WHO@ Newsletter - November 30, 2009

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Snort!

Pig farts spark Australia gas scare

A flatulent pig sparked a gas emergency in southern Australia when a farmer mistook its odours for a leaking pipe, according to officials.

Fifteen firefighters and two trucks were called to a property at Axedale in central Victoria state after reports of a gas leak, the Country Fire Service said.

"When we got there, as we drove up the driveway, there was this huge sow, about a 120-odd kilo (265-pound) sow, and it was very obvious where the gas was coming from," said fire captain Peter Harkins.

"We could not only smell it, but we heard it and it was quite funny."

Harkins said the pig's owner was "a little bit embarrassed to say the least," and it took fire crews a little while to compose themselves.

"It was fairly obvious what it was. I think we dealt with it fairly professionally and had a bit of a giggle when we got back to the station," he told public broadcaster ABC.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Report: FBI paid controversial NJ blogger for help - 11/30/09
A New Jersey blogger about to stand trial on charges he made death threats against federal judges apparently was paid by the FBI in its battle against domestic terrorism, according to a published report.

Facebook face the bullies - 11/29/09
Facebook is... joining our Click Bullying Into Touch campaign as the net closes in on vile cyberbullies.

For stars, high-tech gaffes hard to hide - 11/28/09
So, you fail to take a deep breath and to count to 10 ­ and you post something you probably shouldn't on Twitter or Facebook, or somewhere else online.

Text-a-Tip programs allow tipsters to help police - 11/28/09
A mother in Boston tells police her 8-year-old boy was shot to death in their apartment by gunmen in hooded sweat shirts during a home invasion. Officers later receive a text message from an anonymous tipster that leads them to a much different conclusion: the boy's 7-year-old cousin accidentally shot him while the two boys were playing with a loaded 9 mm handgun.

Woman Charged After Email Threat Delays MIA Flight - 11/28/09
A Sunny Isles woman concerned her boss would miss his pre-Thanksgiving AmericanAirlines flight to Honduras apparently tried to buy him some extra timeby making a bomb threat. While the flight was detained so was she, after she was caught because she not only phoned the threat in, she used a computer to e-mail it, leading police straight to her door.

Internet sales of hidden 'nanny' cameras booming - 11/28/09
There’s nothing like a stout mix of fear and falling technology prices to whip up sales of hidden cameras.
Surveillance experts say sales of “nanny cams” are exploding, fueled by distrust and easy access to inexpensive, quality equipment from Web sites around the world.

Vitale loses bid to bar use of e-mail - 11/28/09
A judge has rejected a plea by Richard Vitale, former House speaker Salvatore DiMasi’s friend and former financial adviser, to bar prosecutors from using his personal e-mails in their influence-peddling case against him.

Watch out for abusive Web relationships, AWAIC tells young adults - 11/27/09
It's an effort to reduce a growing problem among teens and young adults in Alaska: dating violence and abuse through the Internet.
Abused Women's Aid in Crisis kicked off a campaign to raise awareness about the issue Friday, with a little help from a local radio station. Tonight we take a closer look at the campaign, and the dangers of social networking sites.

Lawyer calls for camera phones to be banned at the office Christmas party - 11/27/09
Mobile camera phones should be banned from office Christmas parties to prevent photographs of workers misbehaving being posted on the internet, an employment lawyer has warned.

Facebook fakes steal AFL stars' identities - 11/27/09
MORE than 40 AFL players have had their identities stolen on social networking websites, with one footballer so concerned he has reported the fraud to police.

JNTU students mail bomb threats in V-C’s name - 11/26/09
Detained students of the Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University-Hyderabad (JNTUH) are suspected to have sent out email threats to Technical Education Minister MV Ramana, Andhra Pradesh Council for Higher Education chairman KC Reddy and their own vice-chancellor DN Reddy.

Starving trolls is key to internet harmony - 11/26/09
Ignoring internet "trolls" is the best way to deter people who surf the internet picking fights and abusing people on discussion forums, says an expert. ABC News Online this week scrapped its 'Open for Comment' panel in a bid to deter trolls, who constantly start arguments and hurl abuse at other participants.

From The Geniuses Behind Net Censorship Comes “The Panic Button” - 11/26/09
Some of the strongest advocates for internet censorship in Australia are now pushing a new idea to save kiddies from the dangers that apparently lurk behind every website: a “panic button.”

Two Beefeaters sacked from Tower of London for bullying first female Yeoman - 11/26/09
Two Beefeaters have been sacked for bullying the first woman to join their ranks.
Colleagues said Mark Sanders-Crook and Bob Brown had been dismissed and would have to leave their grace-and-favour homes in the Tower of London after being found guilty of harassing Moira Cameron.

Hong Kong police track Facebook suicide group: report - 11/26/09
Hong Kong police are seeking the Internet user behind a Facebook group that encouraged teenagers to commit mass suicide, a report said Thursday, after a 15-year-old member tried to kill himself.

Sexting is serious - 11/25/09
Sending nude or otherwise provocative pictures through text messages is called sexting.
Even if you haven't heard of it, you can bet teens and the police have. Wednesday Captain Dan Hally from the Asotin County Sheriff's Office talked to teens at CHS about the dangers.

Hit me on my cell: Digital abuse among teens - 11/25/09
Call it textual harassment, sexting, cyber-stalking, but new technology has given birth to new ways for teens (and younger) to participate in dangerous behaviors.

Police Conducting Facebook Drinking Stings - 11/25/09
We know Facebook has helped police solve all sorts of crimes, from burglary to vandalism.
But did you know it’s also being used to fight a far more pernicious crime? No, not child sex abuse.
Underage drinking.

Parents need to pay attention - 11/24/09
Parents need to pay attention to what their children are doing and talk to them regularly. That was the overall advice given to a group of parents, teachers and citizens who attended a community meeting Thursday, hosted by School Resource Officers Lt. Darvin Couch, Cindy George and Anthony Walden.

2 busted for threatening YouTube rap - 11/24/09
Two young Massachusetts men have been charged with posting a threatening video on YouTube that mentioned the names of a state trooper and a probation officer.

Former Olympian jailed over 'cyber-sex' sessions con - 11/24/09
A former weightlifting champion has been jailed for three years for tricking young boys into taking part in internet "cyber-sex" sessions.


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