Dunbar Free Library Rocks!

I used my new TomTom (with the voice of Samantha, who we've nicknamed SamSam) to go to the Dunbar Free Library in Grantham, NH on Tuesday night and SamSam was right on!

Got there at 630 pm with Phoebe in tow and lo and behold, my sister drives into the parking lot. . .ON TIME! She is notoriously late and I told her 630 pm figuring she'd show up at 7 pm. So call me shocked!

My mom and niece and nephew were with her and they had their dog, a Sheltie named Clover, who Phoebe loves. The two dogs immediately began wrestling. I went inside to set up my books on the table for the panel, which I was sharing with one of my fave authors, Kate Flora (and I am not brown-nosing saying that - I read her books before I even met her!). I spoke with Katrina, the librarian who had booked us to speak, then Kate came in and we all chatted a bit.

People started to show up and this one guy was either a cop or media (turned out he was a retired cop). The kids went in another room to go on the Internet and Kate and I bantered while waiting for more people to show up. It was funny! My sister asked where my juggling midget was and I told her he had another gig. I think people thought we were serious until we busted out laughing.

We then got into how we got into true crime writing and in between the serious bits we threw in some funny things and had fun with it all.

I ended up selling four books. Considering there were only about 10 people (not including my mom and sister), that's not bad!

Clover and Phoebe were in the back seat of my car, very well behaved (I feared they were going to tear apart the car) and we transferred Clover to my sister's car, then headed to Warner, where she lived. Phoebe and I were staying over instead of having to drive two hours home.

We hit McDonald's on the way, dropped my mom off, then drove to my sister's house. We sat up for a while talking, then I crashed at about 11 pm.

The next morning I made coffee, waited until 9 am to wake my sister and all five of us - my niece, nephew, Phoebe, Clover and me - jumped on the bed to wake her. It was a three-ring circus!

I got a nice email today from the librarian:

"I just wanted to say Thanks for coming out last night. You and Kate were fantastic - a distinct pleasure to have two smart, funny women in the room!

I also wanted to mention that I passed your website information on both to a friend in HS guidance, and my director. I think your speaking engagements would be extremely beneficial to both situations, and I hope to get you booked at a NH Library Association conference sometime."



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