Phoebe and I went to the Salvation Army yesterday for their Tools For Life program. This helps homeless, immigrants and those getting out of jail or dealing with substance issues a second chance at life, whether it's getting a job or going back to school. We teach them how to be safer online. There was one young woman who had a little girl of about 3 or 4 (a real cutie, too). She said she had an anxiety problem and had to sit in the very back of the room. I told her it was no problem. As I went through the presentation, she moved up a row. When we took a break and I brought Phoebe in, she had moved to the front row. We do a game based on Jeopardy where the questions are about what I spoke about and I give out prizes to the winners. She was raising her hand, answering correctly and having a grand time. Afterwards, the woman who has me come do this every two months told me she had never seen the young lady so interactive before in other classes. She said it was like she came right out of her shell. She and her daughter gave Phoebe hugs and kisses before leaving and she one first place - a copy of my book, True Crime Online, signed by me. This is what Phoebe and I do - can you please donate or share her surgery fundraising page for us?


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