WHO@ Newsletter - October 3, 2011

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .GPS Really Works!

Owner tracks stolen boat 2,500 miles away

The owner of a powerboat stolen in Florida was 2,500 miles away in Nevada but was still able to tell police where the stolen craft was headed, authorities said.

A Global Positioning System device on the 32-foot, $260,000 boat told the owner through his cellphone that the craft, stolen Wednesday in Jacksonville, Fla., was being hauled north on Interstate 95 in Brevard County, Florida Today reported.

With help from a police helicopter, deputies located the Ford F-250 towing the 2009 Yellowfin Yachts Center Console and arrested two men after they exited the interstate.

Maykel Calafet Calderon, 28, and Manuel I. Telles, 38, both Cuban natives living in Miami, were arrested on charges of theft.

"The owner giving us updates was by far the thing that assisted us the most," Todd Holland of the Brevard County Sheriff's Office said.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Gablinske Speaks Out After Cyberstalking Case Closes - 10/03/11
The recent cyberstalking conviction of John Leidecker, the National Education Association Rhode Island’s (NEARI) deputy executive director, was the end of just another – but surely not the last – story of labor’s long reach in Rhode Island politics.

Vice mayor alerts residents of impostor Facebook account that solicits campaign donations - 10/03/11
An impostor has created a Facebook profile pretending to be Sinajana Vice Mayor Robert Hofmann, and the village leader has warned residents not to respond to online requests for campaign donations.

Friends and family remember Jacque Waller four months after her disappearance - 10/02/11
Jacque Waller has now been missing for four months. But that hasn't deterred searchers from combing hundreds more acres, or supporters of her family from gathering and continuing to pray. Prosecutors have named Jacque Waller's estranged husband Clay Waller as a suspect connected to her disappearance. Authorities say Clay Waller was the last person to see her before she disappeared from the Jackson home where he was staying. Clay Waller is currently in the custody of federal marshals and will face an Internet harassment charge in federal court, in addition to state charges of theft and harassment unrelated to Jacque Waller's disappearance.

Man Ambushed By Facebook 'Friend' - 10/01/11
Christopher Harris said he's learned a lesson about meeting people on Facebook after he set up a meeting with who he thought was a woman. "I don't even like Facebook. I was on Twitter, then I go back to Facebook for two days and this happens to me," said Harris.

Fury over charity pics porn leak - 09/30/11
KIND-hearted students were left furious after pictures they appeared in for a saucy charity calendar appeared on online PORN sites. Some of the girls, from the University of Portsmouth, are said to be "devastated" after the unedited images were leaked on to the web and attracted a host of lewd comments.

British Dad Chokes Boy Who 'Killed' Him in Online War Game - 09/30/11
A British man attacked a teenage boy who "killed" his character in an online computer war game, a court in southern England has heard. Father-of-three Mark Bradford, 46, was awaiting sentencing Friday after he admitted storming round to the boy's home and grabbing him around the throat after the youngster teased him about winning "Call of Duty: Black Ops," the Plymouth Herald reported.

Bigamist caught by first wife when he posted second marriage photos on Facebook - 09/30/11
A bigamist was caught out after his first wife spotted his second wedding day photos on Facebook. Diane Haynes was still legally married to coach driver Paul Haynes when she discovered photographs of his illegal wedding on the social networking site.

Former police officer sentenced to 2 years for internet stalking - 09/30/11
A former Fair Oaks Police officer will be spending the next two years in prison for stalking a San Antonio woman over the internet. The officer, 41-year-old Robert Lee Crews, was sentenced Friday in federal court. Crews will also be placed under supervised release for a three-year period after completing his prison term.

Patients' horror as they find pictures of their breasts online after plastic surgeon 'posted images on web... and put their names next to them' - 09/28/11
Five women who had plastic surgery on their breasts say they were horrified to find before-and-after naked pictures, alongside their names, used as advertising on their surgeon's website.

More victims report cyberstalking suspect - 09/28/11
Authorities said they have been getting more reports from women claiming they were abused by a 26-year-old man suspected of cyberstalking. The Hammond Police Department said Adam Kolb used Facebook to befriend women, collect nude pictures and videos of them, and then extort sexual favors if they tried to break off the relationship.

