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I haven't written a general blog post in quite a while. So, to catch up on things:

The stock market: Sucks. I lost enough money that I could have bought a Mercedes (one of the more expensive models, if you get my drift). That being said, I took some money out, especially after finding out I lost another $4,000 last month. I figure if I'm losing money, I paid off my BMW, two credit cards and some small accounts (like Fingerhut). I was especially dismayed to find I'd lost over $10,000 in my IRA. I'm just glad I didn't have millions to lose like some people did.

Phoebe, our rescue Siberian Husky: She's doing extremely well. We go for a run or walk to the beach and back every day. I've lost weight, toned up my arms (from her pulling me like a sled down the road, ha ha) and she loves the beach. I remember when I first took her there, walked towards the waves and she turned and dragged me back to the road. Now she runs toward the water (but not in it yet) and chases seagulls. She's very good with Bandit, our 16-year-old Shiba. She cleans him and tries to play with him. He follows her around or she follows him. She's very talkative, going from barking to these weird talky sounds - it's hard to describe. I'll have to video her one of these days. And she only talks to me, like she's telling me stories. It's pretty funny. She's much better with Chris (and other men). All we could figure out was that a man beat her. She used to cower and flinch if Chris went to pet her. Now she actually sits still, although she still is kind of skittish around him. We take her for rides in the car - she went from lying flat on the seat curled up into a ball to sitting up straight and watching everything out the window. She is really funny and fun to have. And Bandit is up and around more, which is good.

Work: Sucks. I didn't have many speaking engagements, but I may have some exciting news next week. I may be doing some consulting/training for a big company here in the northeast. So cross your fingers for me!

Another new venture: I hope to announce this in the next week or two, but be waiting. I think you'll all like it!!


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