True Crime Online Newsletter - July 7, 2014

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .New Jersey woman lives life with a Bradley Cooper cardboard cutout as her companion
A New Jersey woman who met actor Bradley Cooper while they were in a play together at Villanova University has started living her life with a cardboard cutout of the popular Hollywood star. Danielle Davies launched a website called "My Life With Bradley Cooper" and also has an accompanying Instagram account. Why? "Because, friends, this is America. So why not?" the 39-year-old wrote on her site. "The fact is, while most of us don't actually live our lives with movie stars, many of us wish we did. If I want a life with Bradley Cooper, well, then...I'll just make one up." Davies is married to "possibly the most patient husband in the world" and also has a son and daughter. She reflected about the different directions that her and Cooper's lives have taken since college. "Since then, he's become startlingly famous and I ... not so much," Davies told TODAY. "(The pictures are) a way for me to poke fun at how I ended up, where I am and how/why my one-time stage equal has gone on to become an Academy Award nominee." Davies plans to turn her project into a book. "Sometimes, people just stare and then totally avert their eyes," Davies said. "That's definitely the weirdest ... maybe they don't get that it's a joke? I don't know, but they are clearly uncomfortable!"

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'Stalker' collapses in court - 07/08/14
A man who was "essentially stalking" his former partner collapsed in Blenheim District Court yesterday and was taken to hospital. Michael Federico Daum, 44, pleaded guilty to and was convicted of five charges of breaching a protection order and one of wilful trespass. After Judge John Walker's decision to remand Daum in custody until sentencing, Daum threw himself to the ground, and complained of chest pains. St John ambulance staff attended and treated him, before he got up and walked to the ambulance.

'Orange Is the New Black' actress Taryn Manning is being stalked by ex-friend - 07/05/14
“Orange Is the New Black” actress Taryn Manning has a little problem on her hands. Manning has gained a lot of popularity since the Netflix original series began airing last year. Since the show was such a phenomenon, the entire cast gained a huge following. According to a July 3 report from E! Online, Taryn Manning has received an order of protection against a former friend.

Texas Teenager Cyber Attacked After Posting Hunting Photos - 07/04/14
A 19-year-old Texas Tech cheerleader is the latest female hunter to be attacked by animal rights groups after she posted photos of her successful African safari on Facebook. Kendra Jones, from Cleburne, Texas has been hunting with her father since she was a child, including being on a safari when just six years old. Her latest hunt however has brought her a wave of Facebook attacks, including death threats.

Athletes, Coaches Deal With Online Harassment - 07/04/14
A light rain is falling outside Charleston’s football fieldhouse. Inside, players are lifting weights, wiping sweat from their eyes and doing the summer grunt work that has made the Tigers one of the state’s premier 3A programs. Clad in shorts and a T-shirt, quarterback Ty Storey is grimacing while doing a series of leg lifts. He is athletically gifted and soft-spoken. He already mastered coach-speak, something he learned from sitting at his parents’ kitchen table from his dad, Shane.

Seattle ‘a*shole’ threatened to rape woman after smearing her on ‘revenge porn’ site - 07/03/14
Seattle police accused a 31-year-old self-described “a*shole” and tech worker of stealing a female client’s photos, posting them on a “revenge porn” website, and threatening to rape her if she did not “play along” with his scheme, KCPQ-TV reported. Jeremy Scott “Silo” Walters was charged with computer trespass and cyberstalking for harassing the woman, who paid him $60 in June 2011 to transfer files from an old computer ­ including several nude photographs ­ to a new one.

Man Charged with Cyberstalking - 07/02/14
The Moore County Sheriff's has charged a Robbins man with cyberstalking a Moore County teen according to a release from the department. Timothy Joel Vest, 21, of 207 Reynolds Mills Road, was arrested on June 27 and charged with one count of felony disseminating obscenity, and one count of misdemeanor cyberstalking.

Revenge Porn: Why We Need to Criminalise Non-Consensual Pornography - 07/02/14
With the click of a button, an intimate photograph taken by an ex can be uploaded without your consent onto websites and forums and viewed countless times over. The picture can be shared on social media, and appear on Google search. It can be seen by family, friends, colleagues and co-workers. This is revenge porn, and so far, there is no law against it in the UK. In the US, nine states have laws against revenge porn. In Britain, ministers have stated the need to address the problem of non-consensual pornography - but nothing has been done as yet.

Beware of Scams on Facebook - 07/01/14
Social media is becoming more and more like spam in your email box. Facebook was developed as an outlet to let people see what is going on in their community. However, scams and fake posts tend to show up in newsfeeds as opposed to reliable information about what is going on.

Ex-boyfriend who changed his former lover’s Facebook status to 'whore' who would take 'any offers' is found guilty of causing criminal damage - 07/01/14
An Irish man who posted an offensive status update using his former partner’s Facebook account has been fined £1,600. The 30-year-old from Donegal used his ex-girlfriend’s account to post that she was a ‘whore' who would 'take any offers’, a court heard. The man admitted to taking the woman’s phone and accessing her Facebook account after he had gone to her home to confront her over an alleged infidelity in June 2011.


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