True Crime Online Newsletter - December 8, 2014

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .British police car goes viral for 'polce' typo
A British police department's new cruiser went viral online when a picture revealed the letter "i" was missing from the word "police." The South Yorkshire Police became the target of online jokes when a picture emerged revealing one of its new Astra patrol cars bears the word "polce" in large letters across its doors instead of the intended "police." A department spokesman said the car's error, which was first brought to the public's attention by the U.K. Cop Humor page on Twitter, was spotted before it went into service. "The spelling error was identified immediately by staff who took delivery of the new vehicles," he said. "The error was rectified the following day." The department poked fun at the error on Twitter. "Have you seen our 'I'?" The department said in a bulletin posted to its Twitter account. "Last seen at the printers. He is described as being tall, lean and blue. He is much missed by the force who require his immediate return to complete their investigations."

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Online harassment: 'Dedicated' trolls will find way around anti-abuse rules - 12/08/14
Twitter's recent move to bolster its anti-abuse policy is a positive step in fostering more respect on the web, say observers, but it also demonstrates the ongoing difficulty of quashing online harassment. Earlier this week, Twitter announced that in an attempt to identify and mitigate online harassment, it was improving its abuse-reporting system.

Stalker put spy software on woman's computer, Carlisle court told - 12/08/14
A jealous lover set up secret software so he could spy on everything his partner looked at on her computer. Carlisle taxi driver Brian Dorrance, 45, carried out a “campaign” of surveillance, watching over Susan Walkingshaw's emails, internet access and social media activity.

'Revenge Porn' Conviction Is a Legal First - 12/06/14
Three years ago, Noe Iniguez and his girlfriend broke up. That's when he decided to get even, prosecutors said. He posted a topless photograph of his ex-girlfriend on her employer's Facebook page along with messages calling her a "drunk" and a "slut" and encouraging her firing, they said. Until recently, his actions would have been outside the reach of the law, because victims were not offered protection from people who intentionally posted their nude photographs without their consent.

Jamestown man accused of stalking woman arrested - 12/05/14
Rockingham County sheriff's deputies have arrested a Jamestown man accused of stalking an Eden woman. Thomas Alvis Reece IV, 25, of 101 Newberry St., is charged with cyberstalking and misdemeanor stalking.

LA Man Becomes First to Be Convicted Under California’s Revenge Porn Statute - 12/05/14
After a four year relationship, Noe Iniguez and his girlfriend broke up. Almost immediately she began to suffer constant harassment from him. In November 2011, she obtained a restraining order after a barrage of harassing text messages. He was not deterred. Using an alias, he began posting derogatory messages on her employer’s Facebook page in December 2013. In a campaign that would last several months, he continued to disparage her online. In March 2014, his attacks escalated with him posting a topless photo of her, captioning it with comments that called her a drunk and a slut.

Former Zillow worker sues over penis pic, culture of misogyny - 12/04/14
Zillow’s maps have no doubt featured a frat house or two, but an explosive lawsuit filed by a former employee claims the online real estate outfit actually operates out of one ­ “an ‘adult frat house’ where sexual harassment and misconduct are normalized, condoned, and promoted by male managers.”

Alexandria man faces charge of felony stalking - 12/04/14
An Alexandria man faces a charge of felony stalking after allegedly sending threatening texts to a former girlfriend, according to the Rapides Parish Sheriff's Office. The suspect is Jeremy Cole Cleary, 34, of 4124 Queen Elizabeth Court in Alexandria.

Privacy advocates unmask Twitter troll - 12/03/14
What happens when you troll Tor developers hard? You get unmasked. Towards the end of last week, a troll who had sent various aggressive tweets to a host of security experts and privacy advocates associated with the Tor project and browser, which enables online anonymity, had his identity exposed. To some, that may seem hypocritical. To others, it seems like justice.

Local man arrested on cyberstalking charge - 12/03/14
A Gainesville man was arrested Tuesday on a cyberstalking charge after he promised a woman he would ride a bicycle 35 miles to rest on the porch of her mother’s home. Benjamin Nelson Wilson, 37, had exchanged several emails in June with a Union County woman where he made sexually themed comments that prompted the woman to ask him to stop.

Gatineau cops release video after seeing rise in 'sextortion' cases - 12/03/14
Gatineau cops have launched a new website and video after receiving 30 complaints about "sextortion" this year alone. "Sextortion is one of the most common computer scams, and the number of complaints continues to grow in Gatineau and elsewhere," said Det. Mathieu Guilbault.

Paris Hilton Takes Legal Action Against Anti-Semitic Cyber-Stalker Sending Death Threats - 12/03/14
Paris Hilton and her father Rick Hilton took legal action recently to stop an an anti-Semitic man from cyber-stalking the family with death threats. Hilton told Entertainment Tonight that she and her father, who are not Jewish, filed a police report because “the threats were getting out of control, getting more frequent and more intensive each time.”

Off-duty cops protect Darren Wilson, as death threats come in - 12/03/14
Darren Wilson has lived in the shadows for nearly four months, changing residence from house to house, spending spare time in dark movie theaters, in hopes he won't be spotted. But he has not sneaked around alone. He has had protectors. Fellow officers have been by his side day and night, as deadly threats have driven the former Ferguson police officer into hiding, after he shot unarmed teen Michael Brown in August.


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