True Crime Online Newsletter - November 18, 2013

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Google files for patent on electronic throat tattoo
Google has filed to patent a system that “comprises an electronic skin tattoo capable of being applied to a throat region of a body."

The tattoo, which could communicate with smartphones, gaming devices, tablets and other tech gadgets via a Bluetooth-style connection, could also be used as a lie detector according to the patent documentation.

"Optionally, the electronic skin tattoo can further include a galvanic skin response detector to detect skin resistance of a user," the document reads. "It is contemplated that a user that may be nervous or engaging in speaking falsehoods may exhibit different galvanic skin response than a more confident, truth telling individual."

The tattoo looks fairly small in images that were attached to the filing and it also is supposedly going to be designed to be able to attach to a collar or a band around the user's neck in addition to the skin.

Pets aren’t left out as "the electronic tattoo can also be applied to an animal as well."

Motorola Mobility, which is owned by Google, technically filed the patent.

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For this generation, stalking isn't what it used to be - 11/18/13
The term "Facebook stalking" is entrenched in our generation's vernacular – a playful way to say that we were checking out old photos of a friend or crush. But there's a much more sinister type of cyberstalking, and it's part of a growing trend around the country and at GW. Many of the harassment cases reported to the University Police Department this fall have involved texting or social media. Stalkers now follow victims' digital trail, not just their route home.

North Wales teenager told to 'hurry up and die' in horrendous cyber bullying - 11/18/13
School children are being driven to depression, self harm and even suicide after falling victim to nasty predators online. Today we reveal the true horror of cyber bullying and the life-changing effect it can have on teenagers. One brave mother spoke to the Daily Post to tell of her 13-year-old daughter’s hell at the hands of tormentors, who told her to “hurry up and die”.

Only one in ten parents think their child is safe online - 11/18/13
Most children’s internet use takes place away from the watchful eye of a parent and is still prone to cruel and abusive behaviors, according to McAfee and the Anti-Bullying Alliance. Worse still, research suggests that some parents may be unintentionally exposing their children to inappropriate behaviour and cyber-bullying through lack of controls and by setting up children’s access to social networks.

Man arrested, accused of cyberstalking - 11/17/13
A Gainesville man was arrested on a cyberstalking charge on allegations he sent his former girlfriend more than 200 messages through various means, according to an arrest report. Raymond Robert Fenn, 35, of 1226 NW 55th Terrace, and the woman dated from January to September, when she broke it off, according to an Alachua County Sheriff’s Office report. She sent Fenn a text message indicating she was ending the relationship and did not want any further contact with him.

Watch Out for These 5 Black Friday Scams - 11/17/13
Americans spent more than $59 billion on Black Friday purchases in 2012. Included in that total was more than $1 billion in e-commerce expenditures, marking the first time in history that people have spent so much on the Web on this shopping holiday. Given the near ubiquity of Internet use and consumers' growing propensity for shopping online, that figure will only rise as time goes on.

'Bitcoin Ransom Scam' Warning For Email Users - 11/16/13
The National Crime Agency (NCA) said small and medium businesses have been receiving the fraudulent messages, which appear to be legitimate communication from banks. Each email comes with attachments that look like files such as a voicemail, fax, an invoice or details of a suspicious transaction, but is in fact malicious software that encrypts the user's computer.

Online teen 'revenge porn' on rise, prosecutors tell Union County schools - 11/15/13
Teen couples have been breaking up for generations. But social networking has warped the timeless high school heartbreak into a dangerous new X-rated form. It’s called “revenge porn,” where jilted lovers make public sexual images that were meant to be private ­ sort of like celebrity sex tapes, except these involve boys and girls as young as 12.

JP Morgan Joins, Flees Twitter After Cyberbullying - 11/15/13
JP Morgan learned the hard way this week to stay off social media if you don’t want to engage with the community on their terms ­ and a hashtag, #AskJPM, remains in play following the epic social media firestorm. While JP Morgan’s Twitter experiment didn’t last long or end well for the company, the lingering evidence speaks strongly to the dangers of entering the social fray unable to address customers on the level on which they wish to engage.

Woman football fan trades rings for Chiefs-Broncos tickets - 11/15/13
A Kansas woman who put up a Craigslist ad offering an engagement ring and a wedding band in exchange for Chiefs-Broncos tickets announced she has found a buyer.

New Selfies App Attempts to Protect Users from Cyber-Bullying - 11/14/13
Justin Bieber is dipping his toes into the world of tech investing. Bieber invested $1.1 million in RockLive’s new self-portrait photo-sharing app, Shots of Me, which launched yesterday. Anyone using social media knows that selfie use has skyrocketed. So, the arrival of a selfie-dedicated app is not surprising.

Florida teen charged with using topless photo to extort girl for cash - 11/14/13
A teenager in Coral Springs, Fl., is being charged with extortion for threatening to post a topless photo of a teenage girl on a pornographic website unless she paid him $200. Coral Springs Police said Ricardo Carrion obtained the topless photo two years ago when a 16-year-old girl who had a crush on him sexted him in order to get his attention. Carrion then attempted to turn the picture into cash.

How to check out a potential partner online – without being creepy - 11/14/13
Researching potential love interests online is par for the course these days – but admitting to it is another matter. In the first throes of romance there are three little words it's probably best to avoid. No matter how googly-eyed you may be about someone, admitting "I Googled you" too soon is a sure-fire way to nip a relationship in the bud. So, by the way, is admitting: "I have herpes" or "I like Nickleback". However, while honesty may be the best policy when it comes to sexually transmitted diseases or very bad bands, the same isn't true when it comes to online stalking. I mean, um, online "research".

Brazilian 'parent' sells baby for £260 on website because 'it won't let me sleep and I have to work to survive' - 11/14/13
A baby in Brazil has been offered for sale for £267 (R$1000) on a website because the parent claims it will not them sleep. Brazilian police have launched an investigation into the advert, which was posted on Tuesday on the OLX classified website. The advert features a baby of only a few months old dressed in a blue outfit, alongside the caption: 'Cries a lot and did not let me sleep and I have to work to survive.'

Long-Haul Trucker Accused Of Stalking Teenage Girl Online - 11/14/13
A long-haul trucker was booked into the Johnson County Detention Center on Wednesday (Nov. 13) on suspicion of stalking a teenage girl on the Internet. Lisa M. Swinson, 41, of Rockford, Ill., faces a charge of internet stalking of a child, a class B felony punishable by 5 to 20 years in prison and a fine of up to $15,000, according to a news release on Thursday (Nov. 14) from the Coal Hill Police Department.

Ex-New Berlin West student charged with making email threats to school staff - 11/13/13
Dilvinder Singh, 17, a former student of New Berlin West High School, has been charged with issuing a bomb threat and emailing threats to the associate principal and two teachers.All the threats were emailed Nov. 8. The one sent to Associate Principal Laura Jennaro contained a bomb threat. Each of the anonymous emails to the Jennaro and the two teachers contained threats to kill them.


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