WHO@ Newsletter - October 25, 2010

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Ahhhh, dumbass
Break-in suspect reports his car was stolen

A Connecticut man was arrested after police said he burglarized three condos then called officers to report that the car he allegedly used in the break-ins had been stolen. Police said 33-year-old Geraldo "Tito" Figueroa, of Waterbury, reported late Monday to Fairfield police that his car had been taken.

An officer responding to the burglaries in Old Saybrook, Conn., just hours before said he had spotted Figueroa fleeing the sceene with a pillow case full of items.

Police said a car linked to Figueroa was left at the condo complex with items inside that had been reported stolen there.

Figueroa was arraigned Wednesday on burglary and larceny charges and was ordered held on $300,000 cash bond. It was unclear if Figueroa had hired an attorney.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Cyber bullying: Hate spreads like virus - 10/25/10
Bullies used to confront their victims face-to-face. They'd throw them against a locker and demand lunch money. Or they'd toss them into the locker room of the opposite sex. Today, bullies make their mark often without ever talking to their victims. Sometimes they don't even know them. A hapless student trips in the lunchroom and spills a tray. Seconds later, a picture of his or her lunch-stained humiliation is posted to Facebook and then instantaneously sent to classmates who forward it to more friends. Before the next period begins, the student is so devastated, he or she vows to never return to school.

Facebook crackdown in schools - 10/24/10
Teachers could be disciplined or fired for friending students on Facebook and school administrators would be encouraged to comb the Web for cyber-transgressions under a new policy being pitched to Massachusetts districts. “It’s just an effort to provide an additional measure for kids against inappropriate relationships and sexual harassment,” said Massachusetts Association of School Committees executive director Glenn Koocher of the group’s advisory policy.

Cyber-bullying is 'now the greatest fear U.S. parents have about their children's safety' - 10/23/10
Cyber-bullying is the biggest fear U.S. parents have for the safety of their children, a survey claims. Researchers found almost one in three adults with youngsters aged 12 to 17 worry more about bullying - especially via mobile phones - than kidnapping, domestic terrorism, car accidents, or suicide. There have been a spate of cyber-bullying cases across the U.S. in recent months. In Massachusetts a 15-yr-old girl recently arrived from Ireland, committed suicide after relentless cyber-bullying at school.

Why putting your holiday plans on Facebook is an invitation to crooks - 10/23/10
Homeowners who insist on putting their holiday plans online face a crackdown from insurers. Anyone burgled after advertising their plans on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter or applications to publish their exact location could end up targeted not just by crooks. The issue has emerged after insurance companies said they will take into account any potentially revealing messages when analysing claims.

Woman reports online identity theft - 10/22/10
When you look up a friend on Facebook or Myspace and see their picture pop up on their profile page, you know you've found the right person, right? Maybe not. A Millcreek woman says someone has stolen her online identity. Katie Dudley uses the internet to keep in touch with friends, and like many young mothers, blogs. But someone thought her life online looked pretty good, so they are impersonating her, even posting pictures of her children and husband.

Erin Andrews Peephole Video Reposted - Is She a Cyberbully Victim? - 10/22/10
We’ve heard a lot about kids harassing each other online, posting mean things and dirty pics on Facebook pages and Twitter and on social networks and web sites and forums that pop up daily. A recent study showed that some 43% of kids are bullied via Internet. But adults can be cyber bullied too. Such is the case of poor Erin Andrews.

Status change: Facebook charge turns friends into foes - 10/22/10
What began as a friendship five years ago between two women with common career aspirations and business sensibilities is lost today amid the legal paperwork. Michelle Dinkins-Buck, 39, and Barbara Henry, 58, first met at a breakfast career meeting for women but they may now be seeking their just desserts in a court of law. This became apparent at noon Wednesday, when Henry was served with court papers. She's being sued by Dinkins-Buck for malicious prosecution.

Fan grabbed by Rypien says regular guy 'would probably be fired' over incident - 10/22/10
James Engquist is already regretting his (way) more than 15 minutes of fame after being grabbed by Rick Rypien in Tuesday's game in Minnesota. Reached by The Province Friday following the announcement of Rypien's six-game suspension by the NHL for his actions, Engquist acknowledged he is seeking legal advice but refused further comment. The 28-year-old has apparently been inundated with media requests and suffered harassment on the Internet and through emails.

Man nabbed after pot text to Texas police officer - 10/22/10
A message between old friends who hadn't been in touch for a while led to a drug arrest after the recipient of the "So do you smoke weed?" text turned out to be a police officer. Amanda Williams is a reserve officer with the Early Police Department.

