True Crime Online Newsletter - November 25, 2013

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Dutch family gets vacation photos from lost camera 10 years later

A Dutch family who lost their digital camera in a river while vacationing in Norway a decade ago just got the pictures from a German tourist.

The tourist found the camera at the bottom of the river last year, reported.

While the camera was broken, the memory card was still functioning and the German man was able to look at the photos.

In one pictures, the German noticed a car with a Dutch license plate. He then contacted police in Amsterdam who were able to trace the license plate to the camera's rightful owner.

Police told the Telegraaf that the Dutch family was happy and surprised to get the pictures back.

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N.Y. warns of elaborate telephone, email tax scams - 11/25/13
New York's governor is warning of elaborate telephone and email tax scams perpetrated by people claiming to be Internal Revenue Service or state tax officials. Gov. Andrew Cuomo said scammers posing as representatives of the IRS or New York Department of Taxation and Finance are threatening New Yorkers with fines, deportation, arrest and other penalties if they do not immediately pay a claim of owed taxes.

When the virtual world wakes up the real one - 11/24/13
The unprecedented wave of voices speaking up against sexual harassment in recent times has as much to do with technology as the determination to seek justice. From Twitter to Tumblr, and blogs to pastebin, the internet's anonymity, reach and speed allow small, personal stories of abuse to swell into big stories.

The Holiday Season Means Phishing Season for Hackers - 11/23/13
Unbelievable deals, season’s greetings and all those extra holiday purchases make this one of the most effective times of the year for hackers to sneak phishing emails and other social engineering attempts under the radar amidst all the holiday bedlam. Global Digital Forensics will have emergency incident responders on call 24/7 throughout the holiday season to professionally assist organizations that find themselves the victim of data breaches, intrusions and malware infections, without any costly delays.

Model and mother suing for $1.5billion because hundreds of users have used her pictures in their fake profiles - 11/23/13
If you're looking for your better half on, odds are you've seen Yuliana Avalos. The part-time model and mother has never joined the dating site, but says that her pictures have been used in hundreds of fake profiles without her consent. 'Not a day goes by when someone doesn't tell me that they saw my pictures posted on or another web site,' Ms Avalos said. Now she is suing the website for $1.5billion along with 'thousands' of others including famous actors, military personnel and Facebook users who say their pictures were used without their consent.

Sleazy online site swipes pretty students' Facebook pictures without their permission and posts them publicly for perverts to rate - 11/22/13
A 'creepy' new website was condemned today after it secretly uploaded the Facebook profiles of 150,000 students for people to rate based on their looks. has been quietly uploading social network pictures without the owner's consent. Site users are then encouraged to flick through the photos - which appear one after another in a huge gallery - branding each person either 'hot', or 'not'.

The cancer victim who never was and a girl desperate for attention: How a radio presenter was left heartbroken by a hoax so cruel it defies belief - 11/22/13
Of all the hundreds of emails breakfast radio presenter Charlie O’Brien had received that day, one poignant message stood out. It was from a young man called Marcus Cotts, who’d contacted her show requesting a song for his fiancee Lucy along with a message saying how much he loved her.

Two more girls accuse teen who allegedly demanded cash and sex for return of sexted photos - 11/22/13
After being jailed last month on charges that he extorted a girl for cash after she sexted him a topless photo, Florida teen Ricardo Carrion is now facing allegations that he threatened two other girls with posting nude photos online unless they provided him with cash and sex.

It's not just child porn: Fake passports, guns, cocaine, even hitmen for hire are a few clicks away on the internet - 11/22/13
The proud sales blurb on the website leaves no room for misinterpretation. ‘Your No 1 source of illicit substances on the Web,’ it reads. ‘Fast and stealthy shipping. A+++ quality and perfect customer service. This is what DrugMarket is famous for.’ Offering everything from LSD to cocaine, heroin and ecstasy on pages laid out like those on Amazon, DrugMarket’s top seller today is ‘100g High Quality Afghan Opium First Grade’ at $2,700 (£1,670).

Judge approves evidence for stalking case - 11/21/13
Defense motions were denied Wednesday to dismiss charges or limit prosecution evidence against a Clinton man accused of stalking a neighbor’s 14-year-old girl over the past year. Hundreds of messages posted on YouTube and teddy bear displays at his home are evidence that 45-year-old Kent Ellsworth Losee was attempting to communicate with the girl despite a personal protection order, said Lenawee County Circuit Judge Margaret M.S. Noe.

Ferderer sentenced to 18 months in stalking case - 11/21/13
A Bismarck man accused of stalking a real estate agent has been sentenced to 18 months in prison. Jeremy Ferderer, 33, pleaded guilty on Thursday to Class C felony stalking. South Central District Judge David Reich sentenced Ferderer to five years in prison with all but 18 months suspended and five years of supervised probation. A Bismarck real estate agent reported in March that she had received suspicious text messages from three cellphones. Police interviewed Ferderer, who has a history of harassing women he does not know and finds on the Internet, and he admitted to sending the text messages.

'My War on Internet Slime': Emma Thompson on 'hypersexual' Miley Cyrus, how web porn has poisoned a generation of boys - and why she's fighting to protect girls like her daughter - 11/21/13
There's a welcome home message pinned to Emma Thompson’s front door, from her daughter. It’s drawn like a split screen. On one half there’s a ‘glamourpuss’ Emma wearing a black suit and dark shades, surrounded by paparazzi. There are speech bubbles saying things like: ‘Emma, over here!’ and ‘Emma we love you!’, and one that reads: ‘Mum, put some pants on!’

Threats suspect to stand trial - 11/20/13
A Claysburg man accused of sending email threats from the Blair County Prison will stand trial. Prosecutors called 10 witnesses Tuesday during a two-hour preliminary hearing for Adam C. Hardin, 23, a farmhand facing more than a dozen felony and misdemeanor charges after allegedly hacking a prison computer in late October to send bomb and water contamination threats to local news outlets.

Stone Mountain man charged with email threats against Hall Co. school board - 11/20/13
A Stone Mountain man has been arrested for sending harassing and threatening emails to the Hall County School Board offices in Gainesville. Sgt. Mark Mitchell with the Hall County Sheriff's Office said investigators started working on the case November 6 when school officials contacted them about the emails.

Man bailed on harassment charge - 11/20/13
A man mounted a campaign of harassment against his wife after they split up, a court was told. Simon Goodall, 56, met his ex-wife over the Internet and were married within a year. But after they parted Goodall believed she was having an adulterous relationship with their landlord and after that had found herself a new male friend, District Judge Rod Ross heard at Blackpool Magistrates Court.

Great Neck Men Pleads Guilty in Cyberstalking Case - 11/20/13
A Great Neck man who once worked for the Mitt Romney campaign has pled guilty to charges of cyberstalking women in an attempt to post naked photos of them on the Internet, according to an Associated Press report.

Facebook stalking too easily accepted - 11/20/13
Stop Facebook stalking me, you big creep. That’s something I could imagine myself saying, or on a particularly caffeinated day, tweeting. But the truth is that I’d venture to say most Facebook stalking isn’t actually that creepy. After all, you’re presumably already “friends” with the person you’re stalking ­ but we all know how real those friendships are.


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