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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Running and dogs

New Things That Stick In My Craw: Running and Dogs

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

If you could be invited to one person's birthday party, whose would it be?

Clive Cussler's

Ask me anything

Ask me anything

Ask me anything

Ask me anything

Monday, April 19, 2010

WHO@ Newsletter - April 19, 2010

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Well, isn't that just ducky?

Prom-goers watch repo man drive away in their limo

High school students attending a prom in Oklahoma say they watched as a repo man drove away a limousine they had rented. At least one initially thought it was being stolen.

Landon Wiland said he and friends had rented the car from Galaxy Limos for Friday's prom in Jenks, a suburb of Tulsa. Wiland said they had gotten out of the car when it was driven away ­ while their driver was standing next to them. His reaction: "Our limo is getting carjacked."

Galaxy Limo owner Jim Nicolotti said there was a miscommunication between his lender and the repossession company. He said he and his bank had worked out their issues, but the bank did not tell the repo company to cancel the job.

Nicolotti plans to offer a partial refund or a free future rental to the customers affected.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

New 'stalking' app for mobile phones - 04/18/10
A new social networking tool allows mobile phone users to identify people just by taking a photo. The 'recogniser' application gives any mobile phone owner access to almost all online information about anyone they photograph.IT expert Charlie Brown has expressed concerns about the application, saying it's a walk up start for stalkers and could see an increase in identity theft cases.

I blame my wife: Top historian accused of rubbishing rivals in Amazon reviews... then his wife says SHE did it - 04/18/10
A thoroughly modern literary scandal, it all began with an email: a puzzled inquiry from an eminent scholar as to why an academic colleague had apparently been making anonymous attacks on his rivals.

Revere candidate target of cyber attack - 04/18/10
Shortly after Corey Abrams announced last month that he was running for a seat on the Revere City Council, a caller threatened to post pornography on a website he had created and called ­ unless the candidate paid him for the domain name.

DOJ abandons warrantless attempt to read Yahoo e-mail - 04/16/10
The U.S. Justice Department has abruptly abandoned what had become a high-profile court fight to read Yahoo users' e-mail messages without obtaining a search warrant first. In a two-page brief filed Friday, the Obama administration withdrew its request for warrantless access to the complete contents of the Yahoo Mail accounts under investigation. CNET was the first to report on the Denver case in an article on Tuesday.

Cyber Stalking Safety - 04/15/10
Acadiana's latest cyber stalking arrest raises issues about online safety. Alice Broussard-Latula is accused of created a Facebook page under a fake name and using that account to harass people online. The 28 year-old New Iberia woman has been booked in the parish jail.

Man arrested for intimidating witness over Xbox Live - 04/15/10
While most people are more afraid of creepy pedophiles seducing their kids over the Xbox Live or PlayStation Network, it turns out criminals use online gaming services for other nefarious purposes. Like tampering with witnesses. Or issuing death threats.

Man faces cyberstalking charge over threatening e-mails - 04/14/10
A Dallas man accused of sending threatening e-mails to a woman was charged with cyberstalking on Wednesday. Robert Steven Cygan, 44, of 107 Landau Circle, allegedly wrote, “I got a pistol with your name wrote all over, and I ain’t afraid to use it on you,” in a March 17 e-mail to the complainant.

District attorney: Former TriMet driver planned to machine gun 12 Portlanders - 04/13/10
A former TriMet employee being held by Hawaii authorities is intent on getting a machine gun and killing 12 people in Portland that he blames for his firing, according to an affidavit by a Multnomah County deputy district attorney. E-mail threats, late-night phone calls, fake blog postings as well as other harassment show that James Lee Stenger, 57, is a danger to his targets and the community, and justify increasing bail to $1 million, wrote deputy district attorney Kevin Demer.

eBay buyer sued for defamation after leaving negative feedback on auction site - 04/13/10
An eBay buyer who left negative feedback for a seller after receiving a broken $44 (£30) clock has been hit by a $15,000 (£9,700) lawsuit for defamation. Furious Michael Steadman wrote that Elliot Miller was a 'bad seller, he has the ethics of a used car salesman' when the clock arrived in three pieces that did not even fit together.

