WHO@ Newsletter - April 11, 2011

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .I just love stupid criminals!
Charlotte robbery suspect drops T-shirt at scene
A suspect in a North Carolina home invasion robbery is in jail after a T-shirt bearing his photo was found outside the crime scene.

The Charlotte Observer reports Friday that the shirt fell out of the suspect's car as he was making a hasty getaway.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police say a man and woman were at home when two men broke in March 29 and took a wallet and some jewelry.

The suspects struggled with the man as they fled. Later, the man found a black T-shirt on the ground displaying a mug shot and the slogan: "Making money is my thang."

Two days later, 25-year-old Jonathan Tyrone Huntley turned himself in and was charged with common law robbery and breaking and entering. It wasn't immediately known if he has a lawyer.

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Cyberstalkers Take To Social Networks Over Dating Sites: STUDY -04/11/11
The Guardian reports that, according to a new study, cyberstalking has become more prevalent than real-world stalking. Alarmed by the rise in online harassment, the British Electronic Communication Harassment Organization (ECHO) at Bedford University recently conducted a study of the effects of cyberstalking on victims.

Clearly define social network policy - 04/11/11
Whether you are willing to allow your employees to participate in social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn or not, you need to draft an effective social media policy.

Smith under fire over webcam sex scandal - 04/11/11
Defence Minister Stephen Smith should apologise to the head of an elite Canberra military academy for criticising him over a recent webcam sex scandal, the Australian Defence Association says.

AFL girl Duthie's family 'getting threats' - 04/11/11
The mother of Melbourne school girl Kim Duthie, who posted nude pictures of two St Kilda footballers on the internet, says her family have received death threats. Susan Duthie says people have threatened to cut the throat of her 17-year-old daughter who became involved with Saints' star Sam Gilbert after he and another player visited their school for a football clinic.

Email threat to Wankhede; accused says sent for fun - 04/10/11
Charging Muslim's for terrorism has been a very easy task for many. Especially LeT, SIMI, and many such organizations have been a very soft target for the common people, as the security squads around the world do believe when anybody bundles the blame on these organizations.

Man faces cyberstalking charge - 04/09/11
A Chicago man has been charged with stalking a Naperville woman over the Internet and badgering her in a lurid e-mail campaign. Daniel R. Tamburich, 32, is charged with cyberstalking, causing emotional distress and electronic communication harassment.

Snellville PD Makes First Cyber Stalking Arrest - 04/08/11
Snellville Police Department has made its first arrest in a cyber stalking case, according to Police Chief Roy Whitehead. Police arrested Alexander Prescott Brown, a 25-year-old Tennessee man, in connection with the stalking of a 19-year-old Snellville woman. The woman, who attends Georgia Gwinnett College, met the man in an Internet chat room a year ago, Snellville Police said.

Cyberbullying: Local authorities work to curb online harassment - 04/08/11
As technology creates new avenues for students to harass each other, school administrators, legislators and law enforcement officials scramble to address the issue of cyberbullying. ''Harassment's gone on for years -- the Internet just makes it easier to do,'' said Windham Police Officer Matthew Cyr, who runs the Community Policing Project in Windham.

Thinking of checking out a bargain? Beware the company websites that are selling on your personal details - 04/08/11
They are seen as a handy way to help us cut through the sales patter and find the best deals. But the convenience of price-comparison websites comes at a cost. It has emerged that some firms are passing on customers’ personal details to salesmen for up to £50 a head.

Formspring - 04/07/11
Have you ever wondered what you might say to someone if they didn’t know it was you? Well, there’s probably a reason why you’re too uncomfortable to say it to their face. I don’t have a Formspring, but I have spent some time browsing people’s profiles.

Marquette County sees cases of online harassment - 04/06/11
The release of the movie "Catfish" brought national attention to a family in Ishpeming. But, the family was very different from what was allegedly portrayed through Facebook relationships to a New York filmmaker. A new California law called "online impersonation" went into effect in January, making conduct like this potentially illegal.

Teen Charged With Threatening Teacher - 04/06/11
A 14-year-old boy has been arrested for posting threatening text messages on his teacher's Facebook page, Caddo sheriff's deputies said Wednesday.

Man faces cyber charge - 04/06/11
Clayton police recently arrested a 47-year-old man on a charge of cyberstalking. Terrance Keith Wilson of 77 Nancy Court, Clayton, was arrested March 24 and taken to the Johnston County Jail. He was released after posting a $750 bond.

Police seek help from Norway to trace culprit - 04/06/11
The Internet Protocol (IP) address of the sender of the threat mail on the day of World Cup final match between India and Sri Lanka at the Wankhede Stadium was traced to suburban Oslo, Norway’s capital. Himanshu Roy, joint commissioner of police, crime, said on Tuesday though the mail turned out to
be a hoax, the police have written to the Norwegian government, through the ministry of external affairs, to track down the sender of the mail on the basis of the IP address.

Four men charged with stalking in Flagler County - 04/05/11
Four men are accused of stalking and threatening Flagler County residents after texting, emailing and showing up at the homes of those frightened enough by their actions to call police, records show. William Robert Johnson, 78, of Palm Coast, was arrested shortly after 4 p.m. Friday at 17D Old Kings Road, Palm Coast, and accused of "repeatedly cyberstalking" his accuser through email, according to a Flagler County sheriff's arrest report. He was charged with violation of injunction and aggravated stalking and booked into the Flagler County Inmate Facility.

Condé Nast 'tricked out of £5m in email scam' - 04/05/11
A man from a small town in Texas tricked Condé Nast, the international publishing giant, into paying him £5 million by sending a single email claiming to be from its printers, a lawsuit alleges.

Lawyer Who Never Tried a Case Proud of Murder Mistrial on Facebook, Humiliated in Interview - 04/05/11
New Jersey lawyer Joseph Rakofsky appeared pleased in a Facebook post after a Washington, D.C., judge declared a mistrial due to the defense lawyer’s trial performance. "1st-Degree Murder...MISTRIAL!" Rakofsky wrote, according to the Washington City Paper. Seven of his friends indicated they liked the status update. But in an interview with the publication, Rakofsky admitted he was “humiliated” by a press account of the proceeding.


vimala rani said…
It is necessary for every parent to learn what is cyberstalking its impact on your child and how to protect him/her from Cyber harassement

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