Bronchitis and Apples

I will post next week about my trip to the Tampa area and the DoD Cybercrime Conference, but wanted to post a quick note explaining my absence.

I caught bronchitis from a flight attendant who was not on duty, but sitting next to me in first class on the flight home. I decided to pamper myself and upgraded for $100. There were no other seats to move to in first class when I sat next to her while she was coughing and sneezing. Oy. I am prone to bronchitis, took an Airborne and kept to the window of my seat as much as possible during the flight. When I got home Saturday night, I was okay, but in the middle of the night, my throat was inflamed and the next morning I was a mess.

I went to the doctor on Wednesday for meds, had a high temp then and then a high temp the next two days. I am slowly recovering, but am not online as much as I'd like.

As for Apples, I have been part of a rousing discussion on Usenet about Macs/Apple notebooks that are not compatible with some LCD projectors. I noted that at many of the conferences I've spoken at, speakers are requested to either use the PC laptop the conference has or bring their own PC laptop and not a Mac or Apple because their LCD projector isn't compatible.

Well, this raised the ire of a lot of Apple geeks. Good lord, people, Apple does not rule the world. Get over it. They demanded I provide a "list" of the projectors that Macs/Apples supposedly didn't work with. I wrote back that why would I even compile such a list when I have a PC and not a Mac and thus have no reason to make a list? Hello? Then they claim that *every* LCD projector *is* compatible with a Mac, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Why would I make up such as thing? I wouldn't have posted it if I hadn't experienced it.

These people are egotistical a--holes. I can not believe how nasty they've been. They've called me a liar, when I have had personal experience at many conferences in this situation or said I must only do my talks at the "local school or library." And what's that supposed to mean anyway - that schools and libraries don't have LCD projectors?

This is yet another case of adults acting like 12-year-olds online, not willing to accept another person's honest opinion, and refuse to take their blinders off.

Funny - and I was actually contemplating buying an Apple Powerbook to complement my Sony Vaio. At the conference last week in the exhibition hall was an Apple Kiosk. Had a nice chat with the guys there and came thisclose to ordering the Powerbook. But after the kooks who replied so nastily to my posts, I think I'll stick with my PC laptop and just order the new Vaio which is under three pounds now (and better for my traveling). I don't want to be associated with people as nasty as some Mac/Apple owners.

The Internet is a wonderful tool, but it doesn't take long for people to forget to act like the adults they are supposed to be.


ravyn said…
Damn girlfriend! i would say i can't believe the attitude of those Apple people, but i know it's out there.

i have a Powerbook, and i like it, even though it costs me *double* to keep all my graphics software up to date, heh.

i would say to you, if you think you'd like an Apple laptop, don't let people like that influence you one way or another. They're just self-important twits, and they make themselves feel better by making a lot of noise. Go with what you feel. And besides, you don't have to tell *them* you bought an apple **wink**.

Sorry to hear about the bronchitis, i think i have something like that myself, though i only have the cough, no fever.
JAH said…
I already bought a newer Vaio, the one that weighs just 2.76 pounds. I got a great deal on it, with a lot of extras. So Apple can bite my butt.

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