True Crime Online Newsletter - February 9, 2015

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Tinder-style dating app pairs marijuana users
A new mobile app allowing marijuana users to meet potential mates and network about the best places to score the drug is coming to Apple devices. Named "High There," the Tinder-style app was created by CEO Todd Mitchem after one of his dinner dates quickly ended when he revealed his marijuana use. "We wanted to build a cool piece of technology that solved the problem of where do million and millions of cannabis consumers go to meet people, connect with people and build relationships," Mitchem told Mashable. The app is based in Denver, Colo., where recreational marijuana use was made legal in 2012. High There is only available in the 23 states that have legalized medical marijuana, Mitchem said. Aside from pairing weed-smokers, the app allows users to discern preferences, such as whether a person smokes wax hash with a vaporizer or regular marijuana in cigarette form, as well as whether a person is energetic or sluggish when high. Users may also network and exchange advice about dispensary prices and other details. "A lot of people say we're the Tinder of weed, but that's only one facet of the whole thing," Mitchem said. "It's so much bigger." High There is available for free on Android and is set to be released in Apple's App Store this week.

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Legislation aims to crack down on 'revenge porn' - 02/09/15
Alecia Clemmons knows personally how photographs can be weaponized online to humiliate, blackmail and intimidate. The perpetrator in her case was a vengeful former husband who acted after she was granted court approval of a new protection order in February 2014. An email tipped Clemmons to posting of nude photographs of her at a site called

The UK government wants to ban racist trolls from using Facebook and Twitter - 02/09/15
British politicians are calling for racist trolls to be banned from social networking sites, the Guardian reports The suggestion comes in a new report by MPs looking at rising anti-Semitism in the UK and what can be done to tackle it. The report singles out social media as a fertile breeding ground for hate speech - citing "Hitler Was Right" trending worldwide on Twitter, and anti-Semitic messages frequently sent to politicians and others on the social networking site.

More working women complaining about online harassment, stalking - 02/09/15
More and more working women are coming forward to complain to the Cyberabad SHE team about online harassment and stalking. The team has been flooded with hundreds of complaints concerning cuber-stalking and cyber-bullying from working women and college students. The team particularly receiving huge response from social media users, many of whom are volunteering to enhance awareness and help identify hotspots where women often face harassments. The team has been following all such complaints to the cyber crime police for necessary action.

Tenafly activist faces stalking, cyber-harassment charges - 02/07/15
A Tenafly man known for his activism on behalf of special-needs children has been extradited to Bergen County on stalking, cyber-harassment and restraining-order violations charges.

Woman fined, banned from social media after posting nude photos as revenge - 02/06/15
A Brandon woman who posted nude photographs of a 17-year-old girl on Facebook for revenge has been fined, put on probation and banned from social media. Judge Malcolm McDonald fined the woman a total of $1,500 and put her on probation for two years. "The facts of this case involve an incident of harassment and intimidation conducted through the relatively new instruments of social media and texting," McDonald said. "But, motivated by the age-old emotions of jealousy, anger and revenge."

Bogus Craigslist ad leads to cyber harassment charge in Tewksbury - 02/06/15
A woman has been indicted by a Hunterdon County Grand jury on a charge of cyber harassment, fourth degree. On Sept. 15 in Tewksbury Township, Brittany B. Johnson, allegedly posed as the victim who is identified only as D.D., and posted a personal ad on Craigslist. The ad allegedly had the victim's phone number in it although the content of the ad was not disclosed in the indictment returned on Feb. 5.

Twitter 'victim of trolling' - 02/06/15
Twitter's chief executive Dick Costolo has admitted that the company failed to deal with abuse and trolling on the service. In a memo to staff, leaked to tech news website The Verge, he said that bullying behaviour on the network was driving users away. He promised tougher action to deal with abusers. A series of high-profile users have quit Twitter in recent months, citing online abuse.

Social media’s new form of ‘cat-calling’ - 02/05/15
When Catherine Ferrill, a senior psychology major, saw that an anonymous person put a post online saying they wanted to make children with her, she was not sure what would warrant an appropriate reaction. The post described in detail the outfit Ferrill was wearing and her exact location in the student recreation center.

Alicia West's accused killer pleads not guilty at arraignment - 02/04/15
Kelvin Brown has pleaded not guilty in the December murder of ex-girlfriend Alicia West. Brown was arraigned in Caddo District Court today on a charge of first-degree murder. Prosecutors haven't decided whether to seek the death penalty.

'Revenge Porn' Specifically Outlawed Under Proposed State Laws - 02/04/15
Sometimes it's a vengeful ex-lover; sometimes a thief or a hacker is behind it. Either way, explicit, private photos of people keep getting out on the Internet. A woman from Seattle said she was mortified just over a year ago to discover naked pictures of herself posted to a "revenge porn" website. Kim asked that her last name not be used during testimony to a Washington state Senate committee Monday.

Man sought for death threats arrested with another man on drug charges - 02/03/15
A Covington-area man is in jail after police said he sent several text messages to his estranged pregnant girlfriend and his mother, threatening to kill them and other family members as well as himself.

Local man accused of Internet stalking - 02/03/15
A Columbus man has been arrested after police said he used other people’s identities to engage in inappropriate communications with minors. Adam J. Helton, 21, of 2023 Franklin St., was arrested Monday on charges of stalking, a Class C felony; vicarious sexual gratification, a Level 5 felony; and identity deception, a Class D felony.

The Decision That Could Finally Kill the Revenge-Porn Business - 02/03/15
Revenge-pornography websites are a reminder that preying on the vulnerable has long been big business. And while various laws protect people against scam artists, extortionists, manipulators, and other unscrupulous enterprises, the law has not been able to keep up with all malicious businesses. Those who distribute revenge porn rake in considerable profits while largely escaping the long arm of the law. Until now.


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