WHO@ Newsletter - April 30, 2012

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Pot bought online goes to wrong address

A Kentucky teenager who allegedly scored a pot deal over the Internet was arrested after the package arrived at the wrong house, police said.

Garrett Bryant, 19, admitted arranging to buy a pound of marijuana from a California person he met playing Xbox Live online, WLKY-TV, Louisville, Ky., reported.

Bryant had the contraband sent to him under the false name of David Smith but it was sent to the wrong address.

Lawrenceburg police officer Josh Satterly said the resident opened the package without looking at the intended address and after discovering the marijuana, called police who called the postmaster who sent out a postal inspector, gamepolitics.com said.

"There was a name on the package of David Smith. Garrett Bryant accepted the package from the postal inspector. When he accepted the package and advised his name was David Smith, we executed a search warrant on the residence and that's when we recovered the pound of marijuana," Satterly said.

Bryant allegedly admitted to police he had paid $2,300 for the marijuana and was hoping to sell it to "help his mother pay bills," gamepolitics.com said.

"We have reason to believe that he wasn't selling it for financial gain for his mother. He was using it for personal use as well. There's other ways to help out family than to sell drugs," Satterly said.

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Hitting back at stalkers - 04/30/12
POLICE are reminding Northumberland residents who face stalking or harassment that help and support is available to them. As well as urging people to get in touch if they are concerned about someone’s behaviour towards them, Northumbria Police is publishing new information on its website directing them to advice and information on the subject.

It's called parenting, not snooping - 04/30/12
The Canadian Press has reported that more than half of Canadian parents admit that they have snooped -- even cyberstalked -- on their kids' Facebook page. The 11-country survey, which was done for a study on online safety, found the overall average of snooper parents was 44 per cent, lower than in Canada.

Saved someone’s life and managed to cop a feel of some cracking jubblies. Excellent shift. - 04/28/12
A PARAMEDIC who boasted on Facebook about groping a “cracking” pair of breasts was yesterday found guilty of misconduct.

Want to know why internet providers refuse to block porn? Just follow the money and ask this pornography baron - 04/27/12
Internet providers have been accused of being 'complicit' in exposing children to porn by refusing to help parents block it from computers in the home. The Mail tracked down Steven Hirsch, who has made millions from hardcore pornography films for the internet, and along the way found it was not just him that stood to lose a great deal of money if a block was in place.

Should Cyberbullying Be a Crime? - 04/27/12
Schools throughout New York are preparing to put a new curriculum in place that will teach students civility and tolerance, to comply with new legislation intended to cut down on bullying.

Harassers in DFW are losing their online anonymity - 04/27/12
Imagine waking up one day and finding out that you have been labeled a thief, hooker, pimp, child abuser or tax evader on an anonymous blog. As people ramp up their trash talk online, such harassment is becoming more common, said Kenton J. Hutcherson, a Dallas attorney who specializes in Internet defamation cases.

If you don't like it, why read it, judge asks Huhne's lover in harassment case - 04/27/12
A High Court judge yesterday questioned why Chris Huhne’s lover continued to read articles about herself when she found them offensive. Mr Justice Tugendhat was told that Carina Trimingham, who is suing the Daily Mail for alleged harassment, had set up alerts through the internet site Google where she would be warned every time a Daily Mail or Mail on Sunday article mentioned her.

Prosecutors: Burglar cyberstalked accusers - 04/26/12
An Illinois man accused of about 90 burglaries made false allegations online against his accusers, police and former employers, prosecutors said. Jicheng "Kevin" Liu, a 32-year-old Chinese national who authorities say has been living illegally in the United States for a decade, is accused of stealing more than $500,000 in merchandise in Cook County, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Corporate Web Stalking? HR Recruiting Via Social Media - 04/26/12
Teachers need to clean up their Facebook profiles. For those looking to move from the unemployed educators pool to the paid head of the classroom position, profile pictures featuring beer bong chugging, the wearing of oversized neon plush hats, or unintentional naps in bushes, should be deleted with haste. Why? Well according to a recent study conducted by Bullhorn Reach – an online social recruiting software force – the number one web avenue to recruit potential staff in education, non-profit work, or advertising is Facebook.

Fiji beauty called not 'native' enough - 04/26/12
Torika Watters, 16, is being criticized on Facebook for not looking "native" enough after she won Fiji's Miss World 2012 beauty pageant. Indigenous peoples are lambasting the weekend competition, judged by New Zealand supermodel Rachel Hunter and other non-natives, for selecting a winner whose hair doesn't have a "buiniga," a Fiji term for the naturally fuzzy hairstyle of the native islanders, the (Sydney) Daily Telegraph reported Thursday.

Twitter police swoops: Three arrested in probe over tweets naming Ched Evans rape victim - 04/26/12
Police have arrested three men after the teenage victim of rapist footballer Ched Evans was named on Twitter. The Sheffield United and Wales striker was jailed for five years last week after being found guilty of raping the woman who was "too drunk to consent" in a hotel in Rhyl. North Wales Police today said two men had been arrested under Section 5 of the Sexual Offences Amendments Act and the other on suspicion of malicious communication.

Lawyer sentenced to prison for making harassing phone calls - 04/25/12
An Albany lawyer was sentenced to one to three years in state prison for making harassing, racially-charged phone calls to city residents. James Hennesey, 59, pleaded guilty back in February to two counts of aggravated harassment as a hate crime. According to the Albany County District Attorney's Office, Hennesey, made upwards of 200 phone calls to nearly 40 different numbers through a spoofing website that would change the appearance of his outgoing phone number. V

Ouachita Parish charges woman with cyberstalking - 04/24/12
Ouachita Parish deputies have charged a Monroe woman with harassing a man over the Internet. Emily Phillips, 31, was booked into Ouachita Correctional Center on a cyberstalking charge on Saturday.

Employee fairly dismissed for harassing colleague on Facebook - 04/24/12
Another day, another case relating to dismissal following an employee’s posting of inappropriate Facebook comments…Mr Teggart, who was employed as a customer service representative in a call centre in Belfast, posted a number of obscene comments about a female co-worker on Facebook, one of which mentioned the name of his employer.