, was recorded by CCTV cameras taking the Android tablet from the window display at the Jonny Kennedy store in Whitley Bay, England.

Outcry over snooping 'Paddington Bear' that could be used to spy on ex-partners - 12/28/14
In the wake of the hit film starring Hugh Bonneville and Nicole Kidman, Paddington toys are hugely popular but a charity fears violent fathers could give children these bears, which are being sold online, to pry into the lives of their former partners. Harry Fletcher of Digital-Trust, an organisation fighting online stalking and abuse, said: “An abusive partner will often use any opportunity including children to harass and stalk their ex-partner in or out of the relationship.

A former University of Washington student from India has been sent back to his own country after being convicted of cyberstalking in this area. Keshav Mukund Bhide, 24, was deported after he was convicted of cyberstalking for making threats on social media to carry out a campus shooting, according to a report by the Seattle Times.

Abusers using spyware apps to monitor partners reaches 'epidemic proportions' - 12/26/14
The use of surveillance software by abusive spouses to monitor the phones and computers of their partners secretly has reached “epidemic proportions” and police are ill-equipped to tackle it, domestic violence campaigners have warned. Helplines and women’s refuge charities have reported a dramatic rise in the use of spyware apps to eavesdrop on the victims of domestic violence via their mobiles and other electronic devices, enabling abusers clandestinely to read texts, record calls and view or listen in on victims in real time without their knowledge.

Should Social Media Police Online Abuse? - 12/26/14
Social media services came under fire recently for not being more proactive in addressing online harassment and violent threats and for removing offensive comments only after being reported. Now some believe the role of social media in overseeing online behavior should change. “Whoever is in charge of these spaces ­ that includes the people who are hosting the site, that includes the users on the site, that includes the social media platforms ­ they have a responsibility to actually try to make their environment such that they are not aggressively targeting and attacking and driving away certain groups of people,” said Mary Anne Franks of Miami University’s School of Law.

Anonymous To Release Names Of Dalhousie University Students In Controversial Case - 12/26/14
Anonymous has promised to go after a new target: Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada. The hacker group told the university in an open letter posted online that they have been tracking the institution’s formal response to complaints of a campus group of dentistry students engaged in “systemic misogyny.” They said that the official reaction has been so insufficient in terms of addressing alleged harassment by the group of 13 dental students against women on campus that their only choice is to further expose the university.

Time To Rein In Online Harassment - 12/24/14
Remember the bad old days, when smokers could torture you if you didn’t like breathing or smelling their smoke because they were allowed to do their thing wherever and whenever they chose? Those days are long gone, thankfully. Enough people rebelled against that obnoxious behavior to bring the full weight of majority opinion down on it, leading to laws and customs that confined smokers to areas where they could no longer make everyone else suffer.

BBQ Owner Regrets 'Suck-Start Pistol' Comment to Police - 12/23/14
A public relations company is giving one of the owners of a Detroit barbecue stalwart a lesson in Social Media 101: The Internet is forever. Once you post, you can never completely take it back. The way it gathers hashtags, search terms and third-party referrals, it’s like the herpes of the Internet. It never goes away.

The surfer, her stalker and his £2million plot to blackmail estranged wife: Man married to daughter of owner of major U.S. supermarket company admits trying to extort her and harassing two other women - 12/23/14
A husband has admitted stalking and trying to blackmail £2million from his estranged wife – the daughter of an American billionaire. James Casbolt appeared in court yesterday to face claims that he targeted heiress Haley Meijer, whose father is US hypermarket tycoon Hank Meijer. The 37-year-old was accused of sending threatening texts and emails containing pictures of his ex to her family and friends as well as posting images of her on the internet.

How Your Android Phone is Stalking Your Every Move - 12/23/14
A new study looking at how mobile Android apps track smartphone users has revealed some interesting facts about Android applications, InfoWorld reports, finding that many apps collect plenty of personal data in an attempt to track users online and serve them targeted ads in the process.

Why doesn’t Twitter think these rape and death threats are harassment? - 12/23/14
Remember the huge dust-up a few weeks back when certain corners of the Internet lost their damn minds because feminists were working with Twitter to address harassment? Remember how that was supposed to signal the beginning of some new feminist nightmare hellscape where, I don’t know, people actually listen and care when women receive rape and death threats? Remember how it was supposed to be the dawn of an era of feminist tyranny where feminists get to control everything and men can only feel sadness and eat dirt for the rest of their lives?

SJC rejects online harassment as free speech argument - 12/23/14
Harassing neighbors is not a form of constitutionally protected free speech, the highest court in Massachusetts ruled Tuesday in upholding the jail sentences of a former Andover couple who pestered their neighbors through fake Craigslist ads and a false child abuse report. William Johnson was sentenced to serve 18 months in jail in December 2011 after he was convicted of criminal harassment and falsely reporting child abuse against Jim and Bernadette Lyons. His wife, Gail Johnson, served six months after she was convicted of criminal harassment.

Domestic abuse victims warned to beware of gifts containing spyware this Christmas - 12/22/14
VICTIMS of domestic abuse are being warned to be aware of Christmas gifts that could contain hidden spyware. As was reported nationally over the weekend, a new company supporting victims of digital abuse warned that abusers will hide cameras or listening devices inside presents such as mobile phones, laptops and toys to spy on their victims.

Army thanks Soldier for confronting unethical behavior online - 12/19/14
Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and senior Army officials met with a senior non-commissioned officer Monday, to thank her for leading by example and defending Army values, despite facing harassment after confronting Service members who were behaving unethically online. First Sgt. Katrina Moerk, now the first sergeant of Charlie Company, 741st Military Intelligence Battalion, was browsing a social media network's community page earlier this year, when she came upon a video that she found offensive and sexist. When she commented as much, several respondents attacked her with insults. Some of these respondents were wearing uniforms in their profile photos, the first sergeant said, so she wrote to them directly.


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