WHO@ Newsletter - November 16, 2009

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Wow.
Mass. principal bans students from saying 'Meep!'

Who knew "Meep!" was a four-letter word? The utterance favored by bungling lab assistant Beaker of "The Muppet Show" has been banned at Danvers High School in Massachusetts after students said it to repeatedly interrupt school.

Principal Thomas Murray said the word was part of a disruption planned using Facebook.

The Salem News reports that parents recently got an automated call about "Meep!" from Murray. He warned them that students who said or displayed the word at school could be suspended.

Murray says the warning was needed because students didn't heed his "reasonable request" to stop the meeping.

Danvers High sophomore Melanie Crane says it doesn't mean anything in particular.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Cyberbullies hit primary schools - 11/16/09
Cyberbullying is a growing problem in primary schools, according to the Anti-Bullying Alliance.

Online gangs cashing in on swine flu - 11/16/09
Criminal gangs are making millions of dollars out of the H1N1 flu pandemic by selling fake flu drugs over the internet, a web security firm said on Monday.

Brazilian police hunt lone blogger exposing 'unfaithful' wives online - 11/15/09
Brazilian police are hunting a blogger who claims to be waging a lone crusade against unfaithful wives.
The man, from a small rural town of Lagoa da Prata, in Minas Gerais, has so far posted the name of 300 supposed cuckolds on a popular social networking site.

Trail of online suicides - 11/15/09
A CHILLING series of deaths have been linked to bullying via social networking sites.
The victims - just like Matthew - were forced to endure the twin attacks of physical playground intimidation and internet threats.

Fake payslips bought on the web at the centre of mortgage fraud racket worth millions - 11/15/09
All it took was a few clicks of the mouse and a payment of £35 for an Observer reporter to obtain a counterfeit payslip over the internet which would allow her to commit mortgage fraud worth hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Slaughterman executed mother with bolt gun in front of her daughters after she snubbed him on Facebook - 11/14/09
A stalker was jailed for life yesterday for murdering a mother with a bolt gun used to slaughter livestock.
Fitness instructor Mary Griffiths, 38, had been due to meet police earlier that evening but her appointment to discuss the harassment had been put off until the following morning.

TN state trooper suspended over racially charged e-mail - 11/14/09
A Tennessee state trooper has been suspended for 15 days without pay and will be required to attend diversity training after he accidentally sent an e-mail proclaiming white pride to 787 state employees.

‘I’m coming to finish you off’ – attacker makes online threats to teenage victim - 11/14/09
AN attacker has taunted his terrified victim on teenage website Bebo – saying: “I’m coming to get you.”
The youngster, 17, nearly killed schoolboy Daniel Davenport 16 months ago in a knife attack.

Spam Campaign Targets Payment Transfer System - 11/13/09
A new spam campaign is targeting a financial transfer system that handles trillions of dollars in transactions annually and has proved to be a fertile target of late for online fraudsters.

Fake Verizon 'balance-checker' Is a Trojan - 11/13/09
Cyber-criminals have started preying on Verizon Wireless customers, sending out spam e-mail messages that say their accounts are over the limit and offering them a "balance checker" program to review their payments.

Gang jailed for £600,000 NatWest internet banking fraud - 11/13/09
A gang of internet fraudsters have been jailed for using a sophisticated computer virus to steal £600,000 from NatWest bank customers.

Wife snares paedophile husband by posing as online schoolgirl using computer in room next door - 11/13/09
A wife posed as a schoolgirl online to catch her husband using an internet chatroom to groom underage girls for sex.
Cheryl Roberts, 61, had become concerned about the amount of time her husband David spent at his computer.

Celebrity homes Web site raises concerns - 11/12/09
Suppose you could look at the pool in back of James Cameron's Malibu estate. Or admire the ornate garden on Haim Saban's Beverly Hills mansion. Or check out the tennis court at Tiger Woods' Florida home.
Should you?

Recently arrested NIU employee has history of similar offenses - 11/12/09
How NIU screens potential employees differs depending on the position applicants are seeking.
Steve Cunningham, vice president of human resources, said background checks are done on security-sensitive positions, which are defined as having contact with minors, controlled substances, weapons, and hazardous materials, and having access to the residence halls, among other things.

Social Networking and the New Workplace - 11/12/09
You are on the phone with a colleague and suddenly you feel as though you are speaking to yourself. You hear in the background the clicking of a computer keyboard, and you realize that you've lost the other person's attention. They are surfing the Internet or, more likely, checking their Facebook or Twitter account.

MPAA Shuts Down Town's Free Muni WiFi Over 1 Download - 11/12/09
The MPAA forced the town Coshocton, OH to shut down their entire free municipal WiFi network because of a single instance of a single user illegally downloading a copyrighted movie.

City worker frustrated over e-mail harassment - 11/12/09
An openly gay staffer in the San Francisco Medical Examiner's office is expressing frustration with the pace of an investigation into a harassing e-mail sent to another gay employee.

WDCA hits out at cyber sledging - 11/12/09
WARRNAMBOOL and District Cricket Association (WDCA) is breaking new ground by threatening to suspend players, officials and clubs which intimidate or degrade opponents by online sledging.

Porn star fake identity used to get nude nurse pics - court - 11/12/09
A RADIOGRAPHER created an internet identity using photos of a female porn star to trick a nurse into sending him raunchy photos of herself, a court has been told.

Headteacher suspends pupils after being 'cyberbullied' by Facebook group attacking her dress sense - 11/12/09
A headteacher has suspended three pupils after they set up a Facebook group attacking her dress sense.
Elizabeth Hitch was so incensed by comments on the social networking site that she threatened dozens of others at Beaumont School, St Albans, with disciplinary action.

I-Team: Former Weatherman Responds to Stalking Allegations - 11/11/09
A well-known TV weathercaster says personal demons drove him to threaten a woman he met on a dating service website.
The I-Team broke the story about dozens of strange and menacing messages left by former Channel 3 Meteorologist John Fredericks -- messages which led to a report filed with Las Vegas police.

Facebook: Friend or Foe? - 11/11/09
I recently read an article in the New York Times entitled “The Facebook Exodus.” Being a frequent Facebook user myself after I read the article I felt, well frankly, disturbed by it.

Family of missing woman getting threats - 11/10/09
In January of 2006 Drew Kesse’s daughter Jennifer Kesse vanished from her apartment near the Mall at Millenia. Now more worries for her father as police investigate death threats against him. After Jennifer Kesse disappeared, www.jenniferkesse.com was set up to help find the missing girl. For years people have posted well wishes, encouragement, even tips on where the girl might be. And every morning Drew Kesse reads the guestbook portion of the site.

The Facebook stalker - 11/10/09
A SPURNED weirdo who sent a girl hundreds of sick Facebook messages has been branded one of Britain's worst cyber-stalkers.
Jason Smith, 23, targeted Alexandra Scarlett in an 18-month online hate campaign after she rejected him.


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