Homeowner hit by burglars three times... after they spotted his garage door left open on Street View - 04/13/10
A milkman has criticised Google's Street View software, claiming burglars targeted his garage three times after spotting its door wide open on the controversial website. Gordon Rayner believes criminals may have used the service which offers 360degree views of the country from street level. On the website, Mr Rayner can clearly be seen standing next to his house in front of an open garage.

Woman from Springfield MO offers warning about how not to use craigslist - 04/12/10
Buyer and seller beware! Springfield police are looking into another craigslist mishap. The classfied ads Web site works well for a lot of buyers and sellers but it didn't for a woman from Springfield. Lynette Hunter recently decided to downsize, and sell her house that she had lived in for 25 years. Her son told her the best way to get rid of a bunch of stuff was to post an ad on craigslist. She wrote that anything sitting in her front yard and garage would be free for the taking.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Video of me speaking about keeping kids safe online

Video of my parent presentation for the Timberlane School District is now up and running - see me in action!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cyberbullying talk at Freeport, Maine

On Monday, April 12th, I spoke to students at Freeport Middle School in Maine. Almost 300 students and boy, was it a good talk! When I got the part where my alter ego asked 50 students to be friends and they discovered 49 of them accepted, the auditorium got quiet. Two local news stations were there taping. One of them WCSH (Channel 6) in Portland, Maine had one of their anchors, Cindy Williams come to tape my talk.

I've seen her on TV and I've met a lot of media folk, but she was one of the nicest yet (up there with Montel Williams and Diane Sawyer - really!). She actually helped put chairs out while her camera guy set up and I was connecting my netbook to the projector. We talked for a bit, just chit chat, and she is very personable.

Her story didn't run until last night at 6 pm, but it was in-depth and I have to say, one of the best media coverage I've gotten regarding cyberbullying yet. Please view it at the WCSH web site today.

The other station, WGME (Channel 13), did a good job, although their story was far shorter.

When I did my talks for parents Monday night at Freeport High School, I got about 50 in the audience. I ended up taking question for an hour after my talk - the longest yet. Some of the parents had high schoolers and asked when I would be speaking to students at the high school. I told them they'd have to talk with the principal to book me. I hope they do.

I got one email and two phone calls this morning from concerned parents, one of them the mother of a girl who was bullied so much she had to put her in another school because the school denied there was a bullying problem and that it was just girls being girls. IT'S NOT. A bully is a bully and needs to be taken care of. Period.

I do not want to see another kid become the next Phoebe Prince (who killed herself in January in Massachusetts because of offline and online bullying).

Please spread the word - bullying and cyberbullying are wrong. If you see a fellow student being bullied, step up and tell the bully it's not cool. Don't hang back or walk away. YOU can make a difference.

If you know someone who is being cyberbullied, send them to my organization, WHOA-KTD and have them click on Need Help? and follow the steps there. We help anyone for free, anywhere in the world. Or they can report the cyberbully anonymously at School Tip Line.

Stop a cyberbully today!

Monday, April 12, 2010

WHO@ Newsletter - April 12, 2010

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Yum
Man with no cash eats burrito, Funyuns at store

Authorities said a man took a bite into crime when he helped himself to a burrito and a bag of Funyuns snacks at a gas station food store in Hastings, then told the clerk to call police because he had no money to pay.

Barry County Prosecutor Tom Evans said 28-year-old Michael Odell was charged with retail fraud. Odell, who told police he is homeless, is jailed on a $2,000 bond with a pretrial hearing set for May 4.

Evans said Odell ate the burrito and Funyuns on Saturday morning, then had the cashier call police. The prosecutor said Odell told officers he had spent his money at a tavern in the city 35 miles west of Lansing.

Jail records say Odell didn't have an attorney as of Wednesday.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Internet child health advice 'wrong' - 04/12/10
Typing your child's medical problem into Google is unlikely to deliver much in the way of good advice, UK researchers have said. The Nottingham-based team used the search engine to find UK-based advice on five common issues, including breastfeeding and autism.

Online social networking boon, burden for police - 04/11/10
In many ways the emergence of social networking has proven helpful to law enforcement, but it also has come at a cost. For years police departments have dedicated resources to investigating and preventing Internet crimes. Now, the popularity of sites like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace has brought a new wave of online crimes.

