True Crime Online Newsletter - December 2, 2013

I couldn't make this up if I tried.. .Illinois man gives away all his stuff through Craigslist ad

A suburban Chicago man says he posted a Craigslist ad asking people to come and take away all of his stuff for free before he moves to Virginia.

Brian Bagnall, 32, of Franklin Park, Ill., said about 200 people showed up to his house Saturday in response to the ad, which read "We're Moving and Giving Away Lots of Our Stuff for FREE," the Chicago Tribune reported.

Within about 2 hours, Bagnall's home was nearly empty, he said. People took his couches, beds and other "nice" furniture, as well as tools, kitchen utensils, boxes of tissue and toilet paper, and other items.

"People were in the freezer taking food out," Bagnall said.

Bagnall said that overall, the crowd was orderly. A sign on his front door listed rules like no shoving and no lining up outside.

"It wasn't Walmart," he said, referring to fights in stores on Black Friday.

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Second-hand memory cards pose identity theft risk, warn experts - 12/02/13
Selling old memory cards on sites like eBay without proper deletion of previous data may lead to identity theft, security experts have warned. Computer scientists from Edith Cowan University in Western Australia bought 140 second-hand memory cards from the online auction site and attempted to recover data on them including photos, videos, text messages, sensitive documents and home-made pornography.

Beware: 'Tis the Season for Cyberscams - 11/30/13
Malicious spam will continues to inundate e-mail, social media postings, and popular apps on Black Friday, Cyber Monday and beyond, cybersecurity experts warn. Cybercriminals have begun to flood e-mail, social media postings and search results with tainted web links, offers for worthless products and pitches for all variety of scams.

Cannibal cop 'killed and ATE a man he met on "exotic meat" website’' - 11/29/13
A German police worker has been charged with murdering and chopping up a man he met on a cannibal website who had long fantasised about being killed and eaten. The suspect, known only as Detlev G, is said to have been 'obsessed' with cannibalism and met the 59-year-old man from Hanover on the fetishist website.

Mountie's uniform seized after marijuana pictures emerge - 11/29/13
A New Brunswick officer with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said his uniform was seized after he was photographed smoking medical marijuana in uniform. Cpl. Ronald Francis, who serves with J Division in New Brunswick, said two officers visited his Kingsclear First Nation home Thursday evening and seized his regular working uniform, the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. reported Friday.

Parents tell how cyberbullying claimed their teenage son's life - 11/29/13
“There were no signs,” says Robert Mullaney. “Thomas wasn’t a withdrawn child... we didn’t see it coming.” When Robert and his wife Tracy came home to find their 15-year-old son missing, they presumed he had ‘pulled an all-nighter’ with friends.

Gatineau girl, class punished for cyber bullying - 11/27/13
A Gatineau teen received a five-day suspension after an incident of cyber-bullying against a teacher. In addition to the girl, 47 fellow students were made to write an apology for their participation. The students studied at Mont-Bleu Secondary School in Gatineau, part of the Portages-de-l'Outaouais School Board.

Video footage transforms banana peel lawsuit into fraud case - 11/27/13
Authorities in Washington said a man who filed a personal injury lawsuit faces fraud charges because surveillance video shows him setting up his own fall. Maurice Owens, 42, filed a $15,000 lawsuit against the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority alleging he needed chiropractic treatment after slipping and falling on a banana peel at the Potomac Avenue Metro station in August, The Washington Post reported Wednesday.

Sexting As Evidence in Cases of Sexual Harassment - 11/27/13
Sexting" is a growing digital social phenomenon and field of practice for lawyers who specialize in sexual harassment in the workplace. "Obviously you do see a little bit more of it", says Santa Maria attorney Bill Redell of the Michael Clayton Law Office, "and as the younger generation is moving up and coming into the workforce it is something that is becoming more prevalent in the workplace."

Italian girl, 14, 'gang-raped after classmate hijacked her Facebook profile to post that she was "available to anyone"' - 11/26/13
A 14-year-old Italian girl was allegedly gang raped after a classmate hijacked her Facebook profile to post that she was ‘available to anyone’. The teenager was dragged into an empty outdoor theatre in her hometown of Molfetta, near Bari, in the south east of the country, and raped repeatedly, after the gang of ten assumed that she was ‘easy’, prosecutors say.

New Iberia man accused of cyber stalking, violating protective order - 11/26/13
A 41-year-old New Iberia man is accused of cyber stalking and violating a protective order. According to Sheriff Louis Ackal, on November 24, 2013, Iberia Parish detectives arrested Corey Ronsonet for cyber stalking and violation of a protective order. Detectives conducted an investigation involving the incident and were able to obtain an arrest warrant for Ronsonet.

Toronto woman haunted by unknown online stalker who threatens to rape her - 11/26/13
On a Friday night, about two weeks after her brother took his own life, Vanessa Bruno got a message through that looked like it came from him. At first, she thought it was a delayed suicide note, but it wasn’t. “It said: ‘Maybe if you weren’t such a bitch your brother wouldn’t have killed himself,’” Bruno recalled in an interview.


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