True Crime Online Newsletter - September 29, 2014

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Psychic: 'Mental forces' to blame for bending iPhones
An Israeli psychic known for purportedly bending metal objects with his mind says Apple's bending iPhone 6 woes could be explained by "mental forces." Uri Geller said during a visit to England there were "two possible reasons for the phenomenon" that has been dubbed "Bendgate" by unhappy iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus owners who discovered the phones bent after spending time in a user's pants pocket. "Either the device is extremely thin so that it bends when even a weak force is implied on it -- which is hard to believe for Apple has been conducting many tests and experiments -- or the energy and excitement of the millions of consumers stirred up their mental forces causing the iPhone to bend," Geller told MarketWatch. Geller said he is willing to help Apple shirk the blame for the bending devices. "I offer Apple to hire me in order to explain to the world that the phenomenon is not at all the company's fault." Geller said he knows from personal experience that its possible to bend a phone with one's mind. "I've bent my old BlackBerrys before," he said. Apple says so far a total of nine customers have complained to the company about bent iPhones.

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Man jailed over Twitter threats to rape British MP - 09/29/14
A MAN HAS been jailed for 18 weeks for a campaign of rape threats and other abuse on Twitter against a female MP in Britian. Peter Nunn, 33, targeted Labour MP Stella Creasy in July and August 2013 after she backed a campaign to put author Jane Austen on the £10 British banknote.

Law firm wins injunction against former client over online harassment - 09/29/14
A law firm has won an injunction against a former client who set up websites about the firm with its name in the URL, after the High Court deemed his actions to be harassment. The injunction also covered Rick Kordowski, who ran the infamous website, which was taken down following legal action in 2011, but was also involved in this case.

Confessions of a former internet troll - 09/29/14
Because I was 16 and because I was angry, too readily bored and too easily lonely, and because I wanted very badly to be accepted by anyone at all, I once spent the better part of an October weekend doing nitrous oxide in a San Diego hotel suite with a dozen or so hackers and internet trolls.

When Your Job Is to Moderate the Internet's Nastiest Trolls - 09/28/14
Alex Chrum can easily recite the most common sexist, racist and homophobic slurs. She’s privy to some of the most hateful language you’ve ever heard. And for about a year, she read it over and over again, every single day. Chrum, 25, became fluent in such viciousness thanks to her job moderating online commentary and trolling. As a content specialist for, a site that invites users to discuss controversial topics, Chrum had to wade into the dark, sometimes poisonous muck of Internet comments. Each day, she sifted through 50 to 200 questionable posts, trying to decide what to publish and what to let rot.

Trolling and talking smack on Yik Yak - 09/28/14
Our parents always warned us to ‘never talk to strangers’, but they never warned us about something like this. The latest craze in social media is an app called Yik Yak which functions much like an anonymous Twitter. Instead of tweets, users can send out ‘Yaks’ to those in their area.

Rise of the disturbing 'Sprouter' trend: Parents' fears over Instagram accounts where young schoolgirls are urged to post provocative pictures - 09/28/14
A disturbing new trend, which sees schoolgirls posting racy and provocative images online, has now got the attention of concerned parents and police. New social media accounts, on Instagram, are circulating and collecting pictures of 'sprouters', a term used to describe a young girl or boy 'sprouting' into an adult. Numerous Brisbane accounts have already been created, with photos revealing pictures of a scantily clad schoolgirls as well as shots of young boys wearing little clothes.

Dangers lurk on cellphones - 09/27/14
Used to be, kids had to go looking for trouble. Now, all too often, it is in their back pocket. Cellphones are a communications tool that can keep children and parents connected for convenience or when help is needed. But your children’s cellphones can also be a connection to websites that are questionable at best, a link to those who would prey upon them and a way for teens to engage in activities that could harm them now and in the future.

AUPE sues tweeter, blogger in $500,000 defamation suit - 09/26/14
The Alberta Union of Provincial Employees has filed a $500,000 defamation lawsuit against a local tweeter, an Ontario politician and an unidentified blogger for Internet statements about an ongoing labour strike. The lawsuit, filed in late August, claims that Kathleen Smith ­­ known on Twitter as @KikkiPlanet­ ­ and Jason Tucker, a politician seeking the Conservative nomination in the new federal riding of Hamilton West-Ancaster-Dundas made “false and defamatory statements” about the union.

Cyber-bullying and video games - 09/26/14
The saying goes, “kids will be kids.” But what does the life of a modern kid in American, European, and Asian countries share? Internet access. Bullying – the physical, school-ground kind – has actually been classified as a public health issue. It wasn’t until the mid-90s where instances of cyber-bullying garnered enough attention to warrant a subset classification, primarily because the effects of cyber-bullying were either identical or more severe than physical bullying. These include emotional stress, self-harm, and in rare cases, murder or suicide.

Facebook 'vigilante' put paedophiles' addresses on internet, court hears - 09/26/14
A man who denies running a Facebook witch-hunt against paedophiles is to be asked to reveal whether he posted a rapist's address, the High Court has heard. A lawyer for defendant Joe McCloskey confirmed he had asked his client to provide an unedited version of a post that appeared to detail where an offender lived.

Domestic Abusers Use Technology To Trace Victims - 09/25/14
Smart phones and G-P-S devices have transformed the reach of domestic violence as technology has become a new strategy for abusers to stalk and harass their victims. Janet Duffy, Executive Director of the YWCA works with victims of domestic abuse and says this type of abuse is about control.

Former cellmate of accused family killer investigated for threatening witness - 09/23/14
While Michele Anderson awaits trial for allegedly murdering six of her own family members in Carnation nearly seven years ago, KIRO 7 has learned a woman she befriended in jail is being investigated for threatening a potential witness for the prosecution. According to documents just filed in King County Superior Court, the witness -- who’s also an extended member of Anderson’s family -- received an anonymous text on Sept. 8 that read, “Good morning how are you doing today. (sic) Are you still at your house? I hope you are safe there…”

Websites Are Wary of Facebook Tracking Software - 09/23/14
Online retailers and publishers are pushing back against Facebook Inc. FB -0.14% 's efforts to track users across the Internet, fearing that the data it vacuums up to target ads will give the social network too much of an edge. Web traffic experts say there is less data flowing from some sites to Facebook, suggesting they have been reprogrammed to hold back information.


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