True Crime Online Newsletter - October 19, 2015

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Florida woman arrested, jailed after web streaming her DUI, police say
A Florida woman was arrested and thrown in jail over the weekend, allegedly for driving home from a party drunk -- which she opted to broadcast live over the Internet. Whitney Beall, 23, left the party Friday night and got into her vehicle. According to police, she was intoxicated and should not have been driving. Apparently, she then used her phone to live stream her drive home via the broadcasting service Periscope. "I'm (expletive) drunk," she said on the broadcast, audibly slurring some of her words. "I think uh, a flat tire. This is horrible," she added. In a Facebook post, Authorities said Beall stated multiple times during the broadcast that she had a flat tire, that she didn't know where she was and that she was drunk. Police said Beall failed a sobriety test and was arrested and booked on a drunk driving charge. Witnesses who saw the live broadcast called police and clued them in to the Periscope stream, WFLA reported. "Within minutes we found her driving, flat front tire, she hit the curb again and it was just obvious from that she was intoxicated," Lakeland Police Sgt. Gary Gross said. "She went through the tests, she failed and went to jail." No one was hurt in this particular incident. Beall reportedly told WFLA Monday that driving drunk was a mistake and that she had learned a lesson.

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US motion alleges Sidley lawyer intended to 'embarrass and harass' with deposition questions - 10/19/15
The U.S. Justice Department is alleging that Sidley Austin lawyers questioned an FBI agent during a deposition “in a manner designed to annoy, embarrass and harass” the agent and the FBI. The motion for a protective order claims the lawyers are abusing the discovery system in their representation of a Florida couple, Jill and Scott Kelley. The Kelleys are suing the government for allegedly leaking their personal emails in a cyberstalking investigation that led to exposure of former Gen. David Petraeus’ affair with his biographer. The National Law Journal (sub. req.) and the Drudge Report have stories on the motion (PDF).

Don’t let the Dridex fraudsters catch you out online - 10/19/15
News last week that criminals have drained at least £20m from UK bank accounts is sure to have raised concern among those people who manage their money online. In one of the worst cyber attacks ever seen, hackers used a piece of malware known as Dridex to gain access to passwords and usernames and siphon off money from accounts.

Move against revenge porn - 10/18/15
Courts may also be forced to order mandatory counselling for perpetrators as a term of the family violence restraining orders and have restrictions put on the discretion not to grant the orders. The changes are being investigated as part of the Government’s plan to set up a third, separate category of restraining orders specifically to protect victims of domestic violence.

Creator of Peeple, App That Lets You Rate Other People, Sets Record Straight About Product - 10/16/15
Do you want to know what strangers, neighbors and friends really think of you? Or what if you could rate people you like or dislike for the rest of the world to see? A new app called Peeple, slated to launch later this year, will let you do just that. Originally designed to let others rate you in the areas of personal, professional and romance ­ similar to the way other apps rate businesses ­ Peeple is making headlines and causing controversy for what some say is its potential to lead to online harassment and bullying ­ or even ruin lives.

PornHub Just Took a Stand Against Revenge Porn - 10/15/15
Earlier this week, online porn giant Pornhub announced that they would take a stand against revenge porn by streamlining the process of reporting nonconsensual content, which typically constitutes explicit videos uploaded on the internet without the consent of the someone on camera. It's just the latest, but perhaps one of the more significant companies to take a stand against the genre recently.

‘It needs to change’: Writer calls out sexist haters in online sports coverage - 10/15/15
Jackie Dawson is a life-long Oilers fan. She’s also a writer and managing partner of The Oilers Rig, a website about the NHL team. In the three years she’s been writing about the game, she’s received a lot of feedback from other fans. A lot of it is positive, but she’s also seen more than her share of hate.

State Makes Online Tools Available to Fight 'Revenge Porn' - 10/15/15
Victims of cyberharassment and exploitation, the law enforcement agencies prosecuting their offenders, and the technology companies where so many of these incidents take place now have a new place to turn to thanks to California Attorney General Kamala Harris, who announced Wednesday the launch of an online resource hub that promises to be the first of its kind.

Man faces multiple felonies - 10/15/15
Police say a woman's ex-boyfriend is responsible for sending nude photos of her to multiple people. Omar Rodriguez is charged with non-consensual dissemination of private sexual images. The felony went into effect in June.

Cops Say Man Stalked Wife by Putting GPS Tracker on Her Car - 10/15/15
A man violated a court order of protection by putting a GPS tracking device on his wife’s car, prosecutors said in court on Thursday. According to the charges, the wife filed a complaint with Summit Police after she found the tracking device on her car around Sept. 23.

GamerGaters Are Targeting People Who Were Victims of the Patreon Hack - 10/14/15
Crowdfunding site Patreon was hacked early this month, exposing users’ names, emails, and addresses. Now, one woman with a campaign on the site says GamerGate trolls have doxxed her Patreon backers, republishing their leaked personal information and targeting them online.

Feds spend $925,104 to ‘detect harassing messages’ on Twitter - 10/14/15
The National Science Foundation (NSF) is spending nearly $1 million for a study that will “detect harassing messages” on Twitter in order to provide “safe social interactions” online. The study, led by researchers at Wright University, began this August. It intends to curb cyberbullying, whether at school or in the workplace.

Columbus man accused of Internet stalking - 10/14/15
A Columbus man accused of threatening an adult film star over the Internet appeared in court today. Brian Blankenship, 25, was arrested by FBI agents on Friday. He’s facing charges of Internet stalking and making death threats toward an adult actress in California.

The Internet is like this toilet: How Reddit and other Web 2.0 communities broke the Internet - 10/13/15
Last week I wrote a TechCrunch article about Section 230 of the Communications Disclosure Act, the U.S. law that many argue is responsible for the existence of “Web 2.0” in its current form. Simply put: I don’t like it. It’s the law that states that no one who runs a website or online service of any kind counts as a “publisher” in the old-school sense of the term–no one who hosts content online is responsible for content other people create, even if the content is libelous, even if it’s harassment, even if it contains threats.


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