WHO@ Newsletter - October 24, 2011

I couldn't make this up if I tried...Jewelry thief leaves name behind

Police say a woman who stole thousands of dollars worth of jewelry from a shop in Obernburg, Germany, erred big time -- she left her name and address behind.

The 38-year-old woman allegedly grabbed a tray filled with about 10,000 euros ($13,900) worth of gold and silver jewelry and watches from a glass case Thursday, The Local reported.

Police had little trouble tracking her down. They said she had given her name and address to the store clerk shortly before the theft when she asked to have a bracelet cleaned.

She was arrested, eventually confessed and the stolen jewelry was recovered, The Local said.

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‘Stalking cop who made my life hell’ - 10/24/11
A VICTIM of a policeman who stalked vulnerable women by sending them explicit text messages says the harassment turned her from a confident and outgoing person into “a nervous wreck”. Eaton Bray mum Maria Snow, 48, who has waived her right to anonymity, was subjected to a daily barrage of texts and phone calls from former Leighton Buzzard PC Mark Wilkie after he attended an emergency at her home.

X Factor boyband singer Andy Merry reveals his sex stalker nightmare - 10/23/11
X FACTOR star Andy Merry claims he is being stalked by a sex-obsessed fan. The Scot says the girl has bombarded him with explicit texts and pictures after meeting her on the internet. Boyband pin-up Andy, 21, was targeted by Savannah Lopez after he gave her his mobile phone number on Facebook.

Facebook Harassment Case Draws Near - 10/23/11
An unusual case touching on accusations of underage drinking, sex, social media, Internet privacy and parenting is now on the jury docket in state Superior Court in Norwalk. With the case on Friday's firm jury docket, Teri Buhl is now closer to either a trial or plea agreement.

Sex harassment man thought female boss was seducing him like Sharon Stone - 10/21/11
Ricardo Vinagre, 38, of Ingle Mews, Clerkenwell, believed project manager Sonya Reddy had flirted with him, wearing deliberately provocative clothes. And when Vinagre’s contract was not renewed, he was seen hiding behind pillars outside the offices and made scornful remarks about her to colleagues, City of London Magistrates’ Court heard.

Stalker stole my identity and left me living in fear, says renowned violinist - 10/21/11
A leading solo violinist told how she is being hounded by a stalker who stole her identity online after she spurned his marriage proposal. Sian Philipps, who made her debut with the Philharmonia Orchestra in 2004, claims that the American bombarded her friends and family with emails claiming to be her.

Judge says evidence in Kennewick stalking, teen sex cases allowed - 10/21/11
A Kennewick man accused of offering girls money and drugs to watch him perform sex acts and stalking his ex-girlfriend against court orders sobbed Thursday after a judge refused to dismiss one of his cases or suppress evidence in both. Ryan Graichen, 35, now will face a Benton County Superior Court jury Monday for the Columbia Park sex case.

This LA man created 130 fake Facebook pages just to harass his ex-girlfriend - 10/20/11
I’ve definitely been subjected to a few harassing emails from ex-boyfriends in my day, but this is one situation that takes the cake in “crazy ex” stories. Reported today is the prosecution of 22 year old Los Angeles resident, Jesus Felix, who created ­ wait for it ­ 130 different Facebook pages in order to harass his 16 year old ex-girlfriend. Wow.

Skype Exploits: I know where you are, what you are sharing, and how to best stalk you - 10/20/11
Security researchers discovered several serious security and privacy flaws in Skype that even a 'high school-age hacker' could use to track not only users’ locations over time but also their P2P file-sharing activity. The security team warned that this information could easily be used for "stalking, blackmail or fraud."

Man held for posting nude pix on Facebook - 10/20/11
Police today arrested a man for posting indecent photos of his ‘estranged girlfriend’ on Facebook by creating a fake account. Tapta Kumar Shrestha (37) of Teku, Kathmandu, created a fake profile of a woman, who’s identity has been withheld, on Facebook and posted dozens of lewd pictures and messages over a period of eight days, said SSP Devendra Subedi, Chief of Metropolitan Police Crime Division.

Criminals cash in on tax blunder: Internet scammers send fake 'rebate' email in bid to steal bank details - 10/20/11
Internet scammers were today trying to trick taxpayers into giving away their bank details after it was revealed that millions are in line for a rebate. Six million people are set to receive a windfall of around £400 each as HM Revenue and Customs clears a Pay As You Earn backlog.

Facebook 'horror movie' sounds cyber-stalking alarm - 10/20/11
Facebook is becoming an ever more intrusive feature of websites, but just how much of your personal life do you give up each time you click the "Connect with Facebook" button? The danger in exposing your personal life is being laid bare by Takethislollipop.com, a new site that turns the popular social network into a personal horror movie, which is creeping out hundreds of thousands of users across the web.

Lakeville woman convicted of harassing family may be released early - 10/20/11
Dakota County Attorney James Backstrom said his office will challenge a judge's order that will release a 26-year-old Lakeville woman - guilty of stalking a prominent south-metro family - early from jail. Kaley Marie Hennessy, who is scheduled to be released Nov. 22, will have served about three months of her yearlong sentence. The early release requires that she not violate probation requirements, said the order by District Judge Richard Spicer.

Selena Gomez stalker 'has two stalking convictions - 10/19/11
The man who has been ordered to stay away from terrified actress/singer Selena Gomez, has a history of stalking, according to authorities in his native Illinois. The 'Wizards of Waverly Place' actress has been granted a restraining order against Thomas Brodnicki, after the 46-year-old allegedly told his psychiatrist that he was going to kill the star after having conversations with God about her.

Police: man threatened to kill wife, cops - 10/18/11
A Pace man was arrested Friday afternoon on numerous charges which stemmed from recent comments that included he would his wife, her family, as well as law enforcement. James Walter Robinson, 34, of Todd Street in Pace, was arrested by the U.S. Marshals Florida Regional Fugitive Task Force from Pensacola after investigators received a tip that Robinson was at his fathers in Pace.

Ottawa teen poured out his pain on the Internet before taking life - 10/18/11
A gay Ottawa teen wrote openly on the Internet about the depression and bullying that led him to take his own life. Jamie Hubley chronicled his pain on a blog alongside photos of razor-scarred forearms and other suicidal images.

Trial begins in Facebook threats case - 10/18/11
Anthony Douglas Elonis' alleged Facebook threats to attack Dorney Park, kill his wife and slaughter a class of kindergartners scared some and terrified others, a federal prosecutor said Tuesday.But when a jury weighs the evidence against Elonis, it won't have to consider whether he intended to threaten those people, but rather that he knew it could be perceived as a threat.

Former Naval Officer Caught Stalking Woman With GPS Tracking - 10/18/11
Sentencing was delayed yesterday for a man who recently plead guilty to cyberstalking a woman in San Diego, CA. According to court documents, the ex-Navy man, Michael Lutz, made hundreds of calls to a woman’s telephone and tracked her through GPS tracking technology after she made clear their relationship was over. He once chased the victim throughout a shopping mall, followed her into a women’s bathroom and climbed under a locked stall to confront her.

Internet bigot Stephen Birrell jailed for eight months - 10/17/11
A man who posted sectarian comments on a Facebook page called "Neil Lennon Should be Banned" has been jailed for eight months. Stephen Birrell, 28, from Glasgow, admitted posting the religiously prejudiced abuse earlier this year.


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