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Friday, April 15, 2016

New Craigslist Scam Is Very Believable - Don't fall for it

You know how I hate scammers, especially the ones on Craigslist. Well, this one I almost believed. I got a text from someone interested in a ship model I have up on Craigslist:

So I told him I'd go check. I found an email from him:

Then an email from "Paypal:"

Then another email from "Paypal" immediately followed:

I checked the link for Walmart and sure enough, it did go to Walmart's real web site. But, when I clicked on "Click here" for Paypal customer service, SURPRISE!

I was not amused. I really do need the money. So I sent "Michael" the following:

I hope he *does* burn in hell. Now to report him. Sent both email with full headers to and for the "customer service" email address. The phone number 209-960-0570 traced back to what seemed to be a legit number (there were classifieds placed where this person was selling items online). I found out it belonged to Ring Central aka RCLEC in Texas. So I sent an email to LEGAL@RINGCENTRAL.COM and to, who is the regulatory commissioner.

Add this number to your blocked list and keep fighting scammers!


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