Facebook under privacy microscope - 04/11/10
Regulators globally are grappling with a conundrum: how to contend with the rise of an internet phenomenon that five years ago did not exist? Facebook, founded in a Harvard dorm room just five years ago, now boasts 400m users and is the world’s largest social networking site.

Facebook campaign forces headteacher to resign after pupil power revolt - 04/10/10
The head of a girls’ grammar school has quit before she even started in the face of a malicious Facebook campaign by pupils angry at her appointment. Sally Jarrett, 50, was selected ahead of 11 other candidates by governors of Beaconsfield High, who praised her ‘vision, drive and enthusiasm’.

Teen faces jail for accusing innocent man of killing James Bulger - 04/09/10
A teenager is facing jail after falsely accusing a man of being one of James Bulger's killers. Wayne Dale is the first person to be prosecuted in connection with attempts to unmask the murderers. The 19-year-old wrote comments on Facebook which claimed an innocent member of staff at a DIY store on the Isle of Man was Robert Thompson.

Swedish Porn Crashes Railway - 04/08/10
A RAIL worker has been slammed by his bosses for crippling a train network by looking at PORN in the office. Investigators found there were so many viruses infecting the rail network's computers in Gavle, Sweden, they were incapable of running trains safely.

Stalked Strictly star terrified he'd be attacked like Jill Dando - 04/09/10
A Strictly Come Dancing contestant feared being attacked like Jill Dando after falling victim to an internet stalker. Crimewatch presenter Rav Wilding, 32, said he was bombarded with 'vile and grotesque' abuse over the internet by Muslim convert Toneeta Beckford.

Mission woman jailed in MySpace impersonation case - 04/08/10
A Mission woman is facing criminal charges after allegedly impersonated her brother's ex-girlfriend to post nude pictures of her on MySpace. Cameron County Sheriff's Department deputies arrested 18-year-old Jessica Jaqueline Gomez under an online harassment charge on Wednesday.

Police attack Facebook in dispute over child safety - 04/08/10
Police have accused Facebook of being arrogant for failing to install a child safety button on its web pages. The social networking site is said to have never reported a case to British police of a suspected paedophile attempting to groom a child.

Compromised eBay Account Used in Phishing Scam - 04/06/10
Only a few days ago, an Internet security company Red Condor issued a warning of a new email threat that appears to be a security alert form the leading online marketplace, eBay. The scam message is perfectly disguised and leads to a compromised user`s account within eBay network that hosts a malicious executable.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ask me anything!

on Formspring

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Hampstead event focuses on cyberbullying -, North Andover, MA

Hampstead event focuses on cyberbullying -, North Andover, MA

TV Coverage of my cyberbullying talk

TV coverage of my cyberbullying talk in Hampstead, NH last night

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

University of Louisville Talks

Flew to Louisville, KY a week ago Monday from Portland, Maine. The rain hadn't gotten too bad yet, so my flight made it out without a delay (but I heard the flights after us were delayed). However, the flight to Newark, NJ was a nailbiter. It was a small plane and was blown around, up and down so much that I thought at one point I was gonna vomit. Seriously.

I had a 2 hour layover, so I had a glass of wine to settle down and some chili. I felt better by the time I got on the plane. Nice flight out of Newark and into Louisville. Landing, it was in the 50s and sunny. Took the shuttle to the Hilton Garden Inn, got into my room, ordered room service, then took a quick shower to get all the airplane "air" off of me.

Crashed after that, then had a rude awakening. Two of the ladies from the University of Louisville picked me up at 11 am for an early lunch at the Cardinal Hall of Fame Cafe. Then we headed to the University so that I could set up my netbook.

The last time I'd spoken at UofL was way back in 2001, before Myspace and Facebook were even blips on the Internet. I was happy they were having me come back. I ended up doing two sessions, with about 40-50 people in each one. It was a mix of students, faculty and local advocacy reps. A couple of students in the second presentation laughed a little during the part where I show what my alter ego found out, but quieted down soon after that.

