Volunteer Webmaster needed ASAP

I'm president of WHOA (haltabuse.org) and WHOA-KTD (haltabusektd.org). We desperately need a new webmaster to update the site. I would like to keep the current design, but at this point if someone wants to redesign both sites and add new info, I'll go with it.

Quite honestly, if we cannot find a new webmaster, we may have to shut down both organizations.

Please reply here or via email (whoa@haltabuse.org) if you are interested. Feel free to pass this info on or post elsewhere!

WHOA and WHOA-KTD are all-volunteer (we are NOT non-profit, so we don't have money)

1. All positions are volunteer and not paid positions
2. All volunteers must be at least 18 years old, or they must have reached the age of majority in their native country if that age is younger than 18.
3. If you have an active online harassment/stalking case (with WHOA or any other organization), we ask that you wait until it is resolved to begin
volunteering. (You need your energy for your own case right now.)
4. WHOA staffers must not be affiliated with any other online safety organization.
5. WHOA staffers must uphold our mission statement.
6. Must have an excellent command of the English language. All official WHOA communication is done in English.
7. Stable, reasonably secure internet access, with the ability check email at least daily.


Must be well-versed in HTML, uploading files to servers, etc. You must be reliable and can put in a lot of time at first to catch up with the changes needed, then be available 1-2 hours a week at the most for updates.

1. Requirements At least five years of HTML experience
2. Can provide examples of previous/current web sites you've designed or maintain
3. Must know HTML and be able to do quick turnarounds with changes needed for the web sites
4. Must be able to incorporate graphics/photos and possibly a guestbook or other apps to the site as needed
5. Must use your own software to make changes
6. You will work directly with WHOA President Jayne Hitchcock on all web site


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