Cyberstalking charge for man accused of e-mailing Shelby attorney 157 times - 10/22/10
A man accused of harassing a Shelby attorney faces a cyberstalking charge after allegedly e-mailing the lawyer 157 times. Samuel James Lloyd, 44, of the 600 block of Lark Drive in Shelby, has allegedly been calling attorney Becky Brown and paralegal Kristie Brooks repeatedly to annoy and harass the women. A warrant for Lloyd's arrest said the e-mails were sent for the purpose of harassment.

Man charged with aggravated cyberstalking over text messages - 10/21/10
A man who sent threatening text messages to the mother of his child was charged with aggravated cyberstalking, according to an Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office arrest report.

Court Orders Google to Reveal Identity of Carla Franklin Cyber-Stalker - 10/21/10
A Manhattan court has ordered Google to reveal the identity of a person or persons who have been cyber-stalking Carla Franklin, a New York business consultant for non-profit organizations. The ruling could have implications for the anonymity with which people have used the internet since its inception. Read more below.

Playground bullying decreases while cyber-bullying increases - 10/21/10
The recent suicide of another student (this time at Parma Senior High School) raises the question once again about cyber-bullying. Although the local news channel denied that bullying played a role in the most recent suicide, unconfirmed sources suggest otherwise. The fact that the question was even raised once again brings the topic of cyber-bullying into the forefront. Cyber-bullying, or internet bullying, can be described as the activity of intentional and repeated harassment resulting in harm against an individual using an electronic medium (Fiala 2010). This form of victimization appears to be increasing at an alarming rate. This article represents an inquiry into trends of bullying activities and compares the trends of traditional forms of school yard harassment with cyber-bullying.

Hermon High student expelled over rap song - 10/21/10
A Hermon High School senior who was expelled this week over the lyrics of a rap song he wrote about his school and posted on the Internet now says his First Amendment right to free speech is being violated.

R.I.P. Chatroulette: A Sad Tale of Missed Opportunity - 10/21/10
Remember Chatroulette? It's hard to believe that barely eight months ago the anonymous video chat site had everyone captivated. Venture capitalists clamored to invest, journalists tripped over one another to profile­and now Chatroulette is dying, unused and unloved. It's not just that people seem to have stopped talking about the voyeuristic social network; they seem to have stopped going to it, as well.

Grieving parents horrified after firefighters' graphic video of crash which killed their daughter is posted on internet - 10/20/10
Heartbroken parents Jeff and Lucretia Kempson are speaking out after Georgia firefighters allegedly filmed their daughter's deadly wreck with a cell phone instead of pulling her lifeless body from her car. Dayna Kempson-Schacht, 23, died on July 17 when her SUV crossed the central barrier, flipped multiple times and crashed into trees. Dayna, a mother-of-two, died instantly according to the coroner. Months after her death Dayna's parents were emailed the graphic video of the death scene by an ex-brother-in-law, after the footage was posted online.

Online crime brings real jail time - 10/20/10
About 15 years ago, Amanda Lombard and Carey Duley dated. It didn’t work out, and Lombard moved on. Duley, on the other hand, apparently never quite got over her. And as a result, he began serving six months in county jail Tuesday for harassing Lombard over the Internet. Duley contacted Lombard through the MySpace.com Internet social networking website about a year ago, asking to “friend” her. She wasn’t aware who he was and agreed.

Guilty plea for e-mail threat sender - 10/20/10
A New Jersey man who went by "Devilfish" as he sent threatening e-mails to employees at the D.C.-based headquarters of the National Council of La Raza and other Latino civil rights groups pleaded guilty Wednesday to his years-long campaign, federal prosecutors said.

Widespread Confusion over Protecting Privacy - 10/20/10
Are you taking the appropriate steps to protect your identity and privacy online? A new survey from Anonymizer suggests that not only is there a good chance you're not, but that you don't even clearly understand what those steps might be.

Bellevue woman accused of harassing ex-husband online - 10/20/10
A Bellevue woman accused of sending more than 200 emails and online posts filled with vulgar language and pornographic images to friends, relatives and colleagues of her estranged husband has been charged with eight counts of felony cyber-stalking.

Australian police catch up with suspect on Facebook - 10/20/10
In an Australian first, police in Melbourne have used Facebook to serve a court order on a man accused of cyber- stalking his former girlfriend. They turned to the social networking site after failing to contact the man in person, by phone or through the mail.

Google breached Canada's privacy laws - 10/19/10
Google Street View cars breached Canadian privacy laws by inappropriately collecting personal information through a "careless error," the federal privacy commissioner has found.
"Our investigation shows that Google did capture personal information ­ and, in some cases, highly sensitive personal information such as complete e-mails. This incident was a serious violation of Canadians’ privacy rights," Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart stated Tuesday.


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