True Crime Online Newsletter - October 26, 2015

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Indiana judge overturns ban on 'ballot selfies'
An Indiana judge overturned the state's so-called "ballot selfies law," allowing the state's residents to once again take selfies with their completed ballots. U.S. District Judge Sarah Evans Barker ruled the law, which took effect July 1, was unconstitutional because it barred constitutionally protected speech -- specifically, taking photos of one's own completed ballot while casting a vote and distributing it "using social media or by any other means." The law, which carried penalties of up to 30 months in prison and a $10,000 fine, was challenged in a lawsuit from the American Civil Liberties Union. Barker sided with the ACLU, saying the state failed to demonstrate a need for the ban. "The State has entirely failed to identify any such problem in Indiana relating to or evidencing vote buying, voter fraud, voter coercion, involuntary ballot disclosures, or an existing threat to the integrity of the electoral process," Barker said in her ruling.

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Teens, young adults targeted by cyberstalkers - 10/25/15
Three federal cyberstalking cases that surfaced within a few days of each other in the Cincinnati area have underscored widening challenges in protecting susceptible youths from wily predators. The three men are all charged with pressuring multiple girls or young women into providing sexually explicit images and threatening them with vengeful acts if they didn’t comply.

What Motivates Cyber Stalking After A Romantic Breakup - 10/25/15
Social networking makes it easy to monitor the status and activities of a former romantic partner, an often unhealthy use of social media known as interpersonal electronic surveillance (IES) by about five scholars on the planet who hope the term will catch on.

A former Seattle police officer is being sued in federal court by a woman who claims he detained her and slammed her head on the ground without cause while he was working an off-duty security guard job.

Women reveal the worst things men have said to them online - 10/23/15
A revealing Reddit feed has exposed the worst comments, pictures and behaviour women have received from men online. The feed, which asks “Girls of reddit! What is the creepiest thing a guy has sent you on social media?”, has received 758 comments in under 24 hours describing a variety of online abuse including hate speech, online stalking and identity theft, across an array of online platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and online gaming.

Anonymity On Social Media Is Under Threat - 10/23/15
After people-rating app Peeple was called “the decline of internet anonymity”, anonymous app Secret shut down after just 18 months because “anonymity online turns people into total assholes”, and a threat from bulletin board 4chan to the University of New South Wales, it seems anonymous social media is in trouble – again.

Meet The Female Cosplayer Fighting Sexist Harassment - 10/22/15
We love cosplay! It takes a lot of talent to create the perfect costume, and a lot of courage to wear them out! Unfortunately, not everyone treats cosplayers the way these awesomely creative people should be treated. In an interview with Vice, Vivid Vivka of Cosplay Deviants (NSFW) talks about the “Cosplay Is Not Consent” panel at this month’s Anime Expo and how she’s treated when she cosplays.

Lecompte man facing sex charges after burglary arrest - 10/22/15
A Lecompte man is accused of sex-related crimes against underage girls at a group home, charges brought after an investigation into recent vehicle burglaries for which he also was arrested, according to a release. And Rapides Parish Sheriff's detectives say their investigation is continuing, and that more arrests could be possible.

Brisbane woman's jilted ex allegedly posed as her on sex sites - 10/22/15
The alleged actions of a jilted ex-lover left a Brisbane woman living in fear for years as dozens of men turned up to her house expecting sex. She was described variously as a "gangbang slut" and "no limit slave" who deserved "extreme punishment" as the man allegedly impersonated her on multiple adult websites, all without her knowledge.

Suspect sought in Rockingham County for alleged cyberstalking, threats - 10/21/15
The Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office is seeking the whereabouts of Jonathan Roy Garbade. Garbade, 28, has outstanding warrants for cyberstalking and communicating threats, the sheriff’s office said. Additional charges on Garbade may be forthcoming.

Women’s Groups Urge Colleges and Government to Rein In Yik Yak - 10/21/15
Seventy-two women’s and civil-rights groups on Wednesday announced a campaign to enlist the federal government in pressuring colleges to protect students from harassment via anonymous social-media applications like Yik Yak.

Hammond man accused of threatening to kill WDSU reporter deemed incompetent for trial - 10/20/15
A Hammond man accused of threatening the life of a WDSU-TV reporter this year will spend at least the next three months at a state mental hospital after an Orleans Parish judge found him incompetent to stand trial on a cyberstalking charge.


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