WHO@ Newsletter - April 25, 2011

I couldn't make this up if I tried...It's a hairy situation
Burglars steal hair from Chicago business

Chicago police have a real head-scratching case on their hands as they try to root out who stole human hair from a beauty-supply company.

Police say the theft of what they consider a "very valuable" amount of hair was taken early Sunday by burglars of the Beauty One shop.

Authorities say the culprits pried open a huge steel door that had been secured with two deadbolt locks, then swiped the hair.

No dollar amount for the hair was given, and there was no immediate explanation why thieves would want it.

A police sergeant says he's been to a lot of robberies, but never one involving hair.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Bullies face 10 years in jail - 04/26/11
WORKPLACE and cyber bullies face up to 10 years in jail under proposed changes to South Australian laws. The State Government yesterday said it would consider replicating sweeping new Victorian laws aimed at tackling bullying, including abuse levelled through social media websites and on mobile phones.

Man Gets Punched for Surfing Porn at Library - 04/25/11
Libraries are wonderful places of learning with access to books, videos, music and now even the internet. Of course, where there is internet, and there is porn. And with internet in libraries, that means there's also porn there too.

Man in 30s arrested for stalking - 04/22/11
A man who allegedly sent more than a hundred text messages to his ex-girlfriend was arrested and charged with stalking, according to Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency. The 38-year-old man surnamed Jang had sent 147 text messages to the victim since October 2009. He kept following his ex by hiding around her house as well as workplace. With the internet ID and password he had learned during the relationship, he even kept track of things she bought online.

Police See Rise In Reports of Online Harassment - 04/22/11
Yesterday we brought you the story of a man arrested for reportedly harassing a local priest by threatening him over the Internet.
And today, Laredo Police are warning any others who may think they can get away with online bullying or harassment.

Facebook boasts snare £150,000 library vandal who closed building for five months - 04/22/11
A teenage vandal who flooded his local library causing £150,000 of damage has been caught out – after admitting he did it on Facebook. The 16-year-old had initially denied committing the act, which left the library closed for five months. But he changed his plea and confessed to causing the damage after being confronted with the transcript of a conversation with a friend on the social networking site.

'I'm going to rape you': Vicious cyberbully who tormented a teenage cancer survivor turns out to be her BEST FRIEND - 04/21/11
A girl who bravely beat cancer when she was just 11 was taunted for weeks by a vicious cyberbully - who turned out to be her best friend. Justine Williams, who lost a leg to the disease, only discovered the identity of her tormentor when her parents reported the abuse to Massachusetts police.

Man Arrested For Harassing Local Pastor Online - 04/21/11
A local man has been arrested for online harassment in a case police say took months to investigate and one that involves the Internet and a local church. Police say the man could now face anywhere from 2 to 20 years in prison if found guilty for the crime.

How thieves can track down your address ONE MINUTE after you update Facebook and Twitter with your holiday plans - 04/21/11
Constant holiday updates on social networking sites are a handy way of letting your friends know what you are up to. But there may be others who have a more sinister interest in your online posts. Facebook and Twitter users are increasing the risk of being burgled when they announce their holiday plans online, a study has warned.

Caught on CCTV: The terrifying moment robber was shot dead after storming internet cafe - 04/21/11
This is the terrifying moment two armed robbers stormed a Florida internet cafe, in a dramatic shoot-out which left one man dead. Chilling footage shows the men, dressed in dark clothing and bandannas, charge into the store before being confronted by a security guard.

Cyberstalker will wear GPS device - 04/21/11
A North Valley man was sentenced Thursday to probation and ordered to wear a GPS monitoring bracelet for cyberstalking a WEEK-TV news reporter last year.

Threatening texts lead to arrest - 04/21/11
A Brewton man has been charged with aggravating stalking after a McDavid, Fla., woman told police he had sent her threatening text messages. Joshua Caleb Black, 21, of 360 Pine View Cemetery Road, was arrested April 14 and charged with two counts of aggregated stalking, third degree, after harassing, cyberstalking and threatening to commit murder.

Issaquah girls, 11 and 12, could face cyberstalking charge - 04/21/11
Facebook posts could land a pair of Issaquah girls in court, the Issaquah Police Department announced Thursday afternoon. The police department responded to a report of harassment March 18 from the mother of another 12-year-old girl. The mother said someone had accessed her daughter’s Facebook page and posted sexually explicit photos and messages.

R.I. teachers union official challenges admissibility of evidence in stalking case - 04/21/11
A state teachers union executive charged with stalking a former state lawmaker by e-mail is challenging the admissibility of evidence seized from his home as well as any statements he made to investigators.

Woman accused of email threats to 15 GOP senators ordered to stay off Internet - 04/21/11
A Cross Plains child care provider who allegedly sent email threats to 15 Republican state senators over their support for limiting public worker collective bargaining rights was ordered to stay off the Internet by a Dane County court commissioner Thursday.

Sultan principal victim of fake Facebook page - 04/20/11
Sultan Middle School Principal Robin Briganti can tell students she knows what it feels like to be a victim of cyberbullying.

Cyber-stalking Creepy crawlies - 04/20/11
LEANDRA RAMM (pictured) is a mezzo-soprano with more on her mind than music. Someone­a deranged Singaporean cyber-stalker, she claims­has posted around 4,000 internet messages in the past five years, depicting her as a talentless, sex-crazed swindler. He has also created a blog under her name and has left obscene messages on her own website.

NJ man gets prison term for email threats - 04/18/11
A New Jersey man has been sentenced to 50 months in prison and three years' supervised release for sending threatening emails to the employees of five Latino civil rights organizations.


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