True Crime Online Newsletter - September 21, 2015

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Burglars hit Verizon store, only steal fake phones
Police in Ohio's capital said thieves broke into a Verizon store, but the only items they managed to steal were fake phones used as display pieces. Columbus police said the early Wednesday burglary at the store caused significant damage to the store, but the only items stolen were fake phones installed for display after the store was previously targeted by thieves. Police said the culprits used large rocks to break the glass back door of the shop and they cut or ripped the phony cellphones from display areas. Investigators said the store's real phones are locked in a vault by employees every night.

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This single mom is fighting to protect Pakistani women from cyberbullying - 09/21/15
For Nighat Daad, founder of non-profit organization Digital Rights Foundation, it was her personal struggle to gain legal custody of her son that alerted her to the abysmal state of women’s rights in Pakistan. Following a tumultuous marriage which lasted only 18 months, Nighat became embroiled in a legal wrangle with her influential ex-husband over sole custody of their child.

1 victim in David Gibson case is from Upson County - 09/21/15
Upson County has a connection to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s (GBI) case against former Spalding County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) Captain David Gibson, who has been charged with aggravated assault, two counts of aggravated sexual battery, influencing witnesses, sexual battery, stalking, two counts of simple battery, public indecency and violation of his oath of office. The alleged victim of the stalking charge lives in Upson County.

Victim shot at, pet poisoned, nude photos put online - 09/21/15
A “CRUEL and vindictive” man who repeatedly shot at, stalked, threatened and terrified his ex-partner has been jailed for 8½ years. The County Court last week heard the Geelong man had even arranged for others to continue to stalk and harass his former partner while he was in jail, asking a former prisoner to petrol bomb and “shoot up” her house, set fire to the car of her male friend and frame him with the drug ice. He also had his new partner follow the woman, physically and via social media, and send her letters to put pressure on her to withdraw the charges.

AKP troll army causing Turkish celebrities to flee social media - 09/20/15 actress Beren Saat becomes the latest victim of frequent harassment by the Justice and Development Party’s (AK Party) paid army of internet trolls known colloquially as the ‘AK Trolls.’ The star, fed-up with insults, decides to temporarily leave social media.

Butcher shop owner says he’s getting harassed by vegans online - 09/19/15
The owner of a local butcher shop says he’s being attacked online, but not by angry customers. He says it’s a group of outspoken vegans trying to promote their lifestyle by going after his business. John Dick spent much of his childhood in his family’s butcher shop, Golden Steer Choice Meats. So he never had a problem seeing, or handling, large slabs of meat.

Afghan women say hackers and threats have made them afraid of Facebook - 09/19/15
By the time the distraught young woman arrived at the Sunshine Internet Cafe in western Kabul, she was in a state of panic, with tears streaming down her face. Someone, she claimed, had hacked into her Facebook page and stolen her personal photos. The thief used those images to create a fake profile, one littered with offensive posts boasting of drug use and illicit behavior.

Can online shaming shut down creepy, sexist comments? - 09/18/15
After more than 10 years in the bubbling cesspool of Internet dating, Maggie Serota is no stranger to creeps. She's gotten messages from fetishists, from sweetheart scammers, from men decades older and boys barely out of school. But in early August, she got a message so skin-crawlingly bizarre that she posted it to Twitter and deleted her OkCupid account. The sender had Googled her, studied her pictures, trawled her online profiles and compiled all his findings in a sort of rambling, backhanded dossier.

Man accused in cyber-stalking case in North Hollywood arrested - 09/18/15
One of two men accused in a cyber-stalking case in West Hollywood and North Hollywood involving three adult female victims has been arrested and the other remains outstanding, the sheriff’s department announced Friday. One of the suspects, 31-year-old Edward Feinstein, turned himself into the Los Angeles Police Department’s Van Nuys Station Tuesday and was later released on bond.

This Facebook extortion scam is too horrifying for words - 09/18/15
A Michigan man will spend the next 21 years in jail and 10 more years on probation after being convicted of one of the worst, most disgusting Internet crimes I've ever heard of. His terrible crime spree may be over, but someone else could use this scheme against your children or grandchildren. James S. Allen, a 38-year-old from New Baltimore, was convicted of production of child pornography and cyberstalking after his elaborate online scheme.

Welsh woman arrested on stalking charges - 09/16/15
A Welsh woman has been arrested for stalking, authorities said. Felicia Ann Fontenot, 40, was arrested Wednesday on charges of stalking and cyberstalking. She was booked into the parish jail with no bond, said Cmdr. Chris Ivey, Jefferson Davis Parish Sheriff's Office spokesman.


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