WHO@ Newsletter - April 23, 2012

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Detective has chance run-in with suspect

A Traverse City, Mich., detective ran into and arrested the suspect he was investigating for credit card fraud while the two were at a gas station.

Police said the chance encounter was lucky because more than a week had passed since a woman reported her credit card stolen April 12, the Traverse City Record-Eagle reported Saturday.

Detective Kevin Gay pulled the purchase record for the credit card after it was reported stolen and determined the suspect had used it at two gas stations. He was able to pull surveillance footage of the male suspect from the first gas station and had taken an image of the man to the second gas station Thursday.

That was when he ran into the 51-year-old suspect buying a pack of cigarettes.

"The odds are definitely against this happening ... on the exact day and time he's in there, the suspect is in there buying a pack of cigarettes," said Capt. Brian Heffner.

Gay arrested the suspect, who is expected to face charges of unlawful use of a credit card, the newspaper said.

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Prankster regrets sending intimate pictures to German high jumper – after she names and shames him on Facebook - 04/23/12
A sleazy Internet stalker who sent explicit photos to a world high jump star got more than he bargained for - when she posted his personal details to her thousands of fans. German athletics star Ariane Friedrich - who also works as a police officer - named and shamed her online stalker after being emailed photos of a man's genitals.

Ouachita woman charged with cyberstalking - 04/23/12
Ouachita Parish deputies have charged a Monroe woman with harassing a man over the Internet. Emily Phillips, 31, was booked into Ouachita Correctional Center on a cyberstalking charge on Saturday.

Ched Evans rape victim 'named and abused online': "Profoundly disturbing" comments probed by police - 04/22/12
Police are investigating reports that the woman raped by footballer Ched Evans was being named and abused online. It follows a complaint to North Wales Police by a leading rape charity which said the alleged comments on Twitter were "profoundly disturbing".

Aussie faith healers getting death threats - 04/21/12
A group of faith healers in Australia says it has been getting death threats from anonymous e-mailers who want its members off Brisbane's streets corners.

Woman angry at dating spreadsheet leaker - 04/20/12
The woman who received the highest ranking on a New York investment banker's dating spreadsheet said she's angry at the woman who leaked the document. Liliana Beidaut, 26, a makeup artist who received a 9.5 ranking on the infamous Match.com dating scorecard made by David Merkur, 28, said she was upset to find someone had leaked the spreadsheet to the public, the New York Post reported Friday.

Schoolboy, 15, posed as flirty girl on Facebook to get hold of pictures of naked boys in 'sophisticated' deception and he assaulted two victims while on bail - 04/20/12
A schoolboy rapist posed as a girl on Facebook to persuade teenage boys to send him explicit photographs of themselves.
The youth, of Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, set up a fictional account on the social networking site and convinced his 'friends' he was a flirty 16-year-old female.

Revenge porn website IsAnyoneUp.com shut down after anti-bullying group buys domain name - 04/20/12
A 'revenge porn' website has been shut down after it was bought by an anti-bullying group - but eyebrows have been raised as the new owner runs a remarkably similar service. Hunter Moore, 26, this week sold IsAnyoneUp.com - where people were encouraged to send in intimate pictures of their exes - to Bullyville.com for an undisclosed fee.

Man ‘posed as Bieber to groom young girls’ - 04/20/12
A MAN has been accused of posing as pop sensation Justin Bieber in order to groom young girls in up to five countries. Canadian Lee Moir, 34, is already facing multiple child sex charges for allegedly preying on a 12-year-old girl from New Jersey, in the US, over the internet.

Distracted doctor 'killed two patients suffering just ulcers with TEN TIMES normal dose of morphine while he surfed the internet' - 04/19/12
A doctor prescribed deadly drug overdoses for two elderly patients while 'preoccupied' by surfing the internet, a court heard yesterday. Rajendra Kokkarne, 37, had been checking cricket results, looking at news, doing personal banking and reading emails on the computer at his surgery when the mistakes were made.

Parents sue Apple over children's costly and highly addictive apps: Some are aimed at children as young as four - but can rack up bills up to £1,300 - 04/19/12
Parents whose children have accidentally run up huge bills playing games on their iPhones could be in line for compensation from Apple. Campaigners are awaiting the result of a U.S. court case in which a group of disgruntled parents are suing the company after their children’s innocent game playing ended up costing a fortune.

'I watched my lover die on Skype because Indian police would not break down door': Girlfriend reveals TEN hour ordeal after lover cut his throat in video call - 04/19/12
A distraught girlfriend told today how she watched in horror as her partner killed himself in front of her - 7,000 miles away over the internet on Skype. Speaking for the first time about the horrific experience Julie Zalinski told how Adrian Rowland, her boyfriend of two-and-a-half years slashed his throat and wrists.

Arrests in internet race-hate investigation - 04/19/12
Five men have been arrested on suspicion of publishing material to incite racial hatred. Computer equipment and mobile phones are thought to have been seized by police during early morning raids in Tyneside, Birkenhead, Barnsley, County Durham and Holloway, north London.

Free speech haven or lawless cesspool – can the internet be civilised? - 04/19/12
Public figures such as Ryan Giggs have reason to rue the freedom of the internet, but dissidents across the world have used it to circumvent repressive national laws. When a south London teenager uploaded a series of amateur rap videos to YouTube, he had no reason to believe they would make legal history.

'I'm not really dead': Online trolls open fake Facebook account in name of boy, 16, killed in moped crash and then email his mother - 04/18/12
A grieving mother has been targeted by internet trolls only a day after her 16-year-old son was killed in a moped crash. The online tormentors posed as Bridget Agar’s son, Jordan, on Facebook and sent her a message that said: ‘Mum, I’m not really dead. I’m sat at the computer, I just ran away.’

Mother 'had 13-year-old daughter’s boyfriend, 21, killed... then persuaded teen to take the blame after he posted topless pictures of girl on web' - 04/18/12
A mother had her 13-year-old daughter’s boyfriend murdered - then persuaded the teenager to take the blame after he posted topless photos of the girl on the internet, a court heard today. Gedu Bibi, 47, allegedly arranged for a former lover, Lilu Miah, to bludgeon Sumon Miah to death with a table leg after he uploaded the photos of Shuhina Khanam from his phone.

A generation of girls is now being sexually corrupted by the web - 04/18/12
Alone in a hotel room with a man she’d met only half-an-hour earlier, Becky Stevens knew it was too late to back out. For six months, the 15-year-old had been chatting online to ‘Stuart’ after meeting him on an internet dating site.

Facing the wrath of the Magic Circle: Penn & Teller sue Dutch entertainer who 'is threatening to sell secret of signature trick' - 04/17/12
A Dutch entertainer is being sued for threatening to sell the secret behind one of Penn & Teller's signature magic tricks for just $3,050. Raymond Teller, the smaller and silent member of the pair, is taking legal action against Gerard Dogge after he posted online a video offering to expose the method behind his 'Shadows' illusion.


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