I got a lot of compliments afterward and was on a high when Brenda, who had booked me, walked up with a foot high statue of the Thinker by Rodan. I was bemused. She handed it to me and thanked me for coming back to the university. Then she leaned in to tell me first that he was anatomically correct (he is) and that faculty get one after being at the university for 15 years, so this was an honor. And I was honored (and amused). I told her I would have fun at the airport on the way home with it.

She took me back to my hotel and I ended up eating in the restaurant at the hotel. In the morning, I carefully packed my naked man in my carry on and took the shuttle to the airport. Going through security, there came my oversized handbag, my netbook, my coat and shoes. My carryon bag got pulled off.

Here we go, I thought.

"It's the statue, isn't it?" I asked.

The TSA woman nodded. "It's a statue?"

"Yep and I have to warn you, he's naked and anatomically correct."

She paused as she placed it on the table, looked at me, then unzipped the bag. I told her he was under the Ziploc bag. She took that out and started laughing. She pulled my naked man out and actually looked to see if he did have a penis.

The she set him down and got her swab and said, "He has a nice back" and proceeded to swab his back and butt (but not his frontal region).

Of course he passed inspection.

"This is a first," she said and handed him to me with my carryon. "You made my day."

Got to LaGuardia, a little bit of a layover, so had some tortilla chips with avocado dip. Got on the plane and we ended up sitting on the runway for almost an hour. But we still made it to Portland on time (go figure).

Chris and Phoebe were very happy to see me. And I'd gotten home in time for the rain to be pretty much gone - it was sprinkling.

Brenda sent me a referral and I quote:

"Jayne’s presentation was not only informative, but also interesting and entertaining. Jayne is very knowledgeable in the field of Cyber Security and the pitfalls associated with online communications."

Woo hoo - I love getting recommendations like that!

In closing, here's my naked man:

Monday, April 05, 2010

WHO@ Newsletter - April 5, 2010

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .well, he doesn't have to go far, does he?

Man fleeing Ohio police jumps fence ­ into prison
Police say a motorist fleeing officers in Cleveland abandoned his car and jumped a fence ­ landing in what turned out to be a prison yard.

Garfield Heights police say the chase started in that suburb early Monday over a traffic violation and reached speeds of 90 mph.

Police say that after a race through several communities, the driver and a passenger bolted from the car and headed for a fence.

They apparently did not realize it was on the outside of the state women's prison in Cleveland.

They were arrested along with two other passengers who also tried to flee.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

A 'watershed' case in school bullying? - 04/05/10
At first, it seemed like a morality play: school officials stand by as an innocent high school freshman, new in town, is harassed into suicide by a pack of older teens. A week after criminal charges were filed, the case of Phoebe Prince seems more cloudy and complicated, much like the insidious national problem that may have helped kill her: school bullying.

Red Condor Warns Of Fake eBay Security Alert - 04/05/10
Rohnert Park, Calif. " April 1, 2010 " Red Condor today issued a warning of a new blended email threat that appears to be a security alert from the leading online marketplace, eBay. The email message with the subject line "eBay Procedural Warning " Security Alert," is addressed to "Dear eBay Member," and warns recipients that the sender has "detected security issues on behalf of your account."

Errant text to police leads to 3 NY drug arrests - 04/04/10
An errant text message is costing three New York drug-dealing suspects dearly. Police say the suspects made a mistake when trying to text a potential buyer and instead reached a task force agent in Dutchess County, about 50 miles north of New York City.

Email threats or not, Erin Andrews is not leaving ‘Dancing with the Stars’ - 04/04/10
Yesterday, we reported that ESPN sportscaster and current Dancing with the Stars stand-out has been a victim of threatening emails that she has received over the past six months. We revealed that a man initially sent the emails (sent to DirecTV) threatening her sexually and then eventually escalated to death threats. The emails often referenced Michael David Barrett, the man who was put in jail for videotaping Andrews through various hotel peepholes.

Deltona woman held in Oklahoma cyberstalking case - 04/03/10
A Deltona woman was arrested this week in Texas and brought to Oklahoma by the U.S. Marshals Service to face federal charges that she sent obscene material to a 14-year-old boy there and intended to have sex with him, according to a four-count federal indictment.

