True Crime Online Newsletter - March 16, 2015

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Smuggling suspect had 146 iPhones strapped to body in China
Authorities in China said a man caught with 146 iPhones strapped to his body set a new record for largest number of devices in a foiled smuggling attempt. Customs officials said the man was spotted walking "at a really snow pace with a strangely stiffened back" while carrying only a small shoulder bag March 6 at the border crossing in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province. Officers had the man walk through a metal detector, and he was taken for a search when the device indicated the presence of metallic objects on his body. The man was found to have 126 iPhones strapped around his waist in a belt-like formation and another 20 devices were found strapped to his legs. Customs officers said the man had purchased the phones in Hong Kong. They said smugglers often attempt to bring devices over from Hong Kong due to the lower tax rates on the island. Investigators said the same man was busted in attempted smuggling attempts at least four times previously. They said a total 511 cellphones have been seized from the man at border crossings.

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Six tips for handling trolls without losing your temper - 03/16/15
TROLLING is a constant source of social media angst. "Don’t feed the trolls" is the mantra of anyone who’s spent much time on Twitter. But it’s more complicated than that, and when you’re being targeted, it’s very easy to lose your temper ­ and, quite possibly, your reputation along with it.

Attractive woman seen on Tinder at SXSW turns out not to be human - 03/15/15
Many people using Tinder at SXSW came across a picture of Swedish actress Alicia Vikander, but it wasn't what it seemed. People communicating with the profile were soon asked a series of questions about being human. According to Adweek, on the other side of the line was a bot being used to promote the movie Ex Machina, which premiered at SXSW.

Vancouver woman will spend 22 years in jail after shooting supervisor - 03/14/15
Deborah Lennon, who shot her former supervisor last year, will spend 22 years in prison. Lennon opened fire in a Vancouver Veterans Affairs office. She shot Allen Bricker several times in the chest. She apologized to her victim Friday at her sentencing hearing. "I wish I could explain what was going on in my mind at the time, but I can't," said Lennon. "There is no explanation for my behavior."

American flag baby photos sparks online controversy - 03/14/15
American flag baby picture by Vanessa Hicks stirs up desecration debate. Professional photographer Vanessa Hicks posted the picture on her Facebook page on Monday. Hicks said internet users have lashed out on social media and accused her of being disrespectful to the United States flag.

How To Turn The Tables On People Who Post Nude Photos For Revenge - 03/13/15
Texas legislators introduced a new revenge porn bill that would let victims sue anyone responsible for leaking or sharing intimate images online without consent. State Democrats, Sen. Sylvia Garcia and Rep. Mary Gonzalez announced the joint legislative effort Wednesday with bills from both state houses, HB 496 and its sister SB 1135. If passed, the legislation would open revenge porn websites to civil penalties while those who share the unauthorized images could face a Class A misdemeanor charge.

Can Digital Vigilantism Make the Internet Safer for Women? - 03/13/15
On February 25, former Red Sox pitching star Curt Schilling did what any proud, tech-savvy father might do to celebrate his 17-year-old daughter Gabby’s acceptance to college on a softball scholarship: He sang her praises on his Twitter page. He expected, and got, the usual Internet snark in return­"smart ass college kids," as he put it, tweeting "I’ll take care of her" and "can’t wait to date her!" But even to a longtime social media user like Schilling, many of the responses were appalling, even infuriating. "Teach me your knuckleball technique so I can shove my fist in your daughter," one Twitter user wrote. "How far is Salve Regina from Jersey? I wanna come and play, but Gabby wants me to cum and stay," wrote another.

'Obsessed' woman stalked anti-paedophile campaigner, court hears - 03/13/15
Penny Mellor is accused of carrying out cyber attacks in tweets, emails and a blog. The 53-year-old from Wolverhampton has gone on trial at Chelmsford Crown Court. The opening day of the trial heard of the alleged 'bile' she aimed at Shy Keenan, from near Colchester. Mellor claimed that Ms Keenan had fabricated an account of her childhood sexual abuse in her 2008 book Broken, and that she was a fraudster and attention seeker.

Edmonton woman is facing charges for allegedly stalking local TV news anchor - 03/13/15
An Edmonton woman accused of stalking a local TV news anchor and threatening him and his family has been extradited from Germany by city police to face charges. Hana Sakkat, 38, appeared before a justice of the peace Friday on 18 criminal charges - including criminal harassment and uttering death threats - after being flown back to Edmonton in police custody the day before.

Stopping Online Harassment Before It Starts - 03/12/15
Yik Yak, created in 2013, is a relatively young social network. But it already has a problem with harassment. As Jonathan Mahler of The Times has written, students at a variety of colleges and high schools have used the app to post anonymous racist, sexist or threatening messages. One professor at Eastern Michigan University found that students had been posting insulting comments about her and other faculty members during their lecture.

Facebook ‘likes’ on wife’s page fueled suspected Colorado arson’s ‘cheater’ rage: cops - 03/12/15
A Colorado man accused of torching his house after spray painting “My wife is a cheater” on the wall told cops he knew she was stepping out on him because another man kept liking her Facebook posts, authorities said. William Lindauer, 31, admitted to cyber-stalking his wife’s page in the lead up to Tuesday’s explosive blaze in a Denver suburb, according to court documents. The unhinged husband reportedly told investigators he went out and bought a gun and a bottle of vodka on Monday after peppering his wife with accusatory text messages.

The new rules of social media - 03/11/15
The rules of social media have evolved in the last decade (yes, it has been that long) – and keeping up with potential faux pas can be an arduous and confusing task. Where once social media was used to reflect our “real lives”, it’s now taken on a life of its own, creating a filtered reality where you can trick people into thinking you love granola bowls and ride a beige bicycle. We’ve compiled a list of the latest in online etiquette, so you’ll never have to worry about whether Facebook stalking is acceptable or not again (hint: it is).

The Shooting at Lil Wayne's House Was Nothing More Then a Case of "Swatting" - 03/11/15
Police, including SWAT teams and a hostage negotiator, rushed to rapper Lil Wayne's Miami Beach mansion Wednesday after a man contacted the Miami Beach Police Department claiming that he had shot four people inside. After hours of high alert, officers determined the call was a hoax.


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