WHO@ Newsletter - November 12, 2012

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Tattoo parlor tiles floor with pennies

The owner of a Pittsburgh tattoo parlor said she found covering her shop's floor with pennies was cheaper than buying tile.

Mel Angst, owner of the Artisan tattoo shop, said she and a team of helpers spent about 300 hours gluing 250,000 pennies to the floor of her store, the New York Daily News reported Thursday.

"Amazingly enough, we found it's a lot cheaper to just glue money to your floor than to actually buy tile. It's about $3 a square foot," Angst said.

Angst said anyone who spent at least 30 hours helping with the floor will receive a complimentary Abraham Lincoln penny tattoo.

"Some days it was just me. I think the most [people helping] we ever had was seven," Angst said. "But on average, three or four people a day for about 10 to 16 hours a day, for about three weeks straight, gluing these down."

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Police blasted for questioning 7 online critics - 11/12/12
AN advocate of online rights on Monday blasted the law enforcement officials in this city for “inviting” for questioning seven Facebook users who posted comments critical of the police for their handling of recent robberies. “It is not only erroneous for the police to invite the supposed online offenders for questioning, but the PNP personnel could be administratively charged for harassment,” said Argee Guevarra, a lawyer and member of the Philippine Internet Freedom Alliance.

Cyber bullies swarm schools as Facebook pages rife with student abuse - 11/12/12
STUDENTS at almost 500 schools are running Facebook pages dedicated to humiliating their peers as more and more children carry the incessant burden of cyber bullying outside the school gates.

Murdered teenager’s aggrieved experience Internet harassment - 11/12/12
Several users of the reportedly some 680,000-member site, who do not disclose their real name, have written comments speculating about what may have happened or the chain of events. Some of the people using the site are Norwegians, reports NRK. “It’s so incredibly painful to read such things about one’s closest, almost indescribable,” Bjarne Koren, father to Sigrid’s 16-year-old friend she visited the night of her disappearance, told the broadcaster.

Internet Trolls: Convictions For Abuse Online, Facebook, Twitter Double In Five Years - 11/12/12
Convictions for internet abuse have more than doubled in the space of five years alongside the enormous growth in popularity of social media sites. Official figures show the number of people found guilty under section 127 of the Communications Act 2003 has grown each year from 498 in 2007 to 1,286 in 2011.

Probe launched into e-mail harassment - 11/10/12
A probe into harassing e-mails uncovered communications between Petraeus and his biographer The FBI informed the director of national intelligence of the situation on Election Day Petraeus was never the target of the inquiry, an official says CIA Director Gen. David Petraeus resigned after admitting an affair

Depressed headteacher who became addicted to online poker stole £50,000 from primary school savings to fund his habit - 11/09/1958
A headteacher has been struck off for stealing £50,000 from school funds to finance his online gambling habit. Andrew Wilkie, 42, blew his family’s £90,000 savings and £70,000 by remortgaging the family home - then drained his primary school of funds for a new extension.

Turkish mayor sues Twitter followers - 11/09/12
The mayor of Ankara, Turkey, Melih Gokcek, said he has sued 600 of his Twitter followers because they insulted him on the website. Gokcek, who has 367,995 followers on the microblogging site, said most of those who insulted him are in legal trouble, the Hurriyet Daily News reported Friday.

'Dead' student shows up for school - 11/08/12
An Indiana middle school student said his lost phone led to a prank that convinced students and teachers at his school he was dead. Michael Sinkfield, 14, who attends Riverside Junior High in Fishers, said he lost his phone Friday and many of his friends then received text messages from the device Sunday night claiming to be from his father and saying the youth had died in a car crash, the Indianapolis Star reported Thursday.

Jailed: The juror who wrecked £2m trial by telling defendant he'd looked him up on the internet - 11/08/12
A juror was jailed yesterday for contacting a defendant in a £2million theft trial. Stephen Pardon, 42, went to the accused's workplace to tell him his fellow jurors had illegally looked up the case on the internet. Ian Lewis and two other men had been found guilty of one theft charge but the jury was deadlocked and unable to reach a verdict on a second related charge.

Teenage gatecrashers beat up architect in his OWN £1.1million home after daughter's 13th birthday party appears on Facebook - 11/08/12
An architect was kicked, punched and spat on as he tried to defend his award-winning home from gatecrashers behaving with a 'pack mindset' during his daughter’s 13th birthday. Sixty uninvited older teenagers - who spotted the party details through Facebook messages - gathered on the £1.1million home of Shaun Beverley in an exclusive private road.

Who’s watching you online? - 11/07/12
How will you react if you are told that people are stalking you to know what you have been shopping for lately, or the places you visit to buy your things? This is exactly what’s happening with you, your family, friends and everybody visiting the deep dark digital woods, the Internet. And surprisingly, no one seems to be making any fuss about it. While we realise the Internet is not exactly private it hasn’t always been like this; we had less covetous people before. So what happened? What went wrong?

Internet or face to face - it's bullying - 11/07/12
Incidences of online harassment are no different from face-to-face bullying, a Hawke's Bay principal warns. "At least twice this year I've talked to the school at assembly about cyber bullying," Hastings Boys' High School headmaster Robert Sturch said.

Man’s alleged e-mail threats against Redford ‘did not cross the line,’ says judge - 11/05/12
A 57-year-old Calgary man who sent alleged threatening emails to several media outlets last year did not cross the line when he wrote in one of them, ‘would (Premier) Alison Redford still be smiling smugly with a hole in her head?”


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