True Crime Online Newsletter - October 14, 2013

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Honeymooning German bride left behind at gas station

A German man taking a trip with his new bride drove about 125 miles before realizing he had left his wife behind at a gas station.

Eileen Nowak, 33, said she got out of the van to use the restroom at a gas station near Kirchheim while on her honeymoon and her husband drove off without her, believing her to be sleeping in the back, FFH Radio reported Friday.

Novak said her husband drove for about 2 hours, making it 125 miles to Brunswick, before realizing she was not in the van. She said she did not have her phone or any money when she was left behind.

Novak said she was reunited with her husband with the help of police in Kirchheim.

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Man who changed users' views on website headed to prison - 10/14/13
His lawyer dubbed him the Robin Hood of pranksters. Federal prosecutors characterized him as a computer hacker engaged in cyberbullying. And a federal judge found him in violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and sentenced him to five months in prison and two years on probation. Michael Pullen has to report on Oct. 21 to a federal work camp in Ashland.

Family says cyberbullying contributed to loved one's suicide - 10/13/13
"Olivia was beautiful, smart, athletic, compassionate, always eager to help someone," Stephanie Scott said. The community of Bristol is reeling after 16-year-old Olivia Scott took her own life Wednesday. Mom Stephanie Scott says she knew her daughter had been struggling, but did not know the extent of her pain until she received the tragic news over the phone. "It was awful, absolutely awful to see that she was hurting so badly and I didn't know," Stephanie Scott said.

Twitter Can Warn About Cyber Bullying and Suicide Risk Ahead Of Phone Calls and Surveys, Study - 10/12/13
Twitter can give clues about suicide risk, according to a study conducted by Birmingham Young University. "Kids will spill their guts out there in cyberspace," Christophe Giraud-Carrier, a BYU computer scientist told sltrib. "We're hoping to pick up thoughts and feelings they might not share with their parents or school."

Jury convicts man of murder in Facebook slayings - 10/12/13
An eastern Tennessee man has been found guilty of killing two people in a dispute over being unfriended from a Facebook page. Washington County Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood sentenced Marvin Enoch "Buddy" Potter Jr. Friday night to two life sentences for the deaths of 36-year-old Billy Payne and 23-year-old Billie Jean Hayworth. A jury returned guilty verdicts on the pair Friday night.

'BBC man's Twitter campaign helped kill my boy': Devastated father claims offensive comments contributed to son's heart attack - 10/12/13
The BBC is investigating allegations that one of its presenters was involved in a ‘vicious and unrelenting cyber-bullying campaign’ that contributed to the death of a 47-year-old man. Murray Norton, who has been a BBC broadcaster for nearly 30 years, strongly denies making offensive comments on social networking sites about Simon Abbott, a computer software developer who died of a heart attack earlier this year. Mr Norton is said to have posted messages on Facebook and Twitter suggesting Mr Abbott was a conman, siphoning off charity donations for his own use.

Police, school investigating Instagram bullying of Timpview girls - 10/11/13
Police and school officials are investigating a report of cyberbullying involving Timpview High School students on the popular picture social media network Instagram. The page comes with the hashtag "whorelistnumber" and lists pictures of girls, presumed to all be Timpview High School students, with a number ranking. Some of the comments left under each picture were complimentary; but others make degrading sexual references and may rise to the level of bullying.

School District investigating case of cyberbullying - 10/10/13
The Clark County School District is investigating a photo that surfaced on social media of what appears to be a female student in her underwear on the campus of Durango High School. The photo, which was circulated by other Clark County students on Twitter and Facebook, features several students taking cellphone pictures of the undressed student, who is standing next to some outdoor hallway lockers and holding her clothes to her face. Some students on Twitter speculated that the female student was mentally challenged, but others denied it. The School District would not comment about the incident, citing student privacy laws and a pending investigation.

Bar worker fired for domestic violence joke sign - 10/10/13
A Texas bar owner said he fired a worker who put out a sign that used domestic violence as a joke to promote beer. Alex Elmiger, owner of the Minibar in Austin, said he was not present when the worker put out the sign, which went viral online after a woman who works at the Austin Women's Shelter took a picture and posted it to social networking site Instagram, KEYE-TV, Austin, reported Thursday.

Website advocates drunken political rants - 10/10/13
A new website gives fed up citizens an easy way to call their congressional representatives and complain -- and even suggests callers "have a drink" first. "Mad at Congress? Have a drink and tell them," says on its home page. "Whether you are a furloughed worker, being forced to work for free, or just fed up at Capitol Hill, call & yell at a random member of Congress."

Facebook cyber bully targets individuals with 'name and shame' - 10/10/13
A FACEBOOK page created this week was shut down after causing outrage by posting users' profiles in an abusive way. The page, called Name & Shamed : Shepton Mallet, stated it would "find all of the **** in Shepton [sic] including the bullies and the wasters there facebook profiles wil be posted on here for the **** to be shamed !!!". The page was full of profanities and insults and was reported by several Facebook users and subsequently removed.

Court docs: Former Lubbock-Cooper ISD employee impersonated superintendent, posted racy photos - 10/10/13
A former food service employee for Lubbock-Cooper Independent School District is facing charges of online harassment and stalking after court documents say he impersonated the superintendent and posted racy photos of another employee online.

Newport man charged with extortion, cyber-harassment, after girlfriend threatened breakup - 10/10/13
A Newport man has been arrested on charges he threatened to release explicit material depicting his girlfriend when she tried to break off their relationship, the State Police said. The authorities say Keith P. Quinn, 53, of 121 Prospect Hill in Newport, threatened the woman via text message.

Teen pleads guilty to bullying other students on Facebook - 10/09/13
It was a page that authorities say was filled with insults and threats, including one post about a shooting. Now, according to KRDO 13, an 18-year-old from Colorado Springs has pleaded guilty to harassment. Kyle Pate admitted to having a key role in the Facebook page, entitled "Falcon Problems" that showed photos of students from Falcon High School, along with the taunts and threats.

Web stalker is jailed for mall attack in Abu Dhabi - 10/09/13
A man who stabbed a shop assistant he was stalking in an Abu Dhabi mall has been jailed for three months. The Filipina victim has fled to another part of the UAE as the Syrian defendant will be out of jail later this year and the court did not order his deportation. “She is very upset. She feels she will not be safe when he is released,” a person familiar with the case told 7DAYS.


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