What the frell hit me?

And before any of you smartasses write something like "what were you drinking?" I was NOT drinking any alcohol.

Went to lunch with my friend Robin. We both had the cheesesteak sub. I only ate half of that and the fries and brought the rest home for Chris. At around 3pm we drove by Joanne's house to pick up some things she wanted to be brought to the dump (town dump is open on Wed & Sat). As we were driving to the dump, my stomach started acting squirrely. I thought I was going to hurl a couple of times and almost asked Chris to pull over.

We got home and my stomach was still feeling weird, now my neck and the top of my shoulders were aching like I'd been lifting something really heavy. I asked Chris if we were going to "hot tub" later and he said of course. I thought that would help.

I started the oven and put a whole roasting chicken in. I went down to my office to work on some things for a trip for next week (presentations at two schools) and my stomach got worse. As I walked up the stairs, suddenly I was dizzy, the nausea was worse, my throat felt like I was swallowing glass and swollen, I ached all over and I was freezing, even though I was in my jeans, sweater and sweatshirt on top of that.

Chris was outside and I was too weak to even call him, so I went directly to bed, pulling the covers up over my clothes. I was still freezing. I began to drift in and out and he came in the house looking for me. When he found me, I told him I felt awful.

That was at around 4pm. I remember he checked in on me a few times and once told me my forehead was really warm. I finally got up at 745 pm, dragging myself to the couch.

I managed some saltines with peanut butter and orange sherbert. We watched some funny video show, then LOST, then it was back to bed, this time in my jammies.

I slept pretty much all night, I remember Chris kissing me this morning and letting me sleep. He came in a couple of times and I got up at 930 am. I was hungry even though my head felt like it was stuffed with cotton balls and I was still a bit nauseous. He made me scrambled eggs and bacon. I managed a bit of the eggs and one slice of bacon when I had to put the plate down. I thought I was going to hurl.

Now I'm trying to catch up on things so that I can go back upstairs and crash.

It can't be food poisoning because Robin and Chris are fine. So I don't know what hit me. All I know is I feel like crap.


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