Website under fire for promoting gossip - 09/28/11
“A perverse person stirs up conflict and a gossip separates close friends,” states Proverbs 16:28. That biblical statement is so true, that even atheists agree. What used to be passed around in class on small notes of paper or overheard on community phone lines are now broadcasted through text messages or tweeted through Twitter. Whether you call it cyber bullying or spreading an urban legend, gossiping is still trendy.

The rom-con men: Fraudsters target 'lonely hearts' on dating websites - 09/28/11
Dating and social networking websites are becoming a magnet for confidence tricksters preying on ‘lonely hearts’, a study reveals. It says as many as 200,000 people may have been persuaded last year to give money to fraudsters using false identities to pursue relationships with them. But because of the shame victims feel, fewer than 600 cases were reported.

2 girls accused of making threats on Facebook - 09/27/11
Ouachita Parish prosecutors say two girls have been booked with cyberstalking because they allegedly threatened on Facebook to injure another girl at West Monroe High School. Juvenile Assistant District Attorney Doniele Staten told The News-Star (http://bit.ly/o26Mro) on Monday that the threatened girl was afraid to go to school.

Spammers Hijack Email Marketer Accounts to Send Malicious Messages - 09/27/11
Attackers are increasingly targeting email marketing firms and corporate email accounts to power their spam campaigns, Websense Security researchers reported. Websense Security Labs has observed a rise in spam being sent from corporate Webmail accounts, wrote David Saunders, email threat research team manager at Websense Security.

Breakup leads to cyber-stalking charge - 09/27/11
Soon after a Massachusetts college student dumped her Houston-area fiancé, he sent her email and text messages to find out what happened, maybe win her back. It didn't work. Things got ugly. The ex-boyfriend is now accused of unleashing a torrent of hundreds of messages that grew so violent that the woman sought help from the FBI.

How to Document Harassment and Cyberstalking on Twitter - 09/27/11
With 200,000,000 registered twitter accounts and almost 450,000 new accounts being created daily, some of you are bound to run into a sociopath, a bully a troll, even a complete cyberstalking psychopath on Twitter sooner or later. Having just had to deal with my own little unpleasant experience with a small group of possibly psychotic individuals targeting friends on the twitternets, I thought I should share with you a little video that my friends at Tweetreports (@tweetreports on Twitter) cooked up for us just for this post.

Charges considered in New York teen’s ‘bullycide’ - 09/27/11
In the wake of a gay teen’s suicide after repeated bullying in school and online, some are asking if his school district did enough to prevent the tragedy. Did a New York school system do all it could to stop the bullying of a gay teen who took his own life earlier this month? That’s one question being asked in the wake of the suicide of Williamsville North High School freshman Jamey Rodemeyer.

Most young people are victims of on-line bullying - 09/27/11
More and more teens and young adults say they don’t even have to leave their homes to be harassed, abused, or taunted. A staggering 56% say it is happening on-line. That’s according to a survey done by MTV and the Associated Press. The poll is all part of a campaign called, “A Thin Line.” The goal of it is to raise awareness of and prevent bullying and abuse.

Harvard website hacked by Syria protesters - 09/26/11
Harvard University has had its website hacked in what appears to be a "sophisticated" Syrian-related attack. Along with a picture of Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, the hacked home page showed a message saying the "Syrian Electronic Army Were Here".

Chris Langham thought he would be 'admired' for downloading child porn - 09/26/11
Disgraced actor Chris Langham said he expected people to "admire" him when he said he had downloaded child porn images as research for a television role. The Bafta award winner was sent to prison for 10 months in 2007 after being found guilty of 15 counts of downloading child pornography, but insisted he viewed the videoclips and pictures as research for a paedophile character he was developing for the BBC2 drama Help.

Most burglars using Facebook and Twitter to target victims, survey suggests - 09/26/11
The majority of burglars use social media such as the websites Facebook and Twitter to target their victims, a survey suggests. With many users posting constant updates, the sites can unwittingly provide the thieves with information about recent high-value purchases such as televisions as well as the dates and times when they are out.


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