True Crime Online Newsletter - September 15, 2015

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .
Siri unexpectedly fields Iran question at White House briefing
Siri, Apple's virtual assistant, interrupted a reporter's Iran question at a White House press briefing to tell him she wasn't "sure what you want me to change." Press Secretary Josh Earnest was fielding a question from a reporter Thursday about whether President Barack Obama was "upset" about the lack of Republican support for the Iran nuclear deal when the tell-tale sound of Siri's question acknowledgment tone interrupted the man. "Sorry, I'm not sure what you want me to change," the digital voice said. The interruption prompted laughter from Earnest and reporters, with one person in attendance noting: "That was on time."

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Cyber-stalking student held for exploiting over 200 girls -09/14/15
Majid opened six fake Facebook accounts using girl's names, and got friendly with over 200 girls, most of them studying in high school from reputed and up-market institutions. Just how the youth can exploit girls using social media platforms has come to the fore with the arrest of Abdul Majid, a 21-year-old computer science student by the Cyberabad police, who played with the lives of over 200 girls through Cyber-stalking.

STD-riddled Craigslister warns ‘many’ Hong Kong sex partners to get checked - 09/14/15
If you partake in the ill-advised pastime of having unprotected sex with random people from Craigslist, chances are, you’re a risk taker. That said, one risk taker who did exactly that has proven himself to be really quite responsible (in hindsight) by posting his less than ideal sexual health status to the Hong Kong arm of the website.

Women taking to social media to report sexual harassment is good news - 09/14/15
Men are screwed. This is the rhetoric widely heard (since men have felt under siege) on social media in India ever since Jasleen Kaur’s viral Facebook post, where she claimed to have been threatened with obscene remarks, were contradicted by eyewitnesses of the incident.
John Schindler, the NSA ‘Spook’ Who Speaks His Mind - 09/14/15
It takes a quick eye to keep up with John Schindler’s Twitter feed. Schindler, a former analyst at the National Security Agency, a former professor at the Naval War College, and a self-proclaimed “sometime provocateur,” fires off an average of more than 100 tweets a day.
Indian man quits his job to train for selfie record - 09/12/15
Bhanu Prakash, 24, recently quit his full time job as a research assistant at a hospital to become a record-breaking selfie taker. Prakash said he was inspired by the achievements of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, who took 105 selfies in three minutes in May. The current world record holder is American football player Patrick Peterson, who managed to take 1,449 selfies in one hour. Prakash also negates claims that selfies are "just a girl thing."

Hacker uses woman's old email ID to share past photos with husband - 09/12/15
The personal email account of a 30-year-old married woman was hacked and used to send past photographs to her husband's mail account to spark suspicion. The victim, an investment strategist residing in Vikhroli, had not being using her Yahoo account for some time and learnt about the hacking only when her husband started questioning her, said the cyber police. She then approached the cyber police at Bandra-Kurla Complex (BKC) on September 9 and lodged a complaint.

Not Even LinkedIn Can Shelter Women from Creeps - 09/12/15
If there’s one social media network where you’d expect people to be on their best behavior, it’s LinkedIn. Every message you send on the service and every comment you write carries with it the virtual equivalent of a business card: a link to your name, your title, and your company. If online anonymity breeds bad behavior, then LinkedIn must be an oasis of decency, right?

Staffordshire 'sexism row' lawyer divides the internet - 09/11/15
Charlotte Proudman from Leek in Staffordshire, hit the headlines this week after her response to a LinkedIn message complimenting her photo. Charlotte, who studied her law and sociology degree at Keele University, told the London Evening Standard: "It's very disappointing, there are serious professional misconduct issues, as a legal professional he is required to uphold the law, and that includes the Sex Discrimination Act and the Eqaulity Act."

A Woman Has Been Sentenced After Stalking a 'Walking Dead' Actor and His Wife For Almost 10 Years - 09/11/15,manual
He may have played a character in a horror-drama show, but life very quickly imitated art for an actor from The Walking Dead. 25-year-old Kathryn Boykin has been sentenced to 10-years probation for stalking Walking Dead actor Daniel May, and his wife Rachel May.

WhatsApp Has Security Issues; 200 Million Users May Be At Risk – Check Point Report - 09/11/15
Sounds strange, but it is true. WhatsApp, our very own and highly trusted internet messaging app is not as secure as we thought it to be. A recent revelation about the security structure of the application has claimed that 200 million users could be affected by this major, undeniable flaw in the web based service of the messenger.

Dumpster fire selfie goes hilariously wrong - 09/11/15
Two people taking a selfie video with a dumpster fire learned a valuable lesson when they were knocked over by water from the fire hose. Tom Lavery, who titled his YouTube video, "Another day in New Haven," appears in the footage standing in front of the flaming dumpster with a woman. Lavery, who is pointing the camera at himself selfie-style, says he "just wants to see them get it out," gesturing with his head toward firefighters.

What gets posted can come down: where Florida’s revenge porn ban falls short, other tools exist - 09/11/15
On Oct. 1, 2015, nonconsensual posting of nude photos of another – so called “revenge porn” – will become illegal in Florida. This summer, Florida became the 16th state to criminalize the practice when Governor Rick Scott conducted a ceremonial bill signing for the new law, which makes the posting of revenge porn a first-degree misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in jail and $1,000 for a first offense. A subsequent offense is a third-degree felony, punishable by up to five years in prison and a $5,000 fine.

Biloxi woman feared for her life in foiled kidnapping - 09/10/15
A Biloxi woman has testified she feared for her life when a man threatened her in phone calls and tried to kidnap her about 36 hours later. The woman also testified she fears Elvin Timothy Holley will come after her again if he is released from jail on a $1 million bond, said Herman Cox, Harrison County prosecuting attorney. The woman had obtained a restraining order against Holley after police arrested him on a stalking charge June 4, records show. He also was ordered to wear an electronic monitor on his ankle.

Burbank man charged with sending threatening texts, gun photo - 09/08/15
A 37-year-old man is accused of sending more than 150 threatening text messages, including a picture of a pistol, to his former girlfriend. #James R. Bateman allegedly threatened to post online a video of the woman “in a compromising position” if she did not break up with her current boyfriend, according to court documents. #The woman reportedly did not respond to any of the messages.

Stalker who uploaded naked photos of his ex to Facebook after they split up is jailed - 09/08/15
A Stalker who uploaded naked pictures of his ex-girlfriend to Facebook after she dumped him has been jailed. Spurned Ross Bulloch taunted his 19-year-old victim as he posted the explicit snaps to a fake profile after she ended their 10 month relation. The revenge porn was seen by hundreds of the embarrassed victim's friends and family after the rejected 22-year-old shared it online.

Facebook-boast Croydon deer-killer sentenced - 09/08/15

A man who poached a deer from a field in south London, took it home and slit its throat has been given a seven month suspended sentence. Mian Zeeshan Shahid, 32, from Kenley, south London, was convicted of taking a deer and causing it unnecessary suffering. He had boasted of the killing on a Facebook group called 'Deer Stalkers International'. Members of the group forwarded the post to the Metropolitan Police. In December, he took the roe deer from a field in Mitchley Avenue, South Croydon, and drove it to his home.


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