Phoebe the Cyber Crime Dog's Eye Appointment was a Thumbs UP!!!

Took Phoebe in for her four month eye appointment this morning. This was deemed excellent - no signs of discomfort were noted, although the left eye had some scarring. She will have to have eye drops in the left eye until her next exam in June 2016. Thank fully the eye drops are only $10 for each tube. The doctor was very pleased! The dilated her eyes for the tests, so she is snoozing under the pool table for a few hours until her eyes return to normal. She was a good girl and got some snacks from the vet office and when I took her to Petco, I got her another one. Please share her fundraising page - I am hoping to reach at least 3/4 of our goal soon. That would make it easier for us to pay off the loan. Thank you and Phoebe says ROO ROO!


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