is a sham!

Do NOT buy anything from Their web site makes it look like they are in the USA - I even did a WHOIS search on their domain and it says they are in Texas and they have a toll free number. Ordered generic version of Heartguare for my dog and when it came, it was from Singapore, NOT the USA. I opened a support ticket on September 12th asking for a refund. They finally got back to me this morning saying they would refund my money and I could keep the product (which I threw out - my vet says the Asian versions of Heartgard are NOT good) as long as I replied to the support ticket. I went to do that and got another email saying they closed it because I hadn't responded. They took over two weeks to respond to me and only gave me an hour to reply to them. I filed a new support ticket and told them their customer service sucks and I want a refund. Pfft!


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