Net Crimes Newsletter - November 26, 2012

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Prank ad seeks James Bond-style spy

An ad seeking a "target elimination specialist" willing to travel to exercise a license to kill was posted Friday on a British government website.

Unfortunately for those with James Bond fantasies, the ad was a prank, The Daily Telegraph reported. There were some tipoffs, like the suggestion that candidates should prefer martinis "shaken and not stirred."

A spokeswoman said the Department of Work and Pensions is investigating how the fake posting got onto the job center website and whether a government employee was involved.

"It is disappointing that somebody would want to post a false advert when people are looking for real jobs," she said. "It has now been removed."

The listed salary was 50,000 to 60,000 pounds ($80,000 to $96,000) a year with fringe benefits including "jet packs, mini-submarines and a Walther PPK."

Applicants were advised to leave paperwork under a "large and rather fake-looking rock in Regents Park."

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Sir Henry Floyd headteacher who reported pupils’ cyber bullying to police welcomes internet security boost - 11/26/12
A headteacher has welcomed an internet security giant’s move to help Bucks children be safer in cyberspace. Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School’s Stephen Box believes McAfee’s ‘Online Safety for Kids’ project will provide an extra layer of protection for students and help inform parents. Mr Box last month took the unusual step of contacting police after some of the school’s pupils were ‘cyber bullied’ on a Latvian social networking website and he said activity on such sites are the major fear.

Victims learn how to beat cyberbullies - 11/25/12
Cyberbullying is a growing problem with attacks often having a lasting effect on the victims. Inside Out looks at two victims of internet bullying who have decided to find a solution to the problem. Seventeen-year-old Conor, a student and musician from Shropshire, was bullied on a website where people could vote on whether or not he was a 'jerk'.

Feds pursuing group selling fake cars - 11/23/12
Federal authorities are pursuing three fugitives and have arrested four others in what they describe as a $1.4 million international fraud operation stretching from Kentucky to Europe and involving the sale of non-existent cars.

Assistant U.S. Attorney exposed as online troll behind abusive comments about local officials and businessman - 11/22/12
A federal prosecutor has been demoted after anonymously posting abusive comments on an online news site. Jan Mann, who was First Assistant U.S. Attorney in New Orleans, doled out personal abuse and even offered opinions on cases she was working on, all under a 'sock puppet' pseudonym.

Vaughan woman drops request to move acorn trees after fierce reaction and "cyber-bullying" - 11/22/12
A Vaughan woman who sought to have oak trees uprooted and replanted far away from her children's school due to concern over acorn allergies says fierce public reaction and "cyber-bullying" has led her to drop her request.

'Student waged cyber-war on company computers' - 11/22/12
A student waged a sophisticated campaign of cyber-attacks which paralysed companycomputers causing unprecedented damage, a court heard. Christopher Weatherhead, 22, whose online nickname was “Nerdo”, exploited “the dark side” of computer technology, the jury was told.

Can criminal harassment happen on Twitter? We're about to find out - 11/21/12
Unwanted Twitter messages have led police to charge a 52-year-old Toronto man with criminal harassment. Police say a woman and a man met online through Twitter in April and soon began discussing graphic design for an upcoming community event.

Porn king ran multimillion-dollar Internet sex empire from his prison cell (after guard gave him a laptop) - 11/21/12
A jailed porn king ran his web empire for more than 18 months behind bars by using a laptop in his cell and prison telephones, authorities said. Francis Sharrak, 44, of Farmington Hills, was acting as his own lawyer at the time.

Jail for scientist 'duped' into drug smuggling by a honeytrap sting: Gangsters lured him with fake emails from Miss Bikini World - 11/21/12
An eminent British scientist has been jailed for almost five years after being caught smuggling cocaine in a bid to impress a glamour model more than three decades his junior. Professor Paul Frampton, 68, claimed he was duped into carrying the drugs by gangsters who struck up a relationship with him online by pretending to be former Miss Bikini World Denise Milani.

Reading test words put online and marks 'inflated by teachers' - 11/21/12
Teachers inflated children’s marks in a new reading test and allowed half the questions to leak on to Twitter and parenting websites, an official report revealed yesterday. Nineteen of the 40 words used in the test were divulged on web forums popular with parents and teachers and even a national radio broadcast mid-way through the week-long testing period, according to exams watchdog Ofqual.

Pepsi found to be in breach of advertising rules after refusing to pay competition 'winner' - 11/21/12
Pepsi was found to be in breach of advertising rules when the drinks giant refused to pay an angry competition ‘winner’ who claimed to have won hundreds of random £500 cash prizes. The promotion on bottles and cans of Pepsi offered the chance to win £500 every hour by emailing or texting the last four digits of the barcode on the product. The customer ‘won’ hundreds of times, but complained to watchdogs when soft drink giant PepsiCo said they would only pay up one £500 prize per entrant.

Twitter suspends, reactivates 'NYT On It' account after Times complaint - 11/20/12
Twitter has now restored the popular New York Times parody account it suspended on Monday after the Times filed a complaint against it. Benjamin Kabak, the 29-year-old lawyer behind the account, told POLITICO that Twitter reenabled the account Tuesday morning but threatened him with permanent deletion if they receive another complaint. Kabak removed the account avatar, the reason for the Times' complaint, and is opening a design contest to replace the canned icon.

Prisoners who use Facebook on smuggled mobile phones will have sentences increased and perks removed - 11/20/12
Prisoners caught using Facebook on smuggled mobile phones will be stripped of their perks or have time added to their sentence, it emerged tonight. Justice Secretary Chris Grayling has ordered ‘serious disciplinary consequences’ for any convict who posts pictures of themselves on social networking sites. It follows revelations by the Mail that hundreds of prisoners - including notorious killers - are using Facebook to taunt their victims from behind bars.

£13m lottery winner's home is trashed after 200 gatecrash her daughter's 17th birthday party they read about on Facebook - 11/20/12
As the daughter of a £13million lottery winner, Ffion Jenkins was perhaps entitled to hope for a pretty special 17th birthday party. Unfortunately for her, that hope was shared by about 200 teenagers who arrived at her house to join the raucous celebrations after the event was advertised on Facebook. While Ffion’s mother, Sandra Fosbrooke, was at the local pub which she co-owns, partygoers were running riot at her six-bedroom home.

3 arrested after stolen items found on Craigslist - 11/19/12
Three men were jailed Sunday after police said they stole items from a Moultonborough property and posted them on Craigslist. Stolen items ending up on Craigslist has become common, but in this case, officials said the items hadn't even been stolen when the ads were placed. Detective Stephen Kessler said the suspects were posting an item and then going out and stealing it.

Lord McAlpine to sue ITV for up to £500,000 as his lawyers pursue 10,000 Twitter users for linking him to care home child abuse scandal - 11/19/12
Lord McAlpine’s lawyers were last night negotiating with ITV for damages over the broadcast in which This Morning host Phillip Schofield presented the Prime Minister with a list of alleged paedophiles. The Conservative peer’s legal team is looking for ‘substantially more’ than the £185,000 it has already agreed with the BBC for the Corporation’s botched Newsnight investigation.

Gospel singer posed as U.S. fighter pilot, oil executive and grieving widower on to steal £120,000 from lonely women - 11/19/12
An acclaimed gospel singer who used a dating site to steal more than £120,000 from lonely women by posing as a pilot, oil executive and grieving widower has been jailed for six-and-a-half years. Conman Oluwamayola Ajayi, 31, preyed on four single women on popular dating website using a series of aliases and outlandish stories to fleece them of their cash.


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