Ivanka Trump’s Stalker Threatens Suicide - 04/03/10
According to statements made by the prosecutors in the case of Ivanka Trump’s stalker, he was so obsessed with her that he threatened to kill himself. The supposed plan was to commit suicide at her posh New York Trump Collection boutique. He wanted to do this in order to damage the reputation of the business and tarnish the image forever. If she wanted to keep this from happening, Ivanka needed to send him an autographed photo of herself.

Crimes 'involving Facebook up 346 pc', police force claims - 04/02/10
Reports of crimes allegedly involving Facebook have increased by 346 per cent in less than a year, a police force has claimed.

Boston Police Department probes Facebook smears - 04/02/10
Boston police and Charlestown High School officials are cracking down on cyberbullies as a sexually charged Facebook scandal unfolds at the school. The Boston Herald reports that teenage girls became victims of “nasty” online harassment.

Jealous ex-boyfriend executed mother and daughter, 4, after discovering Facebook romance - 04/01/10
A secret affair started on Facebook may have provoked a shooting which left three people dead, an inquest heard yesterday. Andrew Copland shot his former partner Julie Harrison and their four-year-old daughter Maisie before turning the gun on himself.

Perils of "chexting" hit spotlight - 04/01/10
You might like texting, frown upon sexting, but now comes "chexting" -- and it can lead to big trouble. Just ask Tiger Woods and Jesse James. Golf superstar Woods and TV celebrity James, who is married to Oscar-winning actress Sandra Bullock, have seen their lives unravel amid revelations of cheating on their spouses, in part by arranging liaisons via text messages.

Two WHS students face harassment charges - 03/31/10
A Weymouth High School girl and boy are facing criminal harassment charges because they allegedly posted a mocking video of a physically impaired special needs student on YouTube last month. “They are both being charged as juveniles,” said David Traub, a spokesman for Norfolk County District Attorney William Keating, on March 31.

Internet child-buying suspect held in Ontario - 03/31/10
A French national living in the U.S. and arrested in Ontario for allegedly trying to buy a five-year-old over the internet will remain in custody following an immigration hearing Wednesday in Thunder Bay.

NJ court: Employee-attorney e-mails are private - 03/31/10
In a decision that could set new ground rules for Internet privacy in the workplace, New Jersey's Supreme Court has ruled an employer was wrong in retrieving e-mails between a former employee and her attorney, even though they were sent from a company computer.

Jail for man who broke into woman's home to frame husband for child porn - 03/31/10
A man has been sent to prison after he attempted to force his way into a female colleague’s life by breaking into her house and framing her husband for downloading child pornography.
Ilkka Karttunen, who was born in Finland, became obsessed by a co-worker and hoped that he could forge a relationship with her if he could break up her marriage, jurors at Basildon Crown Court were told.

Police chief target of e-mail threats - 03/30/10
Bags of virtual “hate mail” have landed on Victoria police Chief Jamie Graham’s desk following a viral YouTube video that shows one of his officers kicking two men while trying to arrest them.

Teen Charged with Making Threats - 03/30/10
Police say a local teenager has been charged him with sending threatening e-mails to students at Meridian High School. Police say 17-year old Ronnie Earl Alexander used his Facebook account to threaten people.

School District Battles 'Cyber-Bullies' - 03/30/10
ust last week, an eight-year old child who jumped off a southeast Houston school balcony told his mother that he was tired of the teasing. Luckily, that second grader was not hurt in the 12-foot fall, but even before his leap, “bullying” was an issue on the front burner across town.

9 teens charged in girl’s bullying - 03/30/10
With sharp words and a strikingly aggressive prosecutorial stance, authorities yesterday spelled out a litany of charges against nine teenagers accused of subjecting 15-year-old South Hadley student Phoebe Prince to months of tortuous harassment before she hanged herself in a stairwell at home.

Rape Video Game Controversy - 03/30/10
The game begins with a teenage girl on a subway platform. She notices you are looking at her and asks, "Can I help you with something?" That is when you, the player, can choose your method of assault.

Gangster Gun Pics Girl Jailed - 03/30/10
THIS shocking picture shows a teenage girl posing with one of the world's deadliest machine guns ­ as she fulfils her dream of becoming a gangster's moll. Pretty brunette Chloe Goodman, then 17, posed with the Mac-10 in what looks like a school locker room, back-to-back with a girl pal brandishing a